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Chapter 1

Sophie had stayed up all last night trying to think of anything, ANYTHING that might help Keefe get better. She had been over to see him everyday for the past 5 weeks. Still, he was sound asleep in a coma. She tried reading his mind, probing, yelling, but nothing seemed to work. She really missed him. More than she wanted to admit. But she kept asking herself, would she act the same way if it was Fitz who was in a coma? It WOULD be an escape from all the yelling and telling her that its her fault that Keefe, his best friend, hadn't woken up. She hated herself for thinking that way. Of course she would miss him just as much as she misses Keefe, wouldn't she?

Sophie, lost in her own thoughts, hadn't noticed that it was morning.

"It's the 14th!" The 14th was very special to her because it was the 14th day since she had last searched Prentice's mind. Mr. Forkle had promised her that once it was 14 days after Prentice had been searched, she could go see him and talk to him about what he remembers. Keefe was still in a coma and her world had been unraveling since then. All of her friends had their own way of coping. Biana was redecorating the guest room in Everglen for when Keefe wakes up. Dex was building gadgets to try to estimate when he will wake up and what his new ability will be. Fitz was trying to track down Lady Gisela and capture her. Sophie, on the other hand, was trying to find out as much information from Prentice as she could. The past few weeks had been VERY hard but they would get through it. Sophie was so desperate for Keefe to wake up that she had started wearing the "Empaths Give Me All The Feels" tunic he wanted to make for her. She had it made the day after he went into a coma.

She threw on a simple blue tunic and grey leggings. She ran past Vertina, her spectracal mirror. "Uhh what happened to your head!" Vertina questioned. Sophie did a double take and saw that she had a major case of pineapple bed head AGAIN. She suddenly remembered that Fitz was going to be there so she quickly started begging Vertina to help her.

"Vertina… I never thought I would say this but could you help me look nice?"

"Yes! Go tell Biana! We have to celebrate this historic moment."

Vertina and Biana had bonded over a love of fashion and beauty. Biana was now coming over almost everyday to ask Vertina tips. "Go get a box of hairpins and some elastics." Vertina ordered as Sophie raced around the room looking for a hairbrush.

Ten minutes later, Sophie had her hair in an elegant updo and had swiped some lip gloss across her lips. Vertina had also gotten her to change out of her bland tunic and wear a tight red army-style tunic that looked stylish and fierce.

She ran downstairs and found Edaline sitting at the table eating a fruit that looked like a purple cantaloupe.

"Want some? It's a very delicious fruit called a Hydrolia. It's very refreshing."

"Actually I think I'm going to skip breakfast. We are all meeting up at Everglen to go see Prentice." Sophie replied.

"Oh! How did I forget about that!" Edaline responded, clearly surprised that the days had flown by so quickly. "I know you miss him Sophie, we all do." Edaline tried to comfort Sophie as she realized how many days it had been since Keefe went into a coma.

"But Sophie? Something seems to have changed between you and Fitz. What happened." Edaline carefully questioned.

"He's just upset that I am so worried about Keefe because he thinks its my fault." Sophie blubbered, trying not to cry. She really missed his friendship. Fitz had changed, but so had she.

"Oh sweetie, it will be alright. He'll come to his senses." Edaline replied. "But you should probably get to Everglen now right?"

Sophie nodded and took a deep breath, and headed to the Leapmaster and let the warmth pull her away to Everglen.

"About time you got here!" Fitz yelled racing towards her. "He's asking for you and won't stop shaking."

"Where is he?" Sophie responded, running beside Fitz, imagining the worst things.

Fitz lead her to a brightly lit room where Prentice sat on a cot. He looked perfect with not a drop of drool on his chin and his hair was neatly wrapped in thick dreadlocks. Alden, Della,Fitz, Biana, Tam, Linh, Wylie, all five members of the collective, all 12 Councillors, Elwin, and Livvy were all clustered inside the smallish room around Prentice's cot. "Sophie. Help. Memories. Came back." Prentice wheezed. Sophie and Fitz shared a look. I'll go in first and let you know if it's safe. Sophie transmitted to Fitz.

She took a deep breath as Alden tried to let her know that he could help. In fact it seemed like everyone wanted to help. "Sophie, you go in first and then tell us what you saw." Mr. Forkle said. "Does anyone have a memory log we could record these in?" "I do!" Alden said, rushing from the room. He came back with a light purple memory log. "Are you sure you'll be okay if you go in there?" Biana worried. Sophie took a deep breath. "Yeah, I'll be okay." She said as she placed her hands on Prentice's temples and slowly sunk her consciousness into his mind.