New Story. Im basing any new characters on songs, and reworking some personalities of main characters too, which are also based on songs. Lucy's is based on "Kill or be Killed" by New Years Day. Im also writing this with my first playthrough of Undertale going through my mind (I did neutral route). So there might be some influences here and there

(To the story)

Three months. Three months since Lucy had went missing. Haikyu was charged with the murder, although no body being found. She was the last person to see Lucy as they went on a hike. She said she didnt know where the girl went either, that she had just went around the corner and vanished. The occult notebooks in the backpack she was carrying told a different story though. Initially, the Loud family was relieved that Lucy had at least gotten some justice. However, as time went on, the grief that struck all of them built more and more. From Lily only drawing Lucy and her doing activities their family had done that day, to Lisa desperately spearheading the operation to find her body, to Lori quitting college and isolating from the rest of the world.

However, one boy, seems to be taking it lightly. Then again, he had to. It wasnt like he didnt feel the exact same as Lisa or Lori, but he knew that he needed to keep it together in order to keep the family from falling apart. His parents have already began to sink away from their jobs as mentors, and he knew that he would have to pick up the pace. He took out his phone, a picture of him and Lucy from when she was 12, one year ago. "Hey Luce..." he said, a sad smile expressing itself. he sighed before rubbing his hair, watching the oil on his hand shine brightly, he hasnt bathed in days. "Sorry I keep talking to you like this. I know every night probably gets annoying to you but, I miss you. Everyone does. And I wish you were still here with us-"

A flash of light blinded the boy. He looked out into the center of his room, where the light had appeared from. In the midst of the black dots slowly receding from his vision, stood a girl. She looked ragged, torn and dirty clothes draped over her. Her eyes darted wildly in the night. "Lucy?" Lincoln said, hopping up from his bed quickly. The girl looked at him, and smiled. She hadnt heard her name in a very long time. "Linco-". her voice got cut off as he pulled her in for a hug, slight sobs catching themselves on her attire. The moment was short lived though, as Lincoln felt himself be pulled from his stance. No, his reality. He felt up, down, left, right. Zero g and 2 g. He felt everything till it just stopped. He opened his eyes and found himself in some sort of metal room. He was still holding Lucy, the girl refusing to let go of him. There was a window, outside was a void of black with specks of small colors. However, there was something big that caught his attention. The giant red star that certaintly wasn't his home one. "Welcome to where ive been Lincoln. UY Scuti"