(Time skip to 8:00 am .)

The next morning I got up at 8:00 am , Josiah was still asleep as for Billy and Steve they were already awake and downstairs of course . I walked over to Josiah's bed and shook his shoulder lightly . "Time to wake up sweetheart ." I told him as I smiled while whispering quietly to him that morning. He then sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes . "Alright I'm up. " he said as he smiled then got off the bed and then went downstairs to have breakfast with us we had western omelettes and man they were good he was the one who made them . "Man these western omelettes are really good ." I told him after I finished chewing a piece of mine . "I agree and thanks they are ,their my favorite thing to make actually ." He said . "You're welcome and that's cool ." I smiled as I ate some more of mine. Billy and Steve also had some and they both seemed to be enjoying it too I could definitely tell that they were .

Music was playing on the stereo while we were eating breakfast that very morning . "These omelettes are really good, Doc ." Steve replied after chewing a piece of it . " Thanks ." He smiled . "You're welcome ." Steve replied as he smiled back then began eating more of the omelette that was on his plate.

Next was Billy to try the omelette . "Man this is so good ,Doc." He replied as he smiled over at him . "I agree it is and thank you ." He smiled back as they both took another bite of it . "You're welcome . " Billy said after taking a bite and chewing it .