chapter 3

Starscream and Scavenger were sparing to train. Mostly Scavenger was tossing him around like a rag-doll. Starscream was throwing some punches and kicks back. "Come on Starscream focus," Scavenger said tossing him. "You got to watch your flank you got to be more defensive protect yourself from attack." he told him as Starscream picked himself back up.

Scavenger threw a punch and then Starscream blocked it and gave Scavenger a strong punch to the chin. "That's it kid come show me what you're made of," he told him.

The sparring was going on for a while.

"Wow look at Starscream go," Hot shot said as he was watching.

"He's doing well," Side swipe said. "Hey bro how about we spar a bit later?" he asked.

"Sounds go," Hot shot told him.

"Starscream's definitely got some fight in him," Rad commented.

"Yes and he's pretty spirited." Alexis said.

"Okay that is enough for today." Scavenger said. "I got to say Starscream you aren't afraid to throw a punch back," he told him with smile.

"Well when among young cons who never accepted you and would beat you up any chance they got you learn to defend yourself pretty quick and check your bed sheets for itching powder." Starscream said.

"Itching powder?" Rad asked.

"You mean you were bullied?" Alexis asked a little startled.

"Yes not fun at all, can't count how many times I was either shoved upside down in my locker, or got tied up locked in the bathroom, or got sand papered and cover in energon pudding, or got dunked head first in the garbage." Starscream said.

"Wow that is rough many kids at my school get expelled or suspended for doing stuff like that," Billy said.

"Yeah that is no one to treat some one," Carlos said.

"Was everyone mean to you?" Fred asked.

"No," Starscream answered. "I had a couple of friends seekers like me, their names were Thundercracker and Skywarp they were the only ones who were nice to me, they helped me out of my locker, untied me, got me out of the garbage and cleaned the pudding off and buffed out the scratches." he explained.

"Any of the Decepticons you came to earth with were they ever nice to you?" Fred asked him.

"Sometimes, but not all the time, they were just pretty nasty to me because I just didn't exactly fit in," Starscream told them.

"Okay enough of that let's just relax," Scavenger told them.

Starscream sat down on a large couch and watched as Blurr would adjust his rifle and Jetfire channel surfed.

"Jetfire please just pick something to watch, I am tired of hearing multiple channels at once!" Blurr snapped.

"Okay no need snapped," Jetfire retorted. Finally Jetfire settled on a nature show about sharks.

Side swipe and Hot shot sat down and joined them. They saw a shark rip into a seal. "Whoa, some jump," Hot shot said.

"Impressive," Jetfire said.

"Incredible," Starscream said.

"Look at all the blood," Side swipe commented as he looked at the TV.

"What are you watching?" Scavenger asked and he saw the shark on TV rip the dead seal apart and eat it. "That is ferocious," he commented as he sat down.

"What is ferocious?" Alexis asked.

"Oh the show, that giant fish that the TV called a great white ripped a thing call a seal apart and ate it," Hot shot answered.

"Oh watching something about sharks." Alexis said.

"Sharks?" Starscream asked.

"Sharks are one the top predators of the ocean, there are many kinds and some eat different kinds of prey, great whites like the one you saw on TV prefer seals," Alexis said as she sat down to watch as did Carlos, Rad, Billy and Fred.

Then they saw old footage from a shark attack and the survivor was on TV. "Sharks eat humans?" Hot shot asked.

"Not exactly most sharks don't attack people and shark attacks are rare and are rarely fatal, most attacks are by mistake or by protecting territory, or if the shark feels provoked." Rad explained.

"They sure are amazing, I would like to know more about them," Starscream admitted.

"Well I have a DVD I got about sharks it still works I will bring it by sometime and we can watch it," Rad said.

"I didn't know that," Alexis said.

"Well when I was very little I really like sharks so my parents got me books and DVDs to learn about them," Rad explained.

"I would like that," Starscream said.

Jetfire soon got bored and left the couch and started to read a book. Side swipe and Hot shot decided to do some arm wrestling. Scavenger had to check the monitors. Starscream was still watching the shark program.

Optimus came in and saw Starscream watching the TV. "Starscream must really like that shark program he hasn't moved from his seat since Jetfire put it on." Carlos commented as the seeker was watching with much interest.

"Hey Optimus looks like Starscream has developed an interest in earth's sharks." Rad told him.

Starscream got up when the program ended. "Oh hey," he said when he saw Optimus. "Starscream I'm glad you found something on earth that interests you," he told him.

"Yeah it is pretty amazing," Starscream told him.

The two were starting to get along and bond.

Far away a spark was brought back and Skynote was in it's place she was wondering where her little boy was it felt like minutes to her although it's been many years. The Autobots on Cybertron were shocked and explained Optimus was on earth.

Skynote headed to earth and arrive a bit later.

Then she found the base.

"Hey there is some sort of jet coming up." Hot shot said.

Optimus came out to see because the jet looked familiar. "Skynote is that you?" Optimus asked.

The jet landed. "Hello Optimus," Skynote said.

"But you were and we thought you had.." Optimus said.

"Primus save my spark and nursed it back to health I wasn't aware at first how much time has passed, but I back now," Skynote said.

"I faced my fears recently and finally read your letter, I am glad to know of our son," Optimus said.

"I wonder where he is," Skynote said.

"He's here and I think he has much to tell you," Optimus said taking her inside.

Skynote explained her story to the other Autobots. Starscream came in after using the wash rack and saw his mother. "Mom?" Starscream asked.

"It's me sweetie," Skynote said.

"Mom!" Starscream said running up to her and hugged him.

"Look how you have grown, your are becoming such handsome young seeker," Skynote said.

"I have much to tell you," Starscream said and told her his story.

"Oh my poor little Starscream," Skynote said. "Well you are now safe with your father and me," she said.

"Skynote will you be willing to join us Autobots so we can stay together?" Optimus asked.

"Of course," Skynote said. She got Autobot insignias on her wings. "Starscream sweetie are you getting them too?" she asked.

Starscream was a little reluctant.

"It's okay Starscream you can get them when you are good and ready," Optimus told him.

Starscream took a deep breath. "Thank you," Starscream said. "Can I go outside for a while for a flight?" he asked.

"Sure remember Jetfire must go with you," Optimus told him.

Starscream nodded and he went out with Jetfire. "Starscream you sure are fast," Jetfire said as they started to fly around.

"Thanks you are pretty fast too." Starscream said.

Then Thrust appeared. "Thrust," Jetfire said.

"Hello I am here to get you," Thrust said and their were jet minicons ready to attack.

Starscream saw Jetfire was in trouble Thrust was blasting at him and he was damaged. Starscream came up to the minicons. "Come are you tired of being used as weapons of war? So come on and we Autobots will help you so help me save my friend and stop Thrust." Starscream asked them.

The minicons came to Starscream's side and started to fire on Thrust. Starscream swooped in and rescued Jetfire. "This is not going to end well," Thrust said and retreated.

"Jetfire are you alright?" Starscream asked him.

"Yes I am fine thanks to you," Jetfire said. "Looks like you did a good job at convincing those minicons to join us." he told him.

"I was happy too," Starscream said.

They came back to the base and saw Jetfire looking a little rough and saw some the Decepticons minicons with them. "What happened?" Optimus asked them.

"Thrust attacked us, I'm not hurt, but Jetfire took a pounding," Starscream said.

"Starscream really saved my hide back there and he convinced these minicons to join us," Jetfire told Optimus.

"Very good," Optimus said. "Starscream you acted and responded to the situation like a true Autobot," he told them. "I believe you are ready for you insignias," he praised.

"I think I am ready too," Starscream said.

Red alert finished applying the insignia's to Starscream's wings.

Starscream felt proud and happy.

Optimus gave him a hug as did his mother.

Things couldn't be more perfect.