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"Father we're back."

"Good. Me and your mother were discussing about, what's her name again?"

"Luz. Luz Noceda." Luz says

While this Em and Ed give Amity a worried look, pointing with their eyes to their parents and then Luz

`Oh no...´ Amity thinks to herself

"So Luz, we were wondering why is your school multi-colored?"

"Father do you think this is the best time to be asking these questions? I mean you just came out of a terrorist attack and you're probably in shock." she says this starting to sweat

"We have been through worse. Executive meetings can get...violent." (I'm trying to be funny shut up. Anyone can be funny in my story! But I believe in the BI executive would probably be violent.)

"Answer are question dear." Mrs Bight asks despite sounding more like a demand

"Uhh y-you see I-I study every track."

"And how is that possible? That is aginst the law. And we don't our daughter assosiated with criminals."

`You have no idea´ Amity thinks to herself

"Y-yeah about that I-uh am allowed to do that because..."starts to panic"I'm the daughter in someone in the Emperors Coven!"

"Really?" Mr and Mrs ask raising an eyebrow "Just because your spawn of someone in the Emperor's Coven, that doen't mean your allowed to study all kinds of magic."

"hehehe Well if you let me get there. `I´m so scewed´ I was born without a bile sack..." Mr and Mrs Bight and an eyebrow not knowing if it was by disgust or curiosity "so everyone thought I couldn't do magic like other witches. And for 14 I couldn't do magic, but after trying a lot I found a way to do magic lke the witches of old. Also like 1 week I had a moonlight conjuring by myself and i may or may have ended up animating a whole house...I ended up telling my mom everything, I think she talked with the Emperor and here I am now." she finished puting a fake smile and raisinh her thumbs

"That's...interesting. Could you do a demonstration?"

"Uhhh s-sure." Luz draws a plant gliph in the ground and taps it making a flower the size of Amity grow up from the ground


"Oh she did forget to tell you she's one of the top students at Hexside. Of course I'm still THE top student." Amity blurts out panickig inside

"She seems an adquate fit to friend group. Though we would like to have a conversation with her mother."

"That isn't possible right Luz?"

"Y-Yeah she's...on a mission! Outside the Isles. I've been home alone the past weeks."

"What a shame." Mrs Blight says with a small grin

"Now if you don't mind me asking. What happend inside? We heard rumours it were humans." Luz quickly shoots the question

"I'm afraid the rumors are true." a shock goes through her body hearing this `Humans in the Boiling Isles? How's that possible?´ she thinks to herself "They were about 4 righgt Gwendolyn?"

"Yes, 4 humans with very strange weapons that shot fire." `Humans in the Boiling Isles, with GUNS?!´

"I-I uh I gotta go. I-I have an appointment and I can't be late."

"It's that thing Luz?" she nods "I can go with you if you want"

"No y-you stay with your parents. They need you more."

"If you say so..."

Luz walks out in complete shock and with more questions than ever before

Somewhere in a old werehouse


MONDAY, 20:00H

"You know what "Jacob" this was a hell of a last mission. Went out with a Bang literaly." Pascal spoke out sitting on a couch. He was completly differnt from he's human form. Short dark blue hair instead of curly black, still no beard but with light blue eyes instead of brown

"First of all Edgar, mission is over so call me by my real name. Second, that wasn't the best way to go out."

"Fine Oliver. I know the best way to go out, but we've done way worse things than murder a buntch of civilians."

"2000 civs ain't a buntch."

"I agree with Oliver." Alastor AKA Michael came out of a room with another cloaked Shadowy Figure "Yes we have done way more terrible but we shouldn't end up killing our own kind."

"Geez I was just trying to ease the tension. C'mon we should be partying! We're off business! No more ops, suicide missions, we're free!"

Edgar was right. It was our last mission. After 30 years of covert ops, and experiments...we are finally free.

"What do say Oracle?" I turn to the Shadowy Figure.

It steps out of the darkness revealing a woman with a white coat and a golden owl mask. He had been giving us missions for the past 10 years. "You know I don't have an opinion Oliver. I do agree with Edgar that you should be celebrating thought."


"Ed you know I will only start to party when i have the stuff I requesitioned. About that Oracle you did tell the smugler to bring that right?"

"Yes Oliver of course I forget even after you asked me 10 times." I hate when she talks like that "It's in the box over there. They're still cold."

"Nice." I get up and walk towards the box Oracle had pointed out. I crouch and open it to reveal several bottles of alcaholic beverages and cartons of cigarretes "You know humans have THE stuff."

"Get me some Moonshine." Alastor does like strong stuff

"Gimme some vodka. That russian stuff."

"Cigaretes anyone?" I asked

"Sure." Alastor and Ed say

"Hey Oliver! Get me some wiskey!" Jeidan aka Joseph waltzs to the group. Where the hell has he been?

"Finally cared to join J!"

"Shut up Ed. Called my wife, gave her the news."

"I still donno how you got a wife before all of us." I said letting out a laugh "What do you want Henry Mckenna or Redbreast?"

"Have that japanese stuff?"

"Let me check." diving once more into the box and searching for a while i find some bottles of Hakushu "Does Hakushu do?"


"Oracle you sure you want nothin?"

"Fine. Give me some moonshine and cigar. After it's the last time I'll see your sorry asses."

"I'll take offence to that." Ed gave out a laugh "So will we finnaly know your name and pretty face?"

"Ed don't push it. You'll get to see my "pretty face" but that's all you'll get."

"Eh good enough."

We all sat down around the couches that been there for the past decade. I still remember what it was like, 30 years ago.

I had just entered the Emperor's coven with exceptional grades at age 17. One best but still new. A prodegee some said. Not even a week into serving and I was summoned to an audience with him. The Emperor. I don't remember much of the conversation. I do remember that I could have a spot in a special task force. I obviously accepted.

First 5 months of training. The worst kind. And worst 5 months of my life. Then experimental Interdimensional Rift Travel Program or I.R.T.P. We were 10, 4 survived the travel to the Human Realm. Those were the craziest 15 years of my life traning under the MI6. How I got there? A story for another day. Then finnaly we came came back and almost died again. After almost 16 years of training in and out of the Demon Realm...We still had to do that. Image like...making Captain America but ageless and a lot more painful. Just the memory gives me chills.

Then 30 years of service. I knew the EC was thing for life but I've seen and done to much shit. Now we are free. I amost feel like crying, can finally live normal life again. So do they. My friends. My brothers in arms. How will we live normal lifes I really don't know.


MONDAY; 21:00H

"LUZ!" Eda screams out. She hadn't come home which by this time was terrifying her

"Edalyn I've checked Bonesborough twice. I can't find her." Lilith seemed as worried as her sisters which was odd. Maybe she had growned found of Luz even though she knew Luz hated her

"Well we need to keep looking! We can't just leave here! Maybe if I-"

"EDA!" Lilith screams at her sister "It's getting dark. As much as I don't like this situation as well we need to go home. We'll resume the search tomorrow."

"NO! I'm not leaving her! Not again..." Eda colapses to the ground trying tohold her tears

Then out of nowhere a voice in a worried tone speaks up


"Luz?" shoots up and runs towards Luz pulling her towards a big tight hug, now full on crying "Where the fuck were you?"

"I-I've thinking." her eyes were red cleary from crying

"Luz, tell me what happened."

"It's-It's just that...That finally after days of nightmares and sleep deprivation, I get fixed and right after that a terrorist attack ocours made by humans? I-I my head can't take this!"

Eda seeing Luz what she considers her daughter having a mental breakdown, without being able to help. It messed with her. "Let's get you to the house." They both got on Owlbert and flew off with Lilith right behind them.

Once they got there Luz ran to her room and locking it instantly.

"Edalyn, you know this only the start right?" Lilith spoke to her sister with genuine concern "Something big is happening."

"I know. Once I get my hands on the people that did this to Luz. I'm going to make them wish for a quick death."


So...this is the end of Book 1. A sequel is being made at the moment. Like I said now most likely I will only be able to publish chapters once per week (thank high school for that). Hope you guys like this and see ya later folks

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