The cool Italian T-Bird Sonny LaTierri was sitting at a booth of Frosty that he and his best friends since birth, The T-Birds Danny Zuko, Kenickie Murdoch, Doody Del Fugeo and Putzie Jacobs, go to a lot of time, anyway he was having a smoothie, bummed because he strikes out again trying to hit on a girl. "Keep em' comin' Vi!" Sonny called out.

The 4 members of the T-Birds came walking in, walking over to their best friend.

"Sonny-Boy we need to talk." Kenickie said as they all sat down.

"Leave me alone." Sonny grumbles.

"Ok, that attitude right there is why we're here." Danny said.

"Can I just be alone?" Sonny asks.

"What is up with you lately?" Doody asked him.

"It's because of me!" Sonny blurted as he stormed out angrily, followed by the guys trailing behind him.

"Whoa, what do ya mean, it's because of you?" Danny asked him. "What's the problem?" He asks again.

"It's kind of because of you guys as well." Sonny adds.

"Because of us?" Kenickie asks.

"Yes!" Sonny snapped.

"Ok, well remember in our T-Birds rule book, that whenever we have a problem we talk it out..." Danny explained. "So...what did we do to upset you?"

Sonny looks away letting out a sigh.

"Sonny?" Putzie asked.

Sonny looks back at the guys before taking a breath.

"It's because I'm not as hot or charming as Danny, or tough or dangerous as Kenickie, or funny and adorable as Doody or even as cute and innocent as Putzie!" Sonny blurted out. "There I said it! I'm nothing! I'm a nobody! Nobody care about no-good stupid greaseball Sonny LaTierri!"

Sonny was about to walked off until Danny walks right in front of him.

"How can you say that?!" Danny asked angrily.

"Because it's true!" Sonny snapped.

"No it's not Sonny!" Danny yelled back. "Not ever!"

Sonny looks down as the three T-Birds walked over to them.

"Sonny my boy, no one ever talks like about my boy epically not you at all." Kenickie says firmly.

"And it's not true!" Doody protested.

"But I'm always forgotten!" Sonny told them.

"No you're not!" Kenickie snaps. "Sonny, you are the key hold of the T-Birds!"

Sonny looks up at him, clenching his jaw trying to stop the tears and also trying to cool at the same time.

"I am?" Sonny asked.

"Yes you idiot!" Danny yells.

Sonny lets out a big sigh.

"Sonny, you make us smile when we need cheering up, you make us laugh when we just need a good laugh." Doody tells him.

"Ditto." Putzie said.

"And I swear to God, if anyone and I mean ANYONE say you are forgotten, stupid or no-good, they'll be walking around with a busted nose and an black eye." Danny said to him.

"Cause NO one has a right to say things about any of our brothers like that. EVER!" Kenickie added.

"Really?" Sonny asked.

Sonny smiled a little.

"Yes you dork!" Putzie smirked.

Sonny chuckled slightly.

"Sonny, I know we're the T-Birds and all...and I know we're greasers and don't really say this that much, but...we love 5, best friends since birth, bros for life." Danny assures him. "Putzie love you because you always know how to lighten the mood, Doody loves you because you're always up to be his partner in crimes..."

Sonny chuckled.

"And Kenickie loves you because you worship him like a freakin hero." Danny added making Sonny smiled a little.

"Well its true though." Kenickie said, winking at Sonny.

"And I love you because whenever any of us are down or moping around, your always here to make us smile and laugh...but we all love you for the same reasons." Danny adds.

"What's that?" Sonny asked.

"That we love you like a brother." Danny tells him.

Sonny smiles a little.

"Thanks fellas." Sonny spoke. "And...I um, I'm sorry for snapping at you fellas like that." He apologized.

"Hey, not a problem buddy." Kenickie said putting him a friendly headlock and lets him go. "And don't listen to those nerds out there."

Sonny looks at them.

"You're special." Doody smiled.

"Thanks fellas." Sonny smiled.

"Anytime kid." Danny chuckles.

"So does this means that I'm your favorite?" Sonny asked Danny.

Danny chuckled and playfully punched his shoulder.

"C'mon, let's have a bros' night out eh?" Kenickie said draping his arm around Sonny smiling.

"Yeah!" The three youngest T-Birds cheered, as they all walked over to Kenickie's car, Greased Lightning.

"My baby bros." Danny mutters quietly before walking to the guys.

Sonny was glad he had his best friends, they were more than just a gang members or best friends...they were brothers, brothers for life! They even made a rule that the T-Birds was and will ALWAYS meant to be brotherhood. He didn't have to approve himself to anybody, he has the guys just like they have him!