September 25th on a Monday .

8:15am in New Mexico.

Josiah was sitting in the cottage writing some things down in a notebook as he was sitting down then he had heard a knock at the door so he got up and went to go get the door .

"Hello ." I smiled at the blond man who was in his mid twenties with blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen of course . He then smiled back . "Hello what's your name ?" He asked . "My names Erin what's yours?" I asked curiously. "Josiah Gordon Scurlock but sometimes people call me Doc." He replied as he smiled . "Pleasure to meet you ,Sir ." I said politely while smiling . "You too as well so are you new here ?" He asked . "Yep ." I nodded . "Alright that's cool welcome to New Mexico ." He replied while still smiling . "Thank you ." I smiled as I had spoke.

"Would you like to join me for a walk ?" Josiah asked curiously. "Sure I would love to ." I smiled as I nodded . "Alright ." He smiled as he closed the door behind him as he got out and then we started walking down the streets together while enjoying the fresh air on a nice Autumn day .