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Chapter 1:

The End of All Good Things

He needed to talk with her, a moment to sort things out; he thought she'd be happy for him now that he was a spy, no longer were there obstacles in the way of them being together at last. Instead she'd been cold and distant towards him, she hadn't returned any of his numerous calls.

"I hope she's still here." He thought to himself nervously as he walked to her door; here it was, the moment of truth, either they'd be together or he'd made the worst mistake of his life when he decided to become a spy. Inside Sarah was feeling conflicted, on the one hand she was appalled that Chuck could actually take a life, while at the same time a part of her was proud that he was dedicated to the life of a spy. The thing was, Charles Irving Bartowski was probably the last person she wanted to talk to at the moment; she needed the distance at the moment, she needed to put all those feelings away if she was going to be an effective spy again. The sound of a knock on her door sent a feeling of dread washing over her like a tidal wave. Sarah went to the door and peered through the peephole, there he was with his pensive bordering on neurotic look on his face when something involving her was bothering him.

"I really don't want to have this conversation right now." Sarah thought to herself as she heard him speak through the door.

"Sarah, look I just want to talk for a second; it will only take a second and then you'll never have to see me again." When no answer came he paused before speaking again. "Sarah, please open the door." Chuck said before knocking once again, when no answer came Chuck just closed his eyes and let his head fall.

"Well I guess that settles that." Chuck thought to himself as he turned to leave; he got a half step away when he heard the locks on her door. Sarah saw the look on his face when she didn't answer and no matter how she felt about him at the moment, he deserved more closure than that so she unlocked her door. Chuck turned back to look at her door and saw her standing there in the door way with a look that mirror his own in a sort.

"Hey Chuck, we should talk." Sarah said as she stepped aside to let him in; the look on her face told Chuck that she was just as hurt by the whole situation as he was. Once he was inside her hotel room he quickly spotted the suitcase laying there on her bed all ready to go.

"Getting ready to fly back to DC?" Chuck asked while looking at the suitcase, Sarah simply nodded.

"Yeah, Shaw and I will be quarterbacking anti-ring operations from DC." Sarah said quietly while she looked out the window at her spectacular view.

"So you and Shaw then?" Chuck said, not willing to even ask what he was secretly asking. Sarah could see what Chuck was actually asking her and part of her did feel bad, he was losing the girl to the pretty boy spy type after all, just like with Bryce Larkin.

"Uh yes, Shaw and I." Sarah said emotionally, hoping Chuck would just let it lye.

"I don't understand Sarah, I thought this is what you wanted? Now there is nothing stopping us from being together; isn't that what you wanted?" Chuck asked as he turned to face her.

"It was, but…" Sarah asked the conflict in her tone clearly apparent.

"And now it isn't?" Chuck asked trying to get a straight answer from her.

"I didn't think you could do it." Sarah said meekly without looking him in the eye, Chuck just gave her a hurt look. "I didn't think you'd actually kill him." Sarah said in shame.

"You told me to do it, you said I couldn't be a spy if I didn't do it." Chuck said with palpable hurt in his voice.

"I know what I said…" Sarah began before Chuck cut her off.

"You said we couldn't be together unless I was a spy and now that I am… what you don't love me anymore?" Chuck asked a bit more aggressively.

"I know what I said Chuck," Sarah paused and took a deep breathe. "I know what I said, but the man I fell for wasn't… this." Sarah said with exasperation as she pointed toward him.

"What…?" Chuck said in disbelief.

"Seeing you change over these last few months, burning that asset, yanking Casey's tooth out, the way you lied to Hannah so easily, you've just changed. Now with your red test you're just not the man I fell in love with." Sarah said meekly, she knew it wasn't fair logic, but it was what her heart was telling her. The reaction from Chuck wasn't what she'd expected, she expected a small amount of rage and a lot of hurt, but instead she got the inverse.

"What gives you the right to judge me? Where do you get off judging me, you the daughter of a con man, you a deadly assassin who's killed more people than Hannibal Lecter." Sarah looked hurt but Chuck continued. "I never judged you, not even once; I looked past all of it because you were special, I could see you for who you really were." Sarah could see that her words had really hurt him.

"Chuck, I'm…"

"Don't say it, you don't get to cut me down and judge me, and then say you're sorry." Chuck snapped at her, his biting remark silenced her instantly. "I was so wrong about you; you're just another agent, more like Heather Chandler or Jill Roberts than someone capable of love, you're not special." Chuck said with heartbroken rage that broke Sarah's heart; no matter how Sarah had thought this conversation would go, seeing the rage, anguish, and disappointment all over Chuck's face sent a pang through her chest. She should have known it would end like this.

"I want the bracelet back." Chuck said as he extended his hand with a cold emotionless look on his face. Sarah didn't know what to say, but she could see that the whatever was left of the Chuck she fell in love with was now dead and buried, killed by her horrible betrayal.

"Chuck…" Sarah said emotionally unsure how to respond to him, he was so angry and so hurt at the same time that she didn't know what to say to him to make it all okay again.

"The bracelet." He said back to her, she simply sighed sadly and took off the charm bracelet that she'd worn every day since he'd given it to her. With teary eyes Sarah handed it back to the man who used to love her and watched him step away from her.

"Shaw is a good spy, dedicated to the job like you are, you two are perfect for each other." Chuck said as he slipped the bracelet into his right jean pocket.

"Chuck… what about you?" Sarah managed to say as she watched him back away from her to both physically and metaphorically leave her life. Chuck simply laughed sardonically.

"When has what I wanted ever mattered really?" She watched him silently leave her hotel room and the weight of his words stung her heart like nothing she'd ever felt before. Sarah felt numb as she just went back to looking out her window. The world outside was so busy and chaotic, this horrible moment in Sarah's life was so small to this city that it wouldn't even be noticed. A lone tear streaked down her face as the weight of his words finally began to sink in. She didn't deserve a man as amazing as him and now that he was gone she knew she'd never find another one like him ever again.

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