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Hi. I haven't been writing for PJO in a long time, and I don't think I'll ever get back into writing for it or continue any of my ongoing fics, so I've decided to take all of my PJO/HoO fics and poems and combine them into this one collection.

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This chapter was the first chapter of "Bianca Reborn", a fic that I began but never finished. I have deleted the other chapters of this fic because the plot was not going anywhere, but I think the first can stand on its own well enough.

Bianca stood nervously at the banks of the River Lethe. This was it. Her former life would disappear, her memories gone. What was she thinking? She couldn't desert her family! (By that, she meant Nico. Hades didn't count.) Even if she was dead, she could still talk to Nico. But if she went into the black water, all would be lost forever. Bianca turned away from it and sighed.

"I can't do it!" she complained to the Fates who had accompanied her. The oldest one stared at her and spoke in her raspy voice.

"You chose this, Bianca. It was your decision, not ours. We are the Fates, and this is your fate. You were right to choose this way. You died too soon. Your father agrees; you deserve a second chance at life. Go on."

Bianca still couldn't make herself do it. "But Nico-"

"He'll be fine, child. Your brother has found friends. He'll understand, and if he doesn't, they'll make him. Nico is a stubborn boy, but strong. He can make it without you. The Hunters will remember you. Your memory will not fade from anyone but yourself."

"I still can't-"

All three Fates hissed at her. "Go!" They tossed something into the current that glowed and swirled around in the water. A blue thread. Her life string, chopped short. It pulled to her, drawing her into the dark river, drowning her.

Bianca realized that she couldn't change her fate. She accepted the tug of her lifeline, dragging her slowly back to the world of the living. As her feet stepped into the River Lethe, she immediately felt her mind dissolving, disappearing. With her last thought, she called to the three old woman on the shore,

"Please! At least tell... tell Nico that... I love him... whatever happens..." her voice trailed off to a whisper as she collapsed into the waters that would give her an end to her old life, but an unexpected beginning to the new.

The last sounds she heard were the rushing of the Lethe, the happy shouts of Elysium that were not hers anymore, and the laughing of the three Fates as the weaving of her new life began.