Hey guys Whitechapel Adventures is back! After a few month brake it's back and I can't wait to see what kinof crazyness the gang will get into. This fic is based on the episode Three Cheers for Evil and even though this should be the third book in the series it's the fourth thanks to the recent addition of Whitechapel Origins read that if you're new to the series. I hope you enjoy the story because I love writing it. XD

Aw cheerleading, the one thing almost every girl dreams of doing performing all the flips, tricks, and human pyramids, nothing sinister to be found here. Just a bunch stuck up popular girls in short skirts and pompoms in a normal school. This is pretty routine. But this story doesn't take place in a normal school. That's right. Not even cheerleading is safe from the weird and unexplainable supernatural phenomenon that takes place in Whitechapel. And today, I will tell you the story about how my friends and I stopped a sinister cheerleader from turning spirit rally into a literal meaning.

The story I'm about to tell you took place nine years ago. I was ten years old at the time.

Chapter 1 Fear leading Tryouts

It all started as a typical day well, as normal as you can get in this town. My friends and I have been enjoying the rare peace and quiet at Whitechapel High. It hasn't even been a week since my friend Benny Weir unleashed a swarm of undead animals while trying to impress his crush, Della. And already, we were about to be thrown into our next crazy adventure. One minute we were talking with our friends Sarah Fox and Erica Jones. The next, Erica said she had somewhere to be and walked away, and knowing her, that was not a good thing. We followed her until we could hear the sound of Cheerleaders cheering. And things went downhill from there.

"Boom, did a bomb just go off in my head? No, it's the Devils when we beat you black and red. Call a nurse, call a doctor, call your mama too, 'Cause you're gonna need help when we are finished with you. Gooo Devils!" They cheered. "Erica! Please tell me you're not doing what I think you're doing?" Sarah asked, pulling her aside. "What it's just cheerleading? I thought you said you wanted us to be normal." Erica replied, "Ha, Cheerleading is not normal. It's a bunch of suck up girls who think they're better than everyone else. Only because they get invited to all the parties, and their boyfriends happen to be on the football team." Emily said angrily. "Wow, you really don't like cheerleaders do you?" I asked, "I'm sorry, I have a very unhealthy grudge against cheerleaders. I had a friend whose boyfriend cheated on her with the head cheerleader." Emily explained,

"Emily? This friend of yours wouldn't happen to be you, would it?" Sarah asked, kneeling to her level. "Actually it wasn't her name was Sandy Summertime. We were going to the movies together when Sandy's boyfriend called in sick. When we got to our seats one row down, we caught her boyfriend making out with the head cheerleader. They broke up one week later." Cindy explained, "After that, they became the Bain of my existence. I avoided them at all costs. Also, I pulled what is called a UNO reverse card. That's right; their job wasn't to make me miserable my job was to make them miserable." Emily explained with an evil grin on her face. "Doesn't that make you no better than them?" I asked, "Yeah, more or less. I had some questionable motives back then." Emily said, "Well, either way, they all can't be that bad. Cheerleaders are only ditsy and mean in T.V shows." Mimi said, "It's okay, but I think it should be more like this." The head cheerleader Stephanie said, knocking books out of a girl's arms. "Oops." She said innocently. "On second thought." Mimi said, "And I rest my case." Emily said,

"Emily's right, cheerleaders are not normal! They're more evil than us, and… We're vampires." Sarah explained, "Sarah, you know I've always wanted to be a cheerleader, and now that I'm really hot, I can. Besides, these girls have been telling me to bite them for years." Erica said, showing her fangs. "I don't think they meant that literally. But if you want to be mixed up with them, at least you've got the attitude down." Emily said, laughing nervously. "Oh, come on, who's gonna miss just one?" Erica asked, walking away. "I will," Benny said, walking up with his best friend, Ethen Morgan. "Isn't this kind of like letting Magneto join the X-man?" Ethen asked, "What?" Emily asked, not getting the reference. "I'll assume that's geek-speak for a fox in the henhouse thing. If you have any idea how I'm supposed to stop her, I'm all ears." Sarah said, "Well, there is one way, but you're not gonna like it." Emily said, "And that would be?" Sarah asked, "On a scale of one to ten, how comfortable are you with wearing those outfits?" Emily asked, "No, no no no, there has to be another way. Anyone have any other ideas?" Sarah asked to that we shook our heads. "Fine, only because Erica is going to be after the girl's blood. Wait right here I'll be back." Sarah said.

Sarah got a uniform from Stephanie and went to the bathroom to try it on. When she got out, she was looking good. "Cowabunga," Benny said, "Do not say anything," Sarah said, displeased with the mess Erica got her in. "Wow, Sarah, you look great." I said, "She's right; you look peppy." Benny said, "Look, somebody has to sure Erica doesn't do any… Sampling, and I'm the only one who can squeeze into this thing." Sarah said, "Not true; we could if we wanted to. But we don't want to." Emily said, "Let's see what you've got, girls." Stephanie said, "Um, ah, good luck." Ethen said, "God bless Cheerleaders." Benny said, "You know as much as I hate them. You have to admit they're hips don't lie." Emily said as Sarah and Stephanie walked away to start practice. "You know, I think Sarah might need some backup." Benny said, "I think you're right because I know something weird will happen that only this town is capable of doing." Mabel said, "I think she'll be fine." Ethen said just as Erica bumped into him, causing him to have a vision. "Watch out." Erica scoffed

in Ethen's vision. He saw all the times Stephanie tormented Erica, and now that she was a vampire, Erica was out for revenge.

"Whoa, I just had a vision." Ethen said, "I know, bud me too." Benny replied, "No, a real vision. Erica's out for the head cheerleader's blood." Ethen explained, "Let Erica have her. She'll be doing everyone a favor." Emily said, "No, this is bad. The last thing we need is more vampire attacks. I mean, things just started getting quiet again." Amy said, "See, there you go. And we have to save those poor, hot, innocent cheerleaders." Benny said, "You forgot, man, stealers." Emily added, "Did I mention that there hot?" Benny said, ignoring Emily's comment, "Sometimes I really don't like you." Emily said, "It couldn't hurt to keep an eye on them." Ethen said, "Mm-hmm." Benny agreed, "Unbelievable." Emily said as the boys made their way to the gym. "Wait, guy's hold on. There's something you should know", I said, trying to stop them, but it was too late the moment the two stepped into the gym. They were thrown out immediately. "Get out." Stephanie said, throwing them out, "Or… it could hurt a lot…" Ethen groaned, "Yeah, cheerleading is girls only." I said, "Now, you tell us." Benny groaned, "We're gonna need a new plain." Ethen said,

I hope you like were this is going because you know things are about to get crazy up in here! ;) Hopefully the next chapter will be out in about a week or so. Don't count on it because I've got other stories I want and need to update so I'll be writing two this month. See you soon