"Angewomon! Ladydevimon! Magnamon!" Percy called out. His digivice let off three bursts of light, before the aforementioned digimon appeared.

Angewomon, was a gorgeous digimon, in the appearance of an absolute bombshell of a woman. Long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, hidden behind a metal helmet. Eight large white wings, golden shells covering her large, perfectly, mouth watering, round breasts. A pink ribbon was wrapped around her body. Her right arm, was covered in a long white glove, on her right leg, she was bare, her right foot was a heel, covered in feathers, and her left leg was covered in a white leg suit, with a metal high heel.

Ladydevimon, was the polar opposite of Angewomon. She was pale skinned, wore all black, had long white, almost gray hair. She had red eyes, underneath a stitched up mask. She wore a large, tattered cloak. Her left arm, was bare at the top, leading down to a large claw, with red sharp, talons. On her back, was a weird, misshapen piece of cloth, that was almost sentient. She had some chains attached to her dark clothes. On her right, clothed breast, was a white skull. Whereas Angewomon was kind, joyful, bright, and liked being around people, Ladydevimon was more often than not, selfish, cold, cruel, sinful, and naughty. But she did care for Percy, his friends, Sally, and all of their digimon, she just was bad at showing it, thus making her different from other Ladydevimon.

Magnamon, was a tall, blue skinned digimon, she had a white stomach, and wore large golden armor, covering her shoulders, her face, her big breasts, her fists, her legs, her toes, around her lower waist, her lower forearms. She was known as the digimon of miracles, one of the strongest digimon around, stronger even, than a lot of mega level digimon. She took great pride in her strength, she was also, one of Percy's first digimon, as well as one of the first that reached the ultimate level. She even reached the peak and rank, of royal knight. A group of mega level digimon, she was the only ultimate in the group. She was also one of the strongest in the group.

Percy smiled at his digimon, arguably his best friends. They have been through a lot together. Fought in a lot of battles together. He heard several loud cries of his friends, no doubt calling their own digimon out.

"Crescemon!" Zöe called out her digimon. Crescemon, was a large rabbit like digimon, with a half shield on her left arm, and an ax on her right.

"Lilamon!" Katie summoned her digimon. Lilamon, was a tall, flower covered digimon, with shoulder length, lime green hair.

"Taomon!" Wanda called forth, her digimon. Taomon, was a large fox like digimon, wearing a long robe, with a hat, wielding a paint brush.

"Cerberumon Werewolf Form!" Nico snarled out, his digimon, was a dark, hound like digimon.

"Ladydevimon!" Bianca called out, bringing forth her own fallen angel digimon.

"Angewomon!" Diana called out her own Angewomon.

The eight high tier ultimate digimon, along with the middle to high tier mega level, made short, quick work of the enemy digimon. Rushing into battle, they blasted and battered their opponents, not giving them any room to attack back, nor allowing them a chance to hurt the humans.

Once the battle had been concluded, and deciding to leave their digimon out, the demigods asked the other children, about getting attacked.

"What happened? How did the attack begin?" Percy questioned, wanting to know about why and how those digimon came to the beach, and why they didn't attack each other.

"We don't know. One minute we were all just sitting here talking, we heard some weird growling noises, and then water crashed on the beach. Next thing we know, we were surrounded. Thank you, by the way, had it not been for you, we all would all be dead. You saved our lives." Sora said.

"That was really cool, the way you all handled them. Will I ever get as strong as you?" TK asked.

"Sure you will. You just need to believe in yourself, and your digimon, as well as train yourselves, eventually you will be surprised at how strong you will get!" Nico said confidently.

"Well, I for one, am glad we are not food! Not that we would have tasted good, I know I wouldn't. I would probably taste too bitter." Joe said.

"Ooh, your digimon all look so pretty!" Mimi called out excitedly, as she eyed the nine digimon. She was right, at least in regards to the feminine digimon. Nice curves, nice thick thighs, large, firm, round breasts. Large, firm, round, juicy looking asses. Long, pretty looking hair.

Diana, Sally, and Zöe exchanged looks, and upon seeing that the younger children were busy, distracted with talking to Percy and the others, as well as gushing over the digimon, the three older women, walked off a bit, and engaged in an intense discussion.

"I am getting more concerned, for both them and the digimon in this world. Those digimon shouldn't have attacked all at once. Marine Devimon, for example, are digimon that don't get along with each other of their own species, let alone teaming up with other species' digimon. Seadramon are pretty territorial as well. The Gesomon and Octomon, are rivals. It doesn't make sense. Perhaps this is more work of the mysterious evil force, that we have heard about recently?" Diana spoke worriedly.

"I get the feeling, that this is just the beginning. Something else is on the horizon, something huge. This was a small taste of what is to come. I'm uneasy, I don't like it." Sally said.

"Those were all champion and mega level digimon. If, as we think, some evil force is behind all of this, then they must be powerful, to control that many digimon at once. Not to mention, that we have no clue as to how powerful they really are. We don't know how many of them there are, or where they are, for that matter. We only managed to get our digimon to ultimate. Who knows if there is a level beyond that? We didn't even know there was an ultimate level, we thought champion was as far as it went, remember? We are seriously under prepared, under equipped, and are sitting ducks. Something has to change." Zöe inquired, and stated. She hated being helpless!

Sally, Diana, and Zöe just stood there, leaning on some trees. Staring off into the distance, thinking and reflecting on events to come, and some of those that had already passed.

"I guess we will have to train these kids, won't we? Are we even going to be able to get them home? We've been here for years, and haven't gotten home yet. They must be so afraid, lost in an unfamiliar world, being chased by giant monsters, almost dying. Now they are going to have to become strong enough to fight, survive, and win in this world." Sally said sadly. Diana and Zöe just looked on indifferently, used to such things, hell they were both born during ancient times, and saw many civilizations rise and fall. Zoe herself was born and lived during the reign of Kronos, she saw many atrocities.

Scene change

"So, they failed, huh? Very well, a minor setback. I just need more firepower. Though the boy with the Magnamon is very disheartening, I must find a way to get rid of him. How? This may require some thought." The dark being spoke to their self.

Sitting on a dark, oppressive throne, the being brooded, plotting and planning. Trying to figure out a way to dispose of Percy and his Magnamon.

"There's only a dozen or two digimon, that could take on Magnamon. Most of which won't be willing to fight her. Sure the demon lords could, as could a few of the other royal knights. Susanoomon, Chronomon, Argomon, Armaggeddemon, are maybe the only few remaining." The dark figure spoke out loud, letting their thoughts float around the room, before the being called out, "Servant, to me!"

A dark, shadowy figure walked forward, and knelt before it's master.

"You called, my lord? What may I serve you for?" the digimon spoke reverently. The being on the throne just chuckled, "Duskmon, I have a job for you. There is a group, of humans down on the beach. They were just recently in a battle. I want you watch them, and should the opportunity arise, eliminate any of them. Also, two more objectives. I wish for you to bring me one of them alive, the boy, Nico. He is the one wearing dark clothes, and is partnered with a gazimon. Bring them to me, avoid the one known as Percy. He is to dangerous and would defeat you." his master spoke to him.

Duskmon, for his part, showed no confusion, or disagreement, merely bowed his head slightly lower, got up, and then headed towards the exit, only to be stopped by his master's voice.

"Duskmon, take Arbormon, Grumblemon, Ranamon, Agunimon, Lobomon, Kazemon, Beetlemon, Chackmon. and Mercurymon with you. The ten of you should be more than a match for the boy." His master said.

Duskmon, looking back at his master, said, "Very well, as you wish, master. I will not disappoint you."

As Duskmon walked out of the throne room, his master leaned back, in their throne, and pondered their plans, organizing back up plans, for the off chance that Duskmon failed.

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