chapter 4

Starscream was enjoying his new life with his parents. It was fine day and then the alarm went off.

"Sounds like a minicon is about to awaken." Rad said.

"Starscream stay put," Optimus told him.

"Yes sir," Starscream replied.

Red alert was staying at the base with him and the kids.

The Autobots went out to get the minicon. Starscream watched the monitors with Red alert and the kids. The Decepticons were on screen.

"Optimus I figured Starscream is with you now we found out what he was up to, so he's your son let me congratulate him on finding his father by breaking his neck," Megatron said with a smirk.

"I won't let you do any more damage than you have already done to him Megatron!" Optimus yelled.

"Don't you dare touch my son," Skynote said.

"I see that your lover is back too," Megatron said with a laugh.

In the base Starscream was watching the monitors. "Man I wish I was able to go out there and help," Starscream said.

"Starscream, you heard Megatron over the monitor do you want to risk it?" Red alert asked him.

"No," Starscream said.

They watched as the two factions fought. "Come on guys show them what you can do," Carlos said.

"Hey where did Thrust go?" Alexis asked.

"She's right Thrust is no longer on the battlefield," Rad said.

"I have a feeling I know where he went." Starscream said. "I think he is here in the base." he said.

Longarm came running and beeped. "He said the security system has been damaged Thrust is here," Red alert said. "Kids go hide." he told them.

"On it," Rad said and the humans ran and hid.

"Starscream prepare to stand your ground." Red alert said.

"Understood," Starscream answered.

Thrust came in knocked Red alert down and was trying to drag out the struggling Starscream. "Optimus come in Thrust invaded the base he has Starscream," Red alert told him.

"My sparkling," Skynote said.

Optimus, Skynote and the Autobots started to search. "Let me go!" Starscream growled at Thrust. Then he saw Megatron. "Megatron," he snarled.

"Hello Starscream," Megatron said with a smirk.

Starscream was a nervous but prepared to stand his ground.

"Optimus I see him Megatron and Thrust have him," Jetfire said.

Starscream thought he heard the Autobots coming and then Megatron blasted him with ray gun. Starscream blacked out and then he sat up. "Where am I? Who are you?" he asked.

"The poor youngling he can't remember anything," Megatron said. "Get up son," he said.

Starscream got up and took Megatron's hand.

"Starscream," Optimus said.

"Next Prime he will be on my side again," Megatron said laughing.

Once again at the Decepticon base Starscream was confused. "My son it's fine to have you home," Megatron said.

"Your my father?" Starscream asked.

"Yes you were taken from me as a sparkling," Megatron said. "The Autobots took you and killed your mother," he said.

"Why I will destroy them father," Starscream said.

Starscream started to go through intense training. He was doing well. Then a minicon came to life. "Come on son let's show those Autobots what we are made of," Megatron said.

"I sure will father," Starscream said.

Once on earth battle started Starscream was prepared to fight. "Starscream they are messing with you, remember they were always mean to you," Hot shot told him as he dodged every punch.

Starscream started to remember how many of the Decepticons would bully them.

"Yes we had lots fun at the base remember?" Side swipe asked.

Starscream had a flashback of them watch the shark program.

"Come on Starscream you got remember you are tough one you showed me lots of spirit when we sparred," Scavenger told him.

Starscream had a flashback of how he and Scavenger were sparring and how he fought back against Scavenger's attacks.

"Starscream you are not a Decepticon you are an Autobot remember you helped save me from Thrust and convinced some minicons to join us," Jetfire said.

Starscream remembered that moment. "I remember," Starscream said. Then he got a headache and held his head.

"Oh no, his memories are coming back Megatron," Thrust said panicking.

Then Starscream shook his head. Optimus and Skynote came up to him. "Mom, dad," Starscream said.

"Oh Starscream," Skynote said and she and Optimus hugged him.

"Thrust plan B," Megatron said.

Then Thrust knocked Optimus and Skynote away and grabbed Starscream and fired a weapon on Starscream. Starscream cried out in pain and soon it sounded like a sparkling crying.

The light died down and there was Starscream as sparkling crying ever so loudly in Thrust's arms. Jetfire then grabbed Starscream and handed him to his mother.

"Megatron I think you better go before I cut loose," Optimus told him.

"Retreat," Megatron said and the Decepticon retreated.

Starscream was crying. "Starscream I am so sorry I couldn't protect you," Optimus said.

"I am sorry too," Skynote said.

The other Autobots were just as worried.

Once back at the base Starscream was still crying. Blurr was getting annoyed. "Why is he is still crying?" Blurr asked.

"I don't know," Optimus answered him.

"I'll take a look," Red alert said taking Starscream from Skynote and heading for the Medical bay.

"Poor Starscream," Side swipe said.

"Man those Decepticons if they get too close I will blast them," Jetfire said.

"Jetfire calm down after this is a major change and Optimus, Skynote and Starscream need our full support," Scavenger told the sub commander.

"You're right," Jetfire said with a sigh.

Red alert came out a bit later. "He's going to be fine, it was just was in pain from the ray that changed him, but's fine now I gave him a sparkling pain killer, he's sleeping right now," Red alert said.

"That's a relief," Skynote said.

"He has his memories but he has the mind of a sparkling," Red alert said.

"So he is like the Starscream we know but is still a sparkling," Hoist said.

"Yes," Red alert said.

Red alert went to check on Starscream. Starscream was starting to wake up. His little optics opened and he looked around. I'm in the med-bay and I'm a sparkling. Starscream thought as he looked around. Then he saw Red alert come in.

Red alert picked him up. "Hello little fella," Red alert said as he gave Starscream a bottle. After finishing the bottle Starscream burped. "Starscream you remember me?" he asked.

Of course I do. Starscream thought. "Red," he said.

"That's right," Red alert said. Then carried Starscream out of the medical bay into the command center. "Here he is," he told them.

Scavenger took the sparkling. "Hey there," Scavenger said.

"Sav," Starscream said.

"Close enough," Scavenger said then handed him to Blurr.

"Hey," Blurr said.

"Burr," Starscream said. Blurr just shook his head and Hoist took Starscream.

"Hello little fella, glad you are back home," Hoist said.

"Ois." Starscream said.

"Cute little guy," Hoist laughed.

Hot shot took him. "Hello," Hot shot said.

"Hotty," Starscream said.

Sides swipe took him.

"Sidey." Starscream said.

"He's a cute little thing," Hot shot said.

"Sure is bro," Side swipe said.

Jetfire took him. "Hey little flier," Jetfire said.

"Jetty," Starscream said.

Then Skynote and Optimus came over and Skynote took Starscream into her arms. He looked at the two. "Mommy, daddy," Starscream said.

"That's right," Skynote said.

"That sure is right," Optimus told him.

Red alert made a crib for Starscream to sleep in. "Where would you like it?" Red alert asked.

"Put it in our room," Optimus said.

"Yes he will be safe there, and we can care for him if he needs anything," Skynote said with smile.

Soon Starscream was soon laid in the crib. He got comfortable. This is so nice, Red is nice, first my boo boo, then bottle and now crib and I would be so happy if I had some toys. Starscream thought.

"Maybe we can see if Red alert can make him some toys," Skynote said.

"Toys," Starscream said in cute sparkling voice.

Optimus and Skynote chuckled and then kissed Starscream good night.

Early the next morning Optimus and Skynote came in. Skynote was carrying Starscream who was sucking on a bottle. "Morning Optimus, morning Skynote," Hot shot said.

"Morning Hot shot," Optimus said then he and Skynote yawned.

"Long night?" Hot shot asked.

"Yes with him crying for his bottle and diaper change it's hard not to have a long night," Optimus said.

"Yes but we are not ticked he's just a sparkling right now," Skynote said.

They made it to the living room and found the kids. "Hey Starscream remember us?" Alexis asked him.

Starscream looked at the children curiously. I sure do. Starscream thought. "Ally," Starscream said.

"Cute," Alexis said.

"Hi," Rad said.

"Rad," Starscream said.

"Hey there," Carlos said.

"Carwos," Starscream said.

"Hey Starscream," Fred said.

"Fwed," Starscream said.

"What's up?" Billy asked.

"Billy," Starscream said.

Starscream then began to suck his thumb. Jetfire came up. "Jetfire, Skynote and I have somethings to do can you watch Starscream?" Optimus asked.

"Sure thing," Jetfire said taking him.

Jetfire sat on the couch with Starscream who was babbling away. The kids were sitting nearby when Jetfire felt as if someone was behind him. He dodged quickly and Thrust was there raving. "Stand back Thrust." Jetfire told him.

Starscream was scared and began to cry. Thrust was trying to snatch the sparkling away and knocked Jetfire to the ground. Starscream squirmed and tried to fight back and then there was a flash. Thrust was on the ground knocked silly and Starscream crawled over to Jetfire. "Jetty okay?" Starscream asked.

"Yes I'm fine," Jetfire said and then Thrust retreated.

"What happened in here?" Optimus asked as the other Autobots rushed in.

"Thrust invaded the base and tried to take Starscream and there was a flash as Starscream began to fight back against him." Jetfire said.

"Burning Justice it's when one who is determined enough gets energy and bursts out causing a flash that causes damage to an enemy. It normally happens to one who holds matrix or close to the one holding it by blood or other relation." Red alert explained.

"Starscream that is the second time you saved my plating." Jetfire told Starscream.

Thrust explained to Megatron what happen. "Starscream has great power from his burning justice I think it's due to his genetic make up do to having part seeker CNA and part ground bot CNA it must be giving him the strength of both bots." Thrust said. "Most primes are born of two of one kind of bot and think due to his unique heritage Starscream may be one of the strongest primes ever born," he said.

"I need him back I like a strong warrior," Megatron said. "But I must make sure to full brain wash him." he said.

Things were going well for the Autobots Side swipe was playing with Starscream while the other Autobots were out. Then everything went black. Side swipe woke up in the medical bay. "The Decepticons took Starscream," Side swipe said.

"Let's get him back," Jetfire said.

Thanks to having the codes and info given by Starscream when he arrived they were able to sneak in. The Decepticons heard them come in and the Autobots fought their way through and found Megatron with Starscream holding him and the child was trying to get away. Optimus and Skynote tried to fight Megatron and then they were knocked back and Megatron aimed them. "Say bye bye to your mommy and daddy Starscream." Megatron said.

Now Starscream had to do something and started to kick and hit and then there was a flash and Starscream wasn't in Megatron's arms anymore. "Where is he?" Megatron asked.

"Right here," he heard.

There was punch and kick in the gut. Starscream then slashed Megatron's horns off with the star saber and his own sword which was shining like the sun at the same time and then he sliced off Megatron's cannon. "That was for lying to me all those years and for every innocent bot you lied and destroyed and I will make sure that you never do that again," Starscream said in a voice that sound older and wiser. Then Starscream collapsed.

Optimus and Skynote carried him back to the Autobot base. The Autobots were worried. "He's going to be just fine, he just used up a lot of energy he will be fine after he rests," Red alert said.

"That's a relief," Skynote said.

"It sure is," Optimus said.

Starscream woke up a bit later and saw his relieved parents. "Son I am so proud of you," Optimus said.

"You are becoming a fine mech," Skynote said.

"I love you guys," Starscream said.

Things will continued to change for the better for Starscream and his family it seems.