As Sally followed Elecmon out of the hut, her mind was racing towards several different thoughts. She was contemplating on whether or not to stay in this 'digital world'.

'Hm, while it doesn't seem to have any troubles or dangers, and it might even be better off for Percy to stay here, at least here he would be safe from the mythological world, no gods can find him here, although, I don't exactly know when, or how, or even if we can get back to the real world, anyways.' the beautiful young mother though to herself. She noticed they had stopped, and she smiled, because in front of her, her son was playing with several little beings, who could only be digimon.

There were two little red ones, that looked like it had three small little horns on the top of it's head. It also held big white eyes, with small black pupils. This digimon, went by the name of Punimon. This was the baby stage, or some would refer to it as the in training I stage.

The next digimon was a small, blueish white blob, sort of like ectoplasm. It held a gelatin like feel and look. It had small black eyes as well, this is Poyomon.

The next three digimon, were much like poyomon, with the exception being their color, which was a deep emerald green, and a yellow pacifier like object in their mouths, this is Pabumon.

The digimon that she saw after those three, was a small white round thing, with two small red spots on its cheeks, and black eyes. This is Yukibotamon.

The next digimon after that, was a purple, jelly like creature, with a single amber eye in the center of it's body. It held two tiny horns on it's head. This little digimon, is kuramon.

These eight little digimon, were currently taking turns, bouncing on and off of her son. It made for a rather adorable sight. The little four year old child was clearly enjoying himself. Sally decided to let herself be known to him, after a few more minutes of their play time together.

"ahem, am I interrupting something?" she coughed to get their attention. The digimon turned around, and held a frightened expression in their eyes, as they quickly bounced away from Sally. "hey, it's okay, I won't hurt you, I promise." Sally cooed at the baby digimon softly.

The digimon were hesitant to trust her, but there was something about her voice, and demeanor, that caused them to brush aside their initial fear, for something about this woman, something that enabled them to trust her, they could tell, she meant every word she said.

Then they noticed Elecmon was with her, so they knew she was trustworthy then. The little digimon hopped over to her, eager to see her, and hopefully, get back to playing with the young human child, now that they knew she was of no threat to them. She smiled down at them, and reached out to stroke each one on the head, they seemed to like it, if the noises they made were of any indication.

While this was going on, Percy looked over at Elecmon, and grinned, before racing over to him, all the time, thinking 'hey this one looks different, I wonder why?'. After making it over to Elecmon, Percy stuck his hand out, and patted the digimon on the head, and rubbed down his back.

Elecmon made a sound, not quite unlike that of a purring cat. Percy just smiled and laughed, Elecmon glanced up and noticed a digivice hanging from his neck, on a cord. It was a rectangular shape, with a screen on the front, along with there being three buttons there. The device also held a slide through spot on the side, it looked as if one could swipe a card through it. This was completely different than the original digivice seen before. The digivice was primary a glossy blue. (the digivice looks like the one from season 5 data squad, D.A.T.S, with having the modify ability from season 3 tamers).

A bright glow caused both Elecmon and Percy to turn around and look at Sally, in her hands, there was a digivice just like Percy's only being difference, with Sally's being a sea green color. Sally just gave Elecmon a look, a glance that screamed 'what the fuck is this, you had better tell me right now, or so help me you will not live to regret it'. Elecmon gulped, and decided it would be in his best health and interest, to explain to the mother and son, everything there is to know about digimon.

"all right young ones, it is time to go to bed, Sally, would you and your child please join me in the hut? We have some things to discuss, after all." Elecmon called to them all. Sally just nodded, and after getting the young digimon to bed, grabbed Percy and walked into the hut. Elecmon after learning the young child's name, went over a brief history of the digital world, and the digimon. He had explained all about the digivolving and their abilities, as well as their stages. He then went on to explain about their digivices.

"although, I do expect we will have to explain all of this to your son again, in the future, after all, he is rather young, so he most likely will not remember this. There have been digidestined in the past, as a matter of fact, if you go into the ruins, and speak to centarumon, and you will find some old texts and prophecies of the old digidestined. I fear what you and your son's arrival means for the digital world, however, for it is foretold, the world will be blanketed by the shadows and darkness of evil, and only the chosen may defeat the evil, and restore peace, and harmony back to the world. I have a feeling, that you and your child, are the chosen ones. The pair of you must be careful, there will be those who wish to stop you, in order for you two to learn and survive, as well as vanquish this threat, you must train. The world depends on it. You must also form a bond with a digimon, and through said bond, only then, can you achieve not only your destiny, but you can save the world." Elecmon spoke.

Sally was deep in her thoughts, quite understandably, Elecmon did just drop a huge bomb on her, despite the heavy pondering she was doing, she got stopped abruptly, due to her son's snoring, looking down, she smiled at her son, who had a respectably decent amount of drool all over Sally's lap. Sally was torn between amusement, disgust, and anger. Not only did her son fall asleep through such an important lecture, but he got her lap soaked, in his SALIVA. She half wanted to throttle him. Elecmon was clearly amused, as he watched the lovely mother across from him. One could just glimpse at these two and tell, just how much they loved and cherished the other, it was a warm and loving sight.

Both Sally and Elecmon tucked in for the night, determined to get a move on in their (Percy and Sally's) training, as well as finding a partner digimon for the two of them. Oh if only they knew. Morning came, and as promised, they woke up, and began their training. Sally noticed, there was two trunks, sitting by her makeshift bed. After getting up, and quickly grabbing her shirt, that she discarded the night before, when she went to bed, she threw it on.

So what if she liked to sleep nude? it was her business dammit. She woke her son up, and walked out to meet Elecmon, and to see if they could get their partner digimon, more than ready to begin their training. With Sally's permission, Percy walked up to the digimon, determined to gain himself a partner, when a light shot out from his digivice and hit each of the baby digimon, and then words came onto the screen of his digivice. He glanced at it, and showed it to his mother and Elecmon. It seemed, that Percy was the partner of all eight of the baby digimon.

Sally and Elecmon then looked at one another, and just as they were about to see if they were to be partners, they heard someone or something approaching, they glanced around, and noticed a tall, muscular, hairy, bipedal lion walking towards them, wearing a pair of pants, with a sword in a scabbard on his back. This was a digimon, by the name of Leomon. All of a sudden, Sally's digivice let loose a small beam of light, and hit Leomon, and then all of his information came into Sally's digivice, from his attacks, to his digivolution routes. Sally just beamed at the lion digimon, more than happy with her partner. After getting acquainted with her partner, as well as introducing him and Percy to one another, they then bid a goodbye to Elecmon, and set out towards the ruins, quite eager to see and speak to Centarumon, and find out everything they could about these so called digidestined, and this ancient prophecy.

So what did you all think? I know a lot of info dump and no action, sorry but I wanted to set a small bit up first. Yes sally got a Leomon, the same one from adventure 01, and Percy got eight baby digimon, don't worry it will take some time for them to digivolve, and Percy and sally won't be digimon masters, at least not right away, they are going to struggle and learn, both to fight and survive. As far as the harem goes, not sure, and I won't be following strictly on the seasons, because after all I am mixing the seasons and games into this, and the last thing is, I will be going off of different game digivolutions as well as enemies, for example anyone that has ever beaten either digimon world ds, dawn, or dusk, knows there were certain groups and enemies in those games, that you had to defeat, so they may or may not show up here, we will see, lol.

Also tell me what you think their digimon will be digivolving into, lol

Any suggestions, ideas, harem members to add or remove, let me know your thoughts, later