"speech" represents ancient Greek (sorry, but I am not translating entire sentences or paragraphs in another language.)

'speech' represents thoughts

"speech" represents normal speaking

?'s point of view

'There should only be seven humans here, the chosen children, so where did these other nine humans come from? This could pose a problem, especially with how strong they are, all of them are capable of digivolving to champion, some can even digivolve to ultimate. I have to get rid of them somehow. Perhaps Kowloon Co. could be of some use? Maybe Argomon, or one of the demon lords could be of a helping hand? Though not sure how manageable that would be.' A dark being pondered this new development to themselves, as they gazed upon a reflection of two groups of humans.

'Come to think of it, those digivices held by those nine, are much different than the ones held by the other seven. Why is that? I don't like this. I don't like this at all!' the being raged to themselves, as the groups all remained blissfully unaware of their dark watcher, who gazed upon them all seething, with white hot rage.

"very well, it seems I have some plans to make." the being melted into shadows, disappearing from the cold, dark, and oppressive throne room. As they were leaving, a huge streak of white lightning burst across the sky, scattering the clouds, while basking the ground below in a huge blur of light, causing the beings giant wings to throw huge shadows across the walls.

Third person point of view

As the warriors were sitting and resting for the moment, and the newly arrived children were just waking up, Percy and his friends began to have a discussion, switching to their root language of ancient Greek, so as to not be overheard.

"So exactly WHY are we helping them? Actually, why are they even here? Surely we can accomplish anything they could do, ourselves? Why even show up now? Instead of years ago like Percy and aunt Sally did, or a few years after the two of you, like the rest of us started to? Seems weird, doesn't it?" Wanda pointed out, not unreasonably though, because Diana and Reyna both wanted to know how they got here, and why they came now.

"who knows? Perhaps it was just fate? I mean it's not like there are any gods in this world. After all, we've all been here for a few years at least now, and we've never met any gods." Nico spoke out loud.

"hm, I wouldn't be to sure on that one. Remember all those ruins, temples, and castles we came across, when traveling throughout the different realms? The ancient texts and carvings on the cave walls? The shrines? I would say this world does have some 'gods' but they are like the gods from our world, they don't care for the lesser people, the mortals, who are beneath them." Percy said responded to something Nico had said.

"it's exactly that kind of attitude, that causes the gods to smite someone. Perhaps you should be careful Perseus. The gods themselves aren't forgiving, nor are they very kind, if we should ever make it back to our world, that is." Zöe declared out.

"Zöe, haven't we had the talk about being a zealot? Though she does, admittedly, have a point about the gods being smite trigger happy, and really Perseus, you do need to learn some tact. Perhaps I should mention something to Sally?" Diana mused.

"I don't really care why they are here, whatever happened is done and over with now, they are here, end of discussion on that front. What we need to do now, is figure out where we go from here. Because from the attack on Percy last night, and with their sudden arrival, the future is looking uncertain. Will our strength be enough? Somehow I am not sure. After all, who's to say this enemy hasn't been preparing for us all of these years? If they were confident enough to attack Percy, who is most likely the strongest one among us, then they must be pretty powerful. That brings me back to my thoughts on where do we go from here? Do we train them? Guide them?" Katie asked her friends.

"what else can we do? Just leave them here and go back to sitting around in primary village?! I don't know about all of you, but I could never just sit around and know that I could have helped some kids, but left them to die, because I didn't want to be, or because I just couldn't be bothered to help them! No I say we train them, guide them, help them in any way they need." Bianca spoke up, fire in her eyes.

"so I guess we are all in agreement then? We are helping them?" Percy asked, while looking around, seeing that the other half bloods are generally agreed with Bianca.

"you know, it's pretty rude to speak in a different language, and carry on a conversation, when there are several other people around, who can't understand a word that is being said? It might give them all the wrong impression." Sally deadpanned at the demigods.

They all just offered up sheepish expressions on their faces. Percy then told his mother, "well that's true, but isn't it also considered rude to tell everyone to leave, so we can discuss something? Or having everyone listen in on our conversation, even if it's not their business? So what exactly were we supposed to do?"

"okay, fair point, I suppose. Though I would like to know what it is you talked about, if it's not to personal?" Sally asked.

"alright then, follow me, we will speak of our conversation, as well as our decision, away from here." Percy told his mom, and the two of them walked over to the treeline, before heading in a bit, just enough away from prying eyes, while Percy could still hear and see the groups.

Relaying what they all discussed as well as their general feelings regarding the other group, Sally couldn't help but feel proud of the younger demigods. They were growing up to be such good people!

Not long after he finished filling his mother in though, did he start to feel the ground vibrating. Minor shock waves were being sent throughout the earth, Sally stumbled a bit, thankfully Percy managed to catch his mother, causing her to smile gratefully at her son.

"Come on, we had better get back to the others. There's no telling what caused that." Percy said, before they took off running. Upon exiting the forest, they had to stop and stare for a moment, because, unless their eyes were deceiving them, the beach was now being attacked by a group of champions and ultimate level digimon.

A blue humanoid digimon with big white hands, wicked black, sharp claws, and long white tentacles. Glowing red eyes completed it's look. This digimon, is MarineDevimon. A dirty aquatic fighter. There were four of these. Which is odd, do to how isolated and solitary and territorial these digimon are.

A small blue digimon, similar to a frog was not to far away from MarineDevimon. This digimon carried a harpoon, and wore large silver tanks on it's back. This digimon, is Divermon. A group of them, which is to be expected, they hunt, live, and fight in packs, after all.

There was a group of Coelamon, Gesomon, Octomon, Raremon, and Seadramon.

Gesomon was a giant white squid that reeked, like weeks old anchovies that were left out in the sun.

Coelamon was just a gray fish.

Raremon, was literally a walking sewer. So disgusting to smell that even trash would be offended. It's breath could literally destroy someones sense of smell.

Seadramon was a giant water dragon. A large yellow fin shaped head, with a long serpentine body, a very angry personality, with a red leaf shaped tail.

Octomon, was an octopus, wearing an old scuba diver helmet, a golden crown upon it's head. Oddly enough, this digimon even carried a sword and a weird looking gun.

Shaking his head, Percy let out a war cry, before pulling his digivice out, and with the screen glowing brightly, he thrust it forward, calling out.

Well not much, but it's what I got so far.

Trying to figure out what everyone says and how they act is a pain.

Who do you think Percy is going to have fight the other digimon? What happened to the other demigods and their digimon? Who knows?

Who was that, that was watching them at the beginning? What dark deal are they going to make? Who is going to help them? Why? I will say this now, don't expect me to follow cannon, for either series, because I won't be, while I will follow somethings, not all of it will be the same.