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PLL - If Hanna was still hefty

22 year old Hanna sit on her bed, holding her pink plush bunny.

In this reality, Hanna never reinvented herself with Mona because Alison didn't disappear, so Hanna is still chubby, or hefty, as Alison call it.

"Hi, Hefty Hanna. What's it like being a fat loser?" says Alison as she enter the room and is sassy and rude.

"I'm not loser..." says Hanna in a weak tone, being afraid of Alison.

Alison is a bully towards Hanna.

Everytime she does something rude to Hanna, Alison claim that she does it in order to help Hanna grow up, but on the inside Alison know that what she does only ruin Hanna's little life.

"You're 22, throw away that stupid plushie." says Alison.

"No! My plush bunny is my best friend." says Hanna in a childish tone.

"Fuck!" says Alison in anger as she grab Hanna's plushie and throw it into the trashcan.

"NO!" scream Hanna as she begin to cry.

"Don't whine like a fuckin' kindergartener." says Alison, all rude and evil.

"Me don't whine." says Hanna.

"Yes, ya are." says Alison.

"Please, be a friend." says Hanna.

"I'm always a friend to everyone, retarded Hefty Hanna." says Alison, sounding like a porno-girl.

Hanna cry more.

Alison slap Hanna hard in the face.

"That hurts!" says Hanna in pain and fear, still crying.

"Yeah, grow up. Be a woman, Han." says Alison, trying to seem sweet, but she find it really difficult to keep up her friend-act.

Hanna still cry.

"Stop! You're 22, don't cry. Kids cry. Ladies our age just let it go and masturbate." says Alison.

"What?" says Hanna.

"Pay fuckin' attention!" says a very angry Alison.

She now snap, no longer able to fake sweetness.

Her blue eyes glow with hard intense wrath.

Alison look 100 % angry as if she could squeeze the the life out of Hanna's throat with her two bare hands.

Hanna try to ignore Alison.

Alison grab the front of Hanna's sweater.

"Listen when I'm talking to you!" says Alison.

"Why aren't you sweet to me?" says Hanna.

"I'm always sweet." says Alison.

Alison pull Hanna up into standing position.

"Hanna-Boo, my friend. Listen. I took a huge risk when I brought your fat poopin' butt into my group, so ya better try to follow my orders or go back to spending time with Dance Dance Rev and a jumbo bag of chips, like you did when you were a little kid." says Alison, being very angry.

Alison's hand still has a firm grasp on Hanna's sweater.

Only one thing can save Hanna now and that is if Emily show up.

Because that would make Alison go back to being calm, since Alison love Emily.

Hanna is lucky.

"Hi, Ali." says Emily as she show up.

Alison quickly remove her hand from Hanna's sweater.

To see Emily makes Alison's anger fade away.

"Hi, Em." says Alison, not angry anymore.

Hanna stop crying.

"Opsss..." says Hanna as she fart by accident.

"So freakin' disgusting! Ewww! Chicks don't fart." says Alison.

Hanna start crying again.

"C'mon, Em." says Alison as she gently hold hands with Emily.

Alison and Emily leave.

Hanna stop crying.

She then grab her plushie from the trashcan and use a towel to wipe the plushie clean.

"Little bunny!" says Hanna, all childish.

Hanna love her plushie.

"Awww!" says Hanna, happy that she saved her plushie from death.

The next day.

Hanna sit outside the Brew, about to eat cake when Alison show up, all ready to bully Hanna.

"Oh, cake?" says Alison, seeming sweet.

"Yeah." says Hanna, all cute and adorable.

"Are you really gonna eat that, sweetie?" says Alison.

"That was the idea." says Hanna.

"Ya really should not. You're already fat, Han." says Alison.

"Be nice...please..." says Hanna.

"I'm always nice. There's never a single second where I'm not the most sweet babe ever." says Alison.

"What...?" says a confused Hanna.

"You heard me. Don't be such a kid." says Alison.

"Being kid is cute." says Hanna.

"C'mon, you're an adult." says Alison.

"Not yet..." says Hanna.

"Hanna Marin, grow up!" says Alison in anger.

"You're evil...!" says Hanna as she start to cry.

"No, not the crying crap." says Alison, who think only losers and kids cry.

Hanna cry.

Alison snap, no longer able to fake her sweetness.

"Stop crying at once." says Alison in anger.

Alison take Hanna's cake and throw it in a trashcan.

"My cake!" scream Hanna.

"Ya should be thanking me, girl. I just saved ya from at least 2 pounds of more fat." says Alison, all rude and evil and angry.

"Ali, me love cake..." says Hanna.

"Sure, but cake's bad for you." says Alison.

"Cake is yummy." says Hanna.

"I know. Though it's also bad, making people get fat and such." says Alison.

"MOMMY!" scream Hanna so loud that Alison has to cover her ears.

Alison slap Hanna hard in the face.

Lucky for Hanna a ploice officer walk by and sees Aliosn slap Hanna.

"You cannot slap a sweet girl like that. You'll be spending at least 24 hours in a jail-cell." says the female police officer as she put handcuffs on Alison and take her away.

Hanna stop crying and then she goes inside the Brew to order a new piece of cake.

The next day.

"Ali got a month in jail for what she did to you, Hanna." says Spencer.

"Okay. Good. She deserve it. She's been a bully to me." says Hanna.

When she is released from jail, Alison has changed her ways and become a sweet woman.

She and Hanna become friends for real.

Never in her life does Alison bully anyone else.

Hanna also manage to get rid of the fat she doesn't need and get the body she wants.

The Ends.