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A/N: the last one, promise, this fic is placed right before Lassie saw the kissing between Shawn an Juliet at the end of season 5, but before he confronts them or said anything to the Chief

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It was an easy enough case. Allegedly. We got enough prove from one of the ex-members of the band but it was not going to be that easy. No one was supposed to get hurt. But they decide to make some trouble beforehand, and of course, Spencer was there with is hablility to cause even more trouble.

The band was hiding in an abandoned warehouse near Santa Barbara's port, Tony, one of the ex-members told us that they were armed, at least with two handguns an a rifle, lucky when we got there we were able to arrest two of them, with two of the handguns. But it still left one of and kind of crazy, great combo

As we were told by Tony his name was Murphy, he didn't have a family, job, hobbies, girlfriend. Nothing. Which meant he have nothing to lose, and that alone made him double dangerous, add being in a hostile situation against the police and specialy with Spencer bugging everyone.

When we got into to the main room, O'hara (and Spencer ) went to the left and I enter from the right. Murphy was in the middle of the room, with his eyes looking menacingly with the gun point at one of the entrances, not even bothering to appear harmless. As soon as he saw O'Hara, with Spencer no where in sight, he poined his gun right between her eyes, half a second later I held up my gun, pointing at his head.

-Don't bother Detective Lassiter, I've been using guns all my life, I can assure you that your partner is going to be dead before you even put your finger on the trigger- with that, he laughed like a maniac and shoot.

But out of the shadows, not even half a second after the words left his mouth someone pull O'hara to the ground. To said that Murphy was surprised was an understatement, and I took those seconds of confusion and shoot him in the hand and in the leg, his gun flew to the other side of the room and he colapsed to the ground.

I looked to the other side of the room, O'Hara seemed to be fine, she was dusting her pansuit, and next to her was Spencer.

-C' Mon Spencer I had everything under control, you didn't have to act like a complete mooron- He didn't move and a worried exprsion cross O'Hara's face.

-Hey Shawn, I'm fine, you can get up now- she said that with a sweet gentel voice, defently not the tone she would use with me, she move him, and then I could see I big red stain on his chest. Shit

Panic. It was written all over O'Hara's features. She was completely froze, not even able to register what was happening. I quickly speed dial Chief, tell her that Spencer had been shot, out location and than we needed an ambulance. Now.

I lay next to an unconscious Spencer, trying to see where the blood was exactly coming from, and seemingly that was everywhere. I applied pressure with my jacket on the shoulder area, but the damn blood flow won't stop. Where is the fucking ambulance?

Apparently I said that last part louder than I expected because O'Hara jump and got our off the trance that she was in. She got rid of her jacket and applied even more pressure, giving that my jacket was already soaked in blood, had been a smart move. But suddenly I could feel the change in the air, O'hara approached to Spencer and gently stoke his face, she gentley squeeze his hand, murmuring words. I quickly looked away, feeling like an intruder.

A few minutes later I could hear the sound of an ambulance, the paramedics quickly put Spencer in the stretcher and head to the hospital. I barely register O'Hara climbing to the back of the ambulance and squeezing his hand again before kissing his forehead.

On the way to the station to fill the papers I keep replaying what I witnessed a few days ago in the interrogation room, the image was still burning in the back of head. I should have seen this coming, of course I noticed the shamelessly, and most of the time, stupid flirting that Spencer have been displaying for the last five years, but I never really thought that she would fall for it. She was a smart, independent, mature women, and a good cop. Don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous but I didn't think Spencer was her best option.

In all honesty, my first reaction was anger. How she could be so blind to the fact that Spencer flirted with every woman that crosses his way, he didn't care if she was single, married or a suspect. I even saw him once flirt with a 65 year old woman. She was going to get hurt, because as long as I've known Spencer he couldn't stay serious and focus on one thing at a time. She wanted commitment and he most definitely not look the part.

But that changed in the past couple of days, since I really didn't know what to do (tell the Chief, confront her, confront both or kill Spencer) I just keep a close eye, the way the act around each other. O'Hara was acting almost the same, maybe a little bit more relaxed around him but pretty much the same.

But Spencer was completely different, he acted like he was afraid that any moment given O'hara was going to turn around an said to him that everything was a joke and dump him. When she wasn't looking, he was the one always keeping an eye on her, as if they way he could protect her. He was also a lot more caring, he bring her coffee on a particularly stressful day or take outs when she once she forgot to eat.

He kept looking and her as if he could not believe his luck, and as much as I hate to say it, they both look very much in love.

And what happened today reinforce that idea. He took a bullet for her, before two trained police officers could react. He jumped in from of her without thinking of any consequences, he wasn't wearing anything to protect himself. He knew (or at least suspected) that he was going to shoot, sometimes even I can't explain how he seem to know what's going to happend beforehand, and don't give me that psychic bullshit, I don't believe it for a second, let's not forget that Henry Spencer is his father and he didn't seem like a easy-going lay back kind of parent, Spencer's childhood had been, most likely, hell.

I am never going to admit this out loud but I truly respect Spencer, in spite of his antics and the fact that he acts like a 5 year old with a sugar rush most of the time. He is a good detective, and to be honest if he had gone to the academy he would probably had made captain by now. But most importantly he wouldn't be in this damn situation.

Three hours had passed since the ambulance left the warehouse. Two hours and 45 minutes since Spencer had been in the OR, and one hour since I got here. And still no news on whether he was dead or not. In the emergency room there were 4 people.

Henry was out of town in a fishing trip when he was called, but the moment he heard "Shawn got shot" he hung up with only "On my way" as a response. Chief Vic was making some calls, keeping herself busy, she also had to call Spencer's mom, who also book the first plane back to Santa Barbara.

Guster was completely still, frozen in one of the plastic chairs, murmuring words to himself, rocking himself back and forth with a petrified look of horror.

But the real mess was O'Hara. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, she cried for a good two hours, at least that was Chief told me. Right now her eyes were fixed in some unknown place on the floor, apparently, she hasn't utter a word since they got here.

Right then, a doctor came out the OR straight to us.

- Shawn Spencer's family?- with that O'Hara almost jump of her chair and run next to the doctor.

- I'm Juliet, I'm his girl- she stop middle sentence, as if she realized right then that supposedly, nobody knew about them - his friend, I'm his is Shawn? He will be okay?

Okay I'm not an expert in all the relationship stuff, but even if I hadn't seen what I saw in the interrogation room or heard her one minute ago, her face would have given away everything. She look even more worried that Guster.

-He will be okay, Mrs O'Hara. Detective Spencer is very lucky though. The bullet perforated part of his upper lung, he colapsed twice on the table. But we were able to save him, and now he is stable, still, he is in a very delicate condition so we will keep him in the ER for a couple of days.

The air in the room suddenly become lighter, and everyone seem to relax. And no one care to correct the fact Spencer was not a detective.

-Can I see him Doctor?- even though she was smiling, she still look as if she would't believe that Spencer was fine until she see him

-He will still be asleep for a few hours, but can enter, five minutes, and one person at a time.

The next day, at the station, O'Hara was still awfully quiet, at first it was a relief but now it was getting kind of annoying. Spencer was okay, when he woke up, he was his usual self. An idiot. So no need to be all sad an mopey on the work place. As soon as the clock marked 17.00 O'Hara flew of his seat, without saying a thing. Great partner.

Chief Vic was in the office, arguing with another Spencer, who was also a pain in the ass. Even If I felt sorry for Karen, in all honesty, I'm happy that I wasn't the one that had to deal with Henry when he got to de hospital.

A few hours later, I decided to go to the hospital, at least to check that Spencer wasn't in anymore trouble. When I get to the room, y froze in place. O'Hara was there, cuddle against Spencer's chest, he seemed to be sleep but then he spoke.

-You know why I did it Jules, he was going to shoot. I saw it in his eyes. And I couldn't stay there and saw him shoot you.

-Shawn you could have been killed, you don't have to give you life for me, you have to promise that you won't pull off something like that ever again

-I can't Jules

-Why on earth you will think that your life has more value than mine? Why?

- Cause I love you -he said that so low that I barely resgiter what he was saying- and if I have to risk my life in order to save yours, I will do it without blinking.

- Shawn, I love you to, really. But if you put me through that again. I will kill you.

With that, I decided to turn around and leave. I shouldn't have witnessed that, but maybe, just maybe that means that Spencer is not such a bad choice after all.

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