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Luz walked to the kitchen ignoring Lilith and going straight to the top cabinet to grab a box of coffee capsules(idk what you call it in English/)

"Uhh whats that Luz?" asked Lilith in a confused tone

"Coffee capsules" said Luz bluntly "Owlbert got a box on his last trip to the human realm."

"So it's like food?"

"No it's a drink. You put it in a machine and liquid comes out. And boom coffee."

"And you drink that a lot?"

"God, no. Coffee it's a energy drink and it's easy to get addicted to it. I've just been drinking it the past few days because I'm always tired and it helps me get through the day. Just do your thing and I'll do mine."

Luz and Lilith eat breakfast with the old which trying to make small talk but failing every time.

2 hours pass and Eda and King come downstairs.

"Good morning kiddo."

"Morning Eda!" sais Luz in a cheery tone

"Lilith" Eda greeted Lilith with a monotone voice

"Edalyn." Responded Lilith.

"Well I'm going get dressed and I'm going out."

"Where are you going?" asked Eda

"To the park meet up with Amity."


"Y'know Amity." Eda shook her head "The one i dueled with?"

"Oh Lilith'a apprendice!"

"Technically Im not her mentor anymore because I'm a criminal just like you."

"No one said we needed your help." Quickly responded Luz

"But you needed wanting or not." Backfired Lilith

"Hey want about me? WHY IS NO ONE PAYING ATTENTION TO ME?!" shouted King

"Sorry King" as Luz pats his head "but I have to go out so I'm sure you can find something to entertain yourself."

"Fine." muttered King

Luz leaves the house and walks to the park muttering to herself why Amity had left her a letter if she was still hurt.

"Maybe she just sent a pigeon messenger! Or the equivalent of it in this world." she thought to herself "*sigh* No, the house needs to stay secluded. Well there's only one way to find out!" She continues her way through the forest and then the city(idk how to writes Bonesburoh and I'm to lazy to check) until she reaches the outside of the park.

She enter and walks the brick path until she finds Amity in a bench...without crutches?

"Hey Amity!" Telles Luz to her making her jump in the process pulling her out of her little world

"Oh hi Luz!" while blushing "What a surprise to find you here in the park! Uhh what brings you here to me" giving Luz a smile trying to hide her flusteredness (it's a word now)

Luz pulls out the letter "Does this ring any bells?"

"Oh right, of course."

"Also why are you not wearing bandages or crutches?"

"Oh! The doctor said I was good to go yesterday's night." Blushes even more "And then I couldn't stop thinking I should see you because you invaded Belos palace and saved t he Owl Lady, but then you'd be probably asleep so I wrote a letter and walked to t he house and up it under the door after I woke up...which was early. I've been talking for too long." At this point Amity is as red as a tomato

"Amity I woke up at 6am, and the letter was already there. When did you wake up?"

"Uhh like uhhh you know...4am...hehe"

"What you should sleep more!"

"Says the one waking up at 6am in a Saturday. And besides I was...worried about you."

"Awww miss Blight was worried about me?"

"Yes...yes I was."

"It doesn't matter now. So what do you want to do?"

"Y'know hangout and talk about stuff."

"Sure! What do you want to talk about?"


"I needed to save Eda!" responded Luz

"You could have asked for help!"

"I DIDN'T WANT TO GET YOU, OR WILLOW, OR GUS HURT OK?" She yelled "And besides it was my fault Eda was captured? If hadn't tried to steal that fucking hat this wouldn't ave happened!" Explained Luz while starting to cry, failing to her knees and hugging herself

"Hey, hey it wasn't your fault." Amity's tried to comfort her " What's this about a hat?"

Luz proceded to explain Amity her attempt at stealing the healing hat and break in to the Confurmatorium

"LILITH TRIED TO KILL YOU?!" you could see the fire in Amity's eyes

"And know she's living with us like a homeless person someone felt sorry about" aos Luz with a angry tone whipping out her tears "Just because she helped us rescue Eda, it doesn't ammend her actions." Now more angry than sad

"Look what is past is past so why don't we go and enjoy the day?"

"That seems nice."

"Let's go. Said Amity extending a hand to Luz to help her stand up

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