Screen Title: #KillerTunaFish: #André #Spencer #Gibby #Jade

At Apartment #22, Cat, Jade, and André are working on a school project

Jade: I can't believe Sikowitz asked us to do another project.

André: He's our teacher. What do you expect.

Sam: What's the project this time?

Cat: It's a...

Doorbell rings

Cat: Ding dong.

André: Cat the project's not a ding dong.

Sam: No, the doorbell rang. I'll get it.

André: Why does she say "ding dong" when the bell rings?

Jade: What am I? An answering machine.

Sam opens the door and it's Dice

Dice: Sam.

Sam: Dice you rang the bell?

Cat: Hi Dice.

Dice: I have a problem.

André: Who's the kid with great hair?

Jade: Their neighbor.

Sam: What's the problem this time?

Dice: You remember the tuna fish?

Cat: Yeah.

André: Didn't Robbie get send to the hospital?

Sam: So did Freddie.

Dice: Well everyone wants to see another jump. You think you can jump it again?

Sam: Sure.

Cat: Sam I don't want you getting hurt.

Jade: Cat she's not going to get hurt.

Sam: Yeah. When I saved Freddie, I didn't get hurt.

André: When's the jump?

Dice: In 2 weeks. You can all come if you want.

Jade: I'll be there.

Cat: Please don't get hurt, Sam.

Sam: Cat don't worry. I'll be fine.

Dice: Okay I'm going to get everything set up.

Sam: You do that.

Dice walks out

André: Wow we get to see a motorcycle jump.

Jade: I already saw one.

Cat: That wasn't Sam. It was me.

Jade: I know. She told me.

Sam: Since you got your friends coming, I'm going to invite some of mine.

Cat: You inviting Freddie?

Sam: No. He told me, he's out of town for a college tour.

Jade: Nerd.

André: So who you going to invite?

Sam: You'll find out soon.

Sam goes to the bedroom and dials Gibby

Gibby: Hey this is Gibby.

Sam: Gibby it's Sam.

Gibby: Sam who?

Sam: Sam Puckett.

Gibby: Oh. Hi Sam.

Sam: Listen. In two weeks, I'm going to be jumping some tuna fish on a motorcycle.

Gibby: I thought you did that already?

Sam: Well I'm doing it again.

Gibby: Okay.

Sam: I want you and Spencer to come to watch. I'd ask Freddie but he's on that college trip and Carly's in Italy.

Gibby: Okay I'll tell Spencer right away.

Sam: Good. See you in two weeks.

Gibby: See ya.

Sam hangs up as Cat walks in

Cat: So you're inviting Gibby and Spencer?

Sam: You heard?

Jade: You left the door open.

Sam: Dang it.

André: Doesn't Spencer make those spaghetti tacos?

Sam: Yeah he does. They were amazing.

Jade: And is Gibby that dumb guy that took his shirt off and went (mocks Gibby) Gibbeh?

Sam: Yeah.

Cat: So is it like an iCarly reunion?

Sam: No because Freddie and Carly aren't coming.

Jade: Okay I'm going to head out.

André: Where you going?

Jade: Beck's taking me out to Nozu.

Cat: But we have our project.

Jade: You can do it for us.

Sam: Ha she's the best.

We now cut to Seattle Washington at Bushwell Plaza where Gibby walks in

Gibby: Spencer.

Spencer: Hey Gib.

Gibby: Sam's jumping some tuna fish in Los Angeles in two weeks.

Spencer: I know. She texted me.

Gibby: Why?

Spencer: She thought you were going to forget.

Gibby: Ah.

Spencer: I didn't think Sam would do something like that.

Gibby: Well do you want to go to it?

Spencer: Yeah. It'll be nice to see Sam again.

Gibby: I hope she's still not mad at me for giving Nora her address.

Spencer: Well why would you give Nora her address anyways?

Gibby: I wasn't thinking.

Spencer: Well I'm going to go pack some stuff up.

Gibby: I'm going to do the same too. Call me when you're done.

Spencer: Kay Kay.

Sam, Cat, and André are at the place where the tuna fish are

André: So this is where the jump is going to be?

Sam: Uh huh.

André: How big is that tank?

Cat: 25 feet.

André: That's deep.

Sam: Yeah.

Jade shows up in her car

Jade: I'm here.

Cat: I thought you went with Beck to Nozu?

Jade: He had to go to work.

Dice walks up to the gang

Dice: You know the jump isn't for another two weeks.

Sam: We know.

André: I wanted to see the tank.

Dice: Well I got most of the stuff set up. Sam you still got your dirt bike and outfit?

Sam: Yeah.

Cat: Sam invited Gibby and Spencer from iCarly.

Jade: Cat!

Dice: So I get to meet two more people from iCarly?

Sam: I guess so.

Dice: Weren't you going to invite Freddie?

André: He's on a college trip.

Cat: And Carly's in Italy.

Dice: I know that.

Spencer and Gibby show up

Gibby: Gibbeh!

Spencer: Hey Sam.

San: Sup Spencer. Gibby.

Cat: Hi.

Spencer: Hey Sam's roommate.

Cat: These are my friends Jade and André.

Jade: Hey.

André: Sup.

Gibby: Nothing much.

Dice: So you're Carly's brother?

Spencer: Yes I am.

Gibby: Is that the tank Sam's jumping?

Sam: Yes it is.

Cat: She'll be jumping it in two weeks.

Sam: I'm getting hungry. Let's go to Bots.

At Bots, the gang is eating their food

Gibby: Man LA has everything.

André: Hollywood man.

Jade: You can see a view of the beach.

Cat: That's the beach we went to remember?

André: Yeah.

Jade: While you were having a good time, we were trapped in Beck's RV.

Spencer: How did you get trapped in an RV?

André: Some idiot parked next to us and we couldn't get out.

Sam: Then how did Cat get out?

Cat: I had to pee.

Gibby: That must have been torture to be trapped in an RV during a heat wave.

Jade: It was.

André: We could have died in that.

Cat: I'm sorry.

Jade: Cat it wasn't your fault. It was that dumb guy that parked next to Beck.

Tandy rolls by

Tandy: Here's your check.

Cat: Thank you Tandy.

Spencer: Those robots are so cool.

Tandy: One day all you humans will be dead and us robots will rue the world.

Gibby: What?

Tandy: Have a nice day.

Cat: He does that a lot.

Jade: Creep.

Tandy: I heard that.

Jade: You were supposed to.

André: Okay calm down Jade.

Jade: Never tell me to calm down!

André: Sorry.

Spencer: She's just like Sam.

Gibby: I know right.

Jade: What did you just say?!

Gibby: Nothing.

Jade: It better be nothing.

Sam: Easy Jade.

We now cut over to Apartment #22

Gibby: So this is where you live?

Sam: Uh huh.

Cat: I lived here first.

Jade: Because Robbie and I convinced you to live here and not at school.

Spencer: Why would she be living at a school?

Cat: It's a long story.

André: Her brother is very messed up and got send to a hospital in Idaho so Jade and Robbie convinced her to live with her Nona. Until she got Sam as her roommate.

Sam: And I've been living here ever since.

Gibby: That must have sucked. How messed up is her brother?

Jade: Very messed up.

Spencer: So Gibby should we go find a hotel for us to stay at?

Sam: You guys can stay with us.

Jade: But there's only 2 beds in your room.

Gibby: We can sleep on the floor.

Spencer: I can sleep on the couch.

Cat: André, Jade would you like to spend the night?

André: Sure.

Jade: Whatever.

Sam: I'll go make some popcorn.

Gibby: Hey wasn't this the set of That's a Drag?

Cat: Yes it was.

Gibby: So they filmed it in your apartment.

Cat: No.

Jade: What are you dumb?

Spencer: Lay off.

André: They filmed it on the actual set. Cat told us at school how Sam got the entire set of That's a Drag to their apartment so she'll have a piece of it forever.

Gibby: That was nice of you.

Sam: Yeah whatever.

Jade: Hey Sam you wanna play a violent video game?

Sam: Uh yeah I want to play a violent video game.

Jade: Wanna do it now?

Sam: Sure.

They head to the back of their room

Spencer: They seem to get along well.

Cat: They have the same personalities filled with anger and rage.

André: So was that why you never invited her over ever since Sam moved in?

Cat: Yeah.

Gibby: What did you think would happen? Did you think they were going to kill each other?

Cat: Yeah actually.

André: Well they're still alive.

Cat: I know.

Spencer: Alright I think I'm going to go to bed.

Cat: André, Gibby would you like to sleep in my room with Sam and Jade?

Gibby: Sure.

André: Alright.

They enter the bedroom

André: Wow this is a cool bedroom.

Sam: We know.

Gibby: Why is there a safe in the closet?

Cat: It leads to a secret room.

Jade: You have a hidden room in there?

Sam: Pretty cool right?

Jade: Totally.

Gibby: Can we see it?

Sam: Is Spencer really sleeping on the couch?

Cat: Yeah.


Spencer runs in

Spencer: What?

Sam: You're sleeping in here with us.

Spencer: I am?

Sam: Yes!

Spencer: Okay.

Jade: Open the safe. I want to see the room.

Cat: On it.

Cat puts in the combination and the safe opens

They craw in the tunnel and into the room

André: Dang this place is cool.

Jade: You can make illegal stuff in here.

Sam: We have.

Cat: When Blue Dog Soda got illegal, we used this room to make our own product.

Jade: You made illegal Blue Dog Soda and didn't ask me to help?

Sam: Sorry.

Gibby: Too bad this room isn't big enough to make into a bedroom.

Cat: Okay everyone out. It's time for bed.

Jade: Pushy.

André: I am getting tired.

Spencer: Me too.

We now cut a couple weeks to the night of the jump

Gibby: Sam tonight's the night.

Spencer: You excited.

Sam: Eh.

Jade: Cat you better not lock Sam in the closet again.

Cat: I'm not.

André: It was nice that you wanted to protect her.

Dice walks in

Dice: Sam you got everything ready?

Sam: Yep. I'm going to head down there now.

Spencer: We'll meet you there.

Dice and Sam walk out

Gibby: Who's car we taking?

Jade: We can take my car.

Spencer: Why yours?

André: Don't argue with her. She's very bossy.

Spencer: I've known Sam since 2002.

Jade glares at Spencer

Spencer (scared): But we can take Jade's car.

Jade: Hey I think I remember you.

Gibby: You do?

André: Oh yeah. From that party.

Spencer: That's why you look so familiar.

Cat: How could we forget about that.

André: It was a long time ago.

Jade: Okay everyone get in my car now!

Gibby: She is like Sam.

Jade: I said NOW!

Gibby (scared): Okay.

At the motorcycle jump

Dice: Alright Sam in 5 minutes, you'll be jumping over the tuna fish.

Sam: We don't need to discuss this again.

Spencer, Gibby, André, Cat, and Jade arrive and they take their seats

Cat: There's Sam.

Spencer: Good luck Sam!

Jade: You got this.

Gibby: You think she's going to make it.

Cat makes a squeal noise like she did in Victorious

André: I hope so.

Cat: She better make it. I don't know what I'll do without her.

Spencer: You're so sweet.

Sam turns on her motorcycle

Jade: It's about to start.

Dice: Ready Sam?

Sam: Yeah.

Dice: In 5...

Everyone: 4, 3, 2, 1.

Spencer: I bet Freddie would have forgot the 1.

Dice: Go Sam!

Sam drives her motorcycle to the tank and she jumps over the tank and lands perfectly

Dice: She made it!

Everyone starts cheering

Gibby: Nice job Sam!

Jade: You did it!

André: Way to go!

Spencer: We're so proud of you.

They all go to Sam

Cat: That was awesome.

Jade: I got it all on video.

André: You going to post it on TheSlap?

Jade: Duh.

Gibby: What's TheSlap?

Cat: It's our school website.

Spencer: I bet Carly would be excited that you made it.

Sam: Yeah I bet.

Cat: I'm glad you made it. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Sam: Aw Cat.

André: That was the best jump ever.

Cat: And nobody got sent to the hospital.

Dice: Sam.

Sam: Yeah Dice.

Dice: That had to be the greatest jump in history.

Sam: Gee thanks.

Jade: We're all proud of you Sam.

Sam: Thanks Jade.

The End