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Feels Like School Spirit Chapter 5 Two, Four, Six Eight, What do we Appreciate? Down Time

And just like that, the queen of mean and head cheerleader Stephanie was kicked off her throne. Mrs. Weir managed to block her powers meaning Stephanie was no longer a witch what did happening to her well…

"Thank you very much, Stephanie…" Ethen said, getting lunch from her. "What if she put a hex on our sandwiches?" Ethen whispered to Benny. "Hey, don't worry. Grandma blocked her powers. Now she's just a sad old lady in a hair net." Benny said, "Who can still spit in your food." Sarah butted in, making the boys throw away their sandwiches. "That's why we decided to bring our lunch from home today." Emily said, "Hey, did you find a way to explain to Rory why we were dressed as girls last night?" Ethen asked, "Yep, I told him "Betty" and "Veronica" moved away before the rally and you two filled in for them after I told you about the strange cheers Stephanie was leading. Worked like a charm." I explained, "Hold on, I thought we agreed to tell Rory the truth?" Mimi asked, "Let the boy believe he had a girl interested in him for once. And also the girl was his age. Plus, I don't want to deal with the heartbreak and disappointment he'll feel when he finds out it was all an act." Emily explained,

"Yeah, that is better." I agreed, "At least there's one less girl for competition." Mabel said, "You'll never give up with that boy, will you?" Emily asked, "Never." Mabel stated, "Oh, hey, Rory." I said, "Hey, Rory. Sorry to hear your girlfriend moved away." Ethen said, "But, I did bump into her, and she asked me to give you this." Benny said, handing him a pink note. Rory took the letter and read it in his head. "My dearest Rorykins, our time together was short yet precious, like you. But somehow, I sensed the darkness in you. I could never trust myself to resist. Be strong, my little devil. No matter what, we'll always have the gym hallway. Love, Betty." The latter read, making Rory fly in the air out of love. "Aww. Rorykins. I am so calling you that from now on." I said, "Rory, get down." Ethen hissed as he and Benny tried to get Rory down before someone sees him. "See, I told you we should let him believe a girl was interested in him," Emily said as we sat back down to enjoy an evil free lunch.


Even years after, I fought that evil witch. Stephanie somehow became nicer and let the anger of the past behind her, even apologizing to us before summer vacation started. I don't know what happened to her in present day. But what I do know is she's living a much happier life and is letting nature take its course now that she's not immortal anymore. Even though this memory is far and faded, it remains one of my favorites to recall, which is why I'm writing this right now. Along with some friends to help me out.

August 10, 2019

It was a peaceful summer day, and my friends and I were showing Ethen, Benny, Sarah, and Rory one of our dance routines while looking at some old pictures in our photo album. "Hey, remember the time we dressed up as cheerleaders and stopped Stephanie from sucking the souls out of everyone?" Ethen asked, "How, could I forget I still have an old photo of you on my phone." Emily said, showing it to them. "I still can't believe you went through with that," Sarah said; "Hey, duty called. We never would've down it if Ethen didn't get that vision from Erica and Stephanie." Emily said, "She's right. Also, Rory, you helped us out too. If you didn't help Emily identify the pentagram, we never would've thought Stephanie was behind it all." Mimi said, "I have my moments." Rory said, "Yeah, ya do." Mabel and I said, "So, Dakota, how are your little memoirs going? I read your last one and I love it. I can't wait to see more." Erica said, "Actually, I'm almost finished with one. Would you like to read it with me?" I asked, "Of cause we do. Bring it here." Sarah said I got my laptop out, and we started reading and laughing at one of our oldest memories. It reminded me how short and precious life really is.

The end.

Sneak Peek

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a blood drive arrives in a town filled with vampires? When a blood drive comes to Whitechapel High temptations, run high for Sarah, Erica, and Dakota. When Erica enlists help from Rory to steal from a blood truck, the two teens well realize they bit off more they can chow. And what will happen to Sarah when the small of blood is dangling right under her nose. Will she give in and have a drink, or will the mountains of chips and junk food be enough to satisfy her hunger? Speaking of Hunger, Dakota's crush on Rory turns into an unhealthy obsession. Will she be able to get a hold of her feelings for the dorky vampire, or will things move forward for our lovesick sweetheart? All this and more in Creative Cutie's next exciting adventure Whitechapel Adventures The Blood Drive, Based on the episode of the same name coming to a fanfiction website near you.

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