~Present Day.~

Percy is waiting in a clearing in a forest for one group and one person to arrive. Percy is sitting in the lotus position with his axe across his lap with 7 cups of Jasmine tea on the tray.

The first group arrived by Aang running out of some trees and leaning on his staff and breathing heavily as his four friends joined him.

Percy opens his eyes and asks them to join him for tea. The Gaang jumped at Percy's voice, they saw it came from a hooded person.

Sokka pulls out his bone club and looks ready to fight before Suki asks him about his axe.

"All in good times. We're waiting on one more person." Percy said while chuckling.

The Gaang joined Percy for about 5 minutes until Ty Lee ran from a different set of trees and almost ran them over.

The Gaang looks ready to fight but Suki sees her tear ridden face and asks about it.

"T..that Bitch just killed a fa..family then let her soldier's rape the little girl before order me to kill her. I couldn't but Mai did it with a smile on her face. I can't and won't harm innocent people, no matter where they are from." Ty Lee said though her tears.

Percy pulls down his hood and says Iroh would be proud.

Everyone notices how much Suki and Percy look alike, but it wasn't until Aang had a version/flashback about Kyoshi teaching Percy blacksmithing.

"Kyoshi taught you blacksmithing." Aang said while circling Percy.

Suki got a look of realization on her face when she said "You're Lady Kyoshi son: Percy."

"YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!" Suki yelled at Percy.

Percy replied with a chuckle while saying.

"Follow me and all of your questions will be answered."

Percy stood up and put his axe on his back and began to walk away.

Aang, who's still upset about Appa's disappearing, sent a brolder at Percy trying to get some answers, but Aang got disappointed when Percy hit it away with a roundhouse kick as he turned around.

'Shit! Percy looks pissed now.' Aang thought to himself.

Percy looks at Aang with a raised eyebrow while everyone else has looks of surprise on their faces.

"Attack me from behind? I thought you were an Air Nomad. I was trained by my mother: Avatar Kyoshi, and I went toe to toe with Avatar Roku when he was in the Avatar State."

Percy took a breather to calm down before he continued to talk,

"I have found many attacks and techniques and I let others take credit for it. How many People have you trained and they became master's in their own right?"

Aang tried to argue with Percy until a Lighting bolt hit the ground front of him.

"Umm '' Ty Lee unsurely spoke up, She didn't want to continue with everybody's eyes on her but she did anyway.

"Did you teach Master Iroh?"

Percy nodded his head and told them to follow him, Ty Lee did it first and the others followed.

After a few hours they stopped at a farm outside of Ba Sing Se, and Sokka spoke up.

"A farm? The son of Aang lives on a farm."

Suki and Katara Gibbs Slap him before Percy could spoked up. Percy nodded his head in aprovement while Ty Lee giggled.

"First, I'm not Aang's son, but Kyoshi's son. Yes a farm. My grandmother was an Air Nomad, plus after going to each Nation I found a love of each style of cooking." Percy said before he Firebend a fire in the pit to cook their supper.

Aang looks surprised at the Air Nomad comment, he asks about it when his gut told him not to. "Your grandmother was an Air Nomad?"

Gaang and Ty Lee heard a female chuckle this time and made them jump when a female with a hood on appeared out of nowhere.

She silences Percy with a hand before she removes her hood and shows them an older Suki with some Percy in her.

Only Suki realized who the lady is and spoke up while she neel "Lady Kyoshi. It's an honor to meet you."

"Damn Percy! If this is another Clut, I'm going to kill you." Kyoshi said while glaring at her son as said son threw his arms in the arm and mubble, "Make one clut on accident and your mom won't let you live it down."

Ty Lee looks at Kyoshi with wonder on her face and Kyoshi saw this and spoke to her,

"Girl, please ask your question."

"I thought you were dead, so how are you here?"

"This spot is heavily connected to the Spirit World. So Mom comes and goes at her own place. Me? I was made Immortal by that damnable owl, he gave me three scars from my right side across my back and ended on my left side after I gave him the scar across the face and won the fight." Percy said while rubbing his left side. Kyoshi chuckled at her son.

"Percy, I don't think telling my granddaughter and your niece that or she might kick your ass." Kyoshi disappeared as a fireball came at her.

An half an hour of Suki yelling at Percy, before Percy said they should go to bed because they're going to Ba Sing Se tomorrow.

"Unless you have a pass, we can't enter Ba Sing Se." Aang said with a humourless chuckle.

"Let's not forget about The Dai Li-" Sokka said before Percy interrupted him.

"What about the Dai Li?"

Toph spoke up for the first time since meeting Percy "The Dai Li is pretty corrupt."

The Gaang and Ty Lee are slacked jaws as they learn some old curse words.

"Son of a Polar Bear Dog shit." Percy finally finished cursing.

Suki walked over and Gibbs slapped Percy and said: "Language young man. There are some young ears, and where did you learn those words?"

"I bet they had heard worst." Percy countered.

Toph nodded her head and a wide eye Aang shakes his head. Suki turns and glares at Percy and begins to tap her foot on the ground.

"Shit! You look a lot like mom. I learn half of them from my mother, a quarter from sailors, and the last brunch from blacksmiths. Don't worry about needing a pass for tomorrow." Percy said while he rub the back of his head as he walks inside his home.