380 years ago Avatar Kyoshi found a baby in a blue blanket with a note pin to it. Kyoshi picks up the note and reads it out loud.

"Dear Whomever reads this.This baby is named Persuse or Percy for short. A Spirit brought me from my home world because I was raped." Kyoshi growled at this, but she continued on reading.

"I don't remember her name. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I wrote this letter before the Fire Nation came."

Kyoshi saw the next part was written in blood.

"I don't have much time, but if you find this please take care of my son like your ow-" Kyoshi stops because the end of the letter is covered in blood.

Kyoshi looks at Percy and decides to make him her son as she pockets the letter. Kyoshi picks up Percy and holds him with one arm. "Percy I swear to The Spirit's I will take care of you until my dying breath.

Kyoshi turns around while opening one of her fans and points it at the sound of clapping.

"I'm glad I picked the right Avatar this time. Young Percy will do good in your care, Kyoshi." A Spirit said while clapping and walking from the shadows.

"Raava!" Kyoshi said surprised before she went protective of Percy; "How do You know his name."

Raava told Kyoshi that she bought Sally over. When Kyoshi found out Percy could learn all four elements, she was more than a little shock.

When Percy was 10, His mother and him left so she could learn the elements. Percy was made immortal at 16 by that damn owl, because Percy won that fight after giving that damn bird a scar across its face after Percy received three scars starting at his right ribs going across his back and ending at his left ribs.

This is the story of The Avatar's Son