Hello, Hello guys, boys and girls, and Fox King jm-fans, Johnny here with a new story. This will be a story will involve Naruto and Furries, but this time, Naruto is a Red Fox Furry, so basically, it's a Furry x Furry story. If you don't like this kind of thing, I suggest you turn back now. The story will be of Naruto's point of view, like "Naruto's Daily Life." You guys already know how I do things, just in case, this story will have a harem, large sizes, and this will also have some future Futa, and Naruto will get the girls pregnant as well. The first girl will be the one and only ZigZag by Maxblackrabbit. And there will be more lovely and sexy Furries to come. I really don't have any more to say, so let's get started. I do not own Naruto or anything else I use in the story and future chapters, so please enjoy: Fox Breeder: Naruto


"Hey, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I am a Red Fox living in this large peaceful city known as Dobutsu. I'm 15 that's also a college student, and I live with my Kaa-chan and Baa-chan. I also become a stud with Furry girls and older Furry women. Hell, even Kaa-chan and Baa-chan are my lovers. The first time was with one of my favorite adult stars, ZigZag. When she had her stratum, she made tons of money. But I'm sure you guys already know that. When Zig-chan gives me the job of a lifetime. Anyway, here's the story of how I become quite a lover. It all started..." Naruto said.

XxxxX Story XxxxX


It was a weekend, and Naruto was watching some of his favorite, ZigZag videos on his laptop. Naruto is a fox with all red-orange fur, white fur on his chest area, and tail-tip, but he has long spiky blonde hair. His family are all vixens, and he's the only boy in his family. He lives with his mother and grandmother. His aunts live in the same neighborhood.

"Here, I am just watching some videos of Zig-chan. She's so amazing. I'm amazed she once she became rich, she opened other businesses and stuff. Oh, and another thing about me…" Naruto said.

Naruto had a 17-inch penis with large scrotums, about the size of honeydews. It was fat, thick, with his balls swelling up. The blonde fox's cock was a black color; from the poll to the mushroom tip. His balls were the same color as his white fur chest.

"Well, because of my behemoth size, I have to jerk myself off like crazy, every day. I'm glad no one is ever around when I do." Naruto said.

Little did the fox know that someone was watching him. It was his grandmother, Kurama. The next day Kurama is a Nine-Tailed Fox, and Naruto's grandmother and Kushina's mother and Naruto's aunts. Kurama is a Nine-Tailed Fox the highest rank of fox, she was over 1000 years old, even with her age, was in her prime and beautiful as well, thanks to her looking like she's in her 30's. Kurama is a Red Fox with silky fur, black eye fur around her eyes, which were natural ruby red eyes. Her ears were long and red with black on the edges. Kurama has long red and black hair with two long bangs. Kurama has massive N-cup breasts, and a massive butt to match. Kurama wore a kimono, showing some of her chest. And she has something else as well. Kurama continued to watch her grandson jerk himself off, till he climaxed.

"Oh, my…" Kurama thought.

"One again, thanks to my monster, I reviled myself, till next while. Now I had to clean myself up before Kaa-chan and Baa-chan see this mess." Naruto said.

Kurama looked at Naruto's laptop, seeing ZigZag on it, while he cleans himself up. The older vixen, smiled, getting an idea of a lifetime. She knew her grandson did not hang out with boys. Of course, the reason why is there are some older Furry boys making fun of the blonde fox due to his short size. The height that is. The older boys were about almost 7 feet tall and have muscular bodies. Naruto did have a muscular body, but he was short. However, the blonde fox had something they don't. Another story for another time. The next day, Naruto was just playing video games, until his mother calls him downstairs.

"I went downstairs, seeing what Kaa-chan wanted." Naruto said.

Naruto went downstairs, seeing his mother, Kushina. Naruto's mother, Kushina Uzumaki is a red vixen, with red fur and long red hair. Kushina was in her 40's yet, but 40's is nothing for a fox, she is in prime and beautiful. The red vixen had K-cupped breasts, thick thunder thighs, and had a massive bubble butt that would jiggle each time she with moves or take a step. She is also a bit chubby around her belly area. She sits down on the couch.

"Come here, Naru-chan, I need to ask you something." Kushina said.

"Okay…" Naruto replied.

"I wasn't for sure what I was going to do or what I did, but I think Kaa-chan is going to lecture me about going and hanging out with boys my age. Wouldn't be the first time. I don't hang out with other guys because they make fun of my looks and my height. I mean, I'm 15 and in college because I'm smart and stuff… but these assholes treat me like a kid and nobody. That's why I always stay at home and do whatever. So, now, here I am and Kaa-chan will tell me it's not good for a boy to always be in his room and shit." Naruto said.

"Naru-chan, me and your Baa-chan have been talking and we have something to tell you." Kushina said.

"Here it comes…" Naruto said.

"I reached out to an old friend of mine and help you get a small part-time job." Kushina said.

"Huh?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, Naru-chan. I call an old friend of Kushina-chan's." Kurama said.

"Old friend?" Naruto said.

"Yes, Naru-chan, she can give you a wonderful job." Kurama said.

"I know I lecture you a lot, but we believe this will be good for you. Will you give it a chance?" Kushina asked.

"I don't know, Kaa-chan…" Naruto said.

"Usually, I always put on an 'I'll think about it' and Kaa-chan would forget about it a few days later. It works most of the time. I'm a fox, after all. But Kaa-chan knew my weaknesses as well and believe me she was good at it." Naruto said.

"If you give this small job a chance, I'll buy you a PlayStation 5 when it comes out." Kushina said.

Naruto's eyes widen, his ears twitched and tail slightly wag.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"If you do, I'll even buy you the ultimate edition and 5 games. Deal?" Kushina asked with a smile.


"Kaa-chan knows how to sweeten a deal. She is a fox. But getting a PlayStation 5 would be nice. To be honest, it would be nice to have extra money. With Kaa-chan buying me a Ps5 and having a little more money aside, I thought it would be perfect." Naruto said.

"You're the best, Kaa-chan!" Naruto said, hugging and kissing his mother.

"So, you promise to talk with my friend about the job?" Kushina asked.

"I promise, I'll even do it for a week!" Naruto said.

"Oh, Naru-chan!" Kushina said.

The doorbell rings.

"Oh, she's here." Kushina said.

Kushina answers the door.

"I wondered who Kaa-chan's new friend is. But the moment she walked in; my mind was blown! It was nonother then ZigZag!" Naruto said.

"Hello, Kushina! It's been a long time." ZigZag said.

Naruto was speechless, seeing the woman he always admired was in his home. ZigZag is a skunk and tiger Furry mixed hybrid. ZigZag had straps like a tiger. ZigZag has white and black fur, blue eyes, and a long fluffy tail. ZigZag wore a black dress and she had her purse on in one hand. ZigZag has had a lovely body figure, she had double FF-cup bust and a big butt. ZigZag is another good friend to Kushina. She and the redhead vixen are long time high school friends. ZigZag had a bad past, but thanks to her body, ZigZag got the start of her first career as an adult star. Once she made a lot of money, she started opening businesses and live the high life. She retired from porn about a year ago. She and take custody of her younger brother and sister so they can live with her grandparents. ZigZag also works with other well-known CEOs. Kushina and ZigZag hugged and kissed each other on both cheeks as close girlfriends do.

"How is everything, Kushina-babe?" ZigZag asked.

"Good, like always. How's your business with Silver-san and Zhali-san?" Kushina asked.

"A little slow. You can't find good men these days." ZigZag said.

"Well, my Naru-chan is a good man." Kushina stated.

ZigZag turned to Naruto.

"Hello. You must be Naruto. I'm an old friend of your mother's. You can call me ZigZag." ZigZag said.

"I can't believe it, though I'm facing her. I didn't know what to say at this point. All I can say is hi or something…" Naruto said.

"Nice to mee you…" Naruto said with a slight blush.

"So, you're Kushina's son. It's nice to meet you." ZigZag said.

"Yes…" Naruto said.

"Let's get down to business. Do you want to work for me?" ZigZag asked.

"Y-Yes. When can I start?" Naruto asked.

"Right away." ZigZag said.

"Really?!" Naruto asked.

"Really. Kushina, do you mind if I take Naruto out for a while to discuss the details of my new project?" ZigZag asked.

"Of course, not. Take all the time you need." Kushina said.

"Thank you. Come on, Naruto. We have a lot to discuss." ZigZag said.

"Oh, right, Zig-san…" Naruto said.

"I could not believe I was with ZigZag-san. We drove to her home in the richest part of Dobutsu. Here I was, in ZigZag's home. It was a big large house. I'm amazed by how nice it was. Then again, she was a former act and businesswoman. We eat food, talk, to be honest, I was having a good time. I have not felt this great since I got made my YouTube channel. It feels like I was on a date." Naruto said.

"So, how old are you, Naruto?" ZigZag asked.

"15." Naruto said.

"I see. Are you in high school?" ZigZag asked.

"College. I'm a bit of a nerd." Naruto asked.

"You're a cutie." ZigZag said.


"Dude… I know the real world is unfair and sometimes gives you a bad hand, trust me, I know. But I can't believe, ZigZag called me cute! I was always called shorty, loser, nerd, you get the picture. Now, here I am with the woman I admired. I can't believe she and Kaa-chan were friends. I still can't believe it." Naruto said.

"You know, I'm having a wonderful time." Naruto said.

"I am too. So, shall we get down to business?" ZigZag asked.

"Yeah. What is it do you want me to do, ZigZag-san?" Naruto asked

"Naruto, I want to start a special program just for you." ZigZag said.

"What that, ZigZag-san?" Naruto asked.

ZigZag smiled.

"I call it the Fox Breeding program. And I want you to go and screw many girls. And you will be paid for it." ZigZag said.

"Huh?" Naruto said.

"I could not believe ZigZag-san's idea. And she wants to do this just for me screw girls? Why I'm nothing special… But, to be honest, it sounds hot. Well, I did know some girls, and I even met some of Kaa-chan's co-workers, even some of my teachers. But I'm also the type of that keeps to himself. But I see this as an opportunity. I may be a nerd, but I'm also the type that will prove others wrong about me. And I can stick it to those college jerks. This is an awesome chance of a lifetime. So, I wanted to try it." Naruto said.

"What do I do, ZigZag-san?" Naruto asked.

"It's simple, all you have to do is spend time with girls, and please them. Have you ever had sex before?" ZigZag asked.

"No…" Naruto replied with a dark blush.

"It's okay, I was a virgin when I wish started my videos. I did not like it at first, but I started to love sex. And to be honest, having a cutie like you would work for my project. Tell, me, Naruto, would you like me to teach you how to please a woman?" ZigZag said.


"I was still trying to process what was going on. First, ZigZag-san not only did she wanted me to screw girls but, ZigZag, the woman I have always admired so long wants to take my V-card? Am I dreaming? All I did was nod." Naruto said.

The blonde fox nodded. ZigZag came closer to the blonde fox, showing her F-cup breasts in front of him. Then she kissed him on the lips. Naruto's ears droop down. Then ZigZag went down his chest, till she was between his legs.

"So, Naruto, how big are you?" ZigZag asked.


"Well, we're going to found out, shall we?" ZigZag said.

ZigZag unzipped Naruto's pants. As soon as she did, her eyes widen, seeing the large 17-inch black monster and fat balls that fox had. It turned her on. ZigZag's lust was getting the best of her. She wanted the blonde fox.

"Man, ZigZag-san was lusting about my monster cock. I can tell by the look in her eyes." Naruto said.

"Oh, my… You're so big, Naruto…" ZigZag said.

"Thank you…" Naruto replied.

"How big are you?" ZigZag asked.

"17 inches…" Naruto replied.

"Damn, that's amazing. I can barely get a grip on it…" ZigZag said.

"Ugh, I know…" Naruto moaned.

"Now, let's have a little taste…" ZigZag said.

ZigZag wasted no time, wrapping her lips around the tip, taking some of the length.

"I could not believe that ZigZag-san takes some of my cock with ease. I could not help but bit my lower lip. Man, I could not believe my favorite star was sucking me off. If this was a dream, please do not wake me up!" Naruto said.

ZigZag kissed and sucked on the monster member while playing with the blonde fox's balls.

"Holy shit…" Naruto moaned.

"So tasty…" ZigZag moaned.

"ZigZag-san take more of my cock, going deeper inside her wet mouth. I was in heaven! ZigZag managed to take all of my cock inside her mouth. I watched her bobbed her head-up and down, while she played with my balls. I didn't think getting sucked off would feel this good. Sure, I jerk off many times, but experiencing oral sex was not the same. I was about to climax." Naruto said.

"Zig-Zi-… I'm about to…!" Naruto growled.

The blonde fox's words came too late, as he climaxes. The hybrid's eyes widen, feeling large amounts of semen, firing deep inside her throat.

"Ahh!" Naruto growled, still climaxing.

ZigZag did not yield. She took all the white ropes.

"Man, this was one of the best blowjob of my life. Sure, it was my first one, but it was not going to be my last. ZigZag-san continued to take everything I had inside her mouth. After a long minute, I was done nutting." Naruto said.

ZigZag swallowed everything drip of semen. She looked at Naruto, with even more lust within her eyes. She backed her head to the tip. She releases the mushroom tip, letting out a loud popping sound. ZigZag licked her lips, then she resumed sucking on the monster cock.

"Naruto, I knew you were big, but I didn't expect you to cum so much." ZigZag said, stroking his shaft and kissing his balls.

"You were just good at sucking me off, Zig-san… I did enjoy it…" Naruto said.

"Then you're going to enjoy the next part more." ZigZag said, getting on her feet.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Of course. Come. I'll show you." ZigZag said.

"Okay…" Naruto said with a smile.

"Zig-san lead me up to her Master bedroom. There, she told me to take off my clothes and wait for her in bed. She saw she was going to freshen up. Most likely because of my jizz covering sides of her face. I did what she said, taking off all my clothes. I waited in bed for about 10 minutes. Then, there she was… I've seen Zig-san naked many times in her videos, but seeing it up close and live, well, that's something you'll have to experience for yourself." Naruto said.

ZigZag's body was amazing, her FF-cup breasts, fine waist, thighs, and a large butt. Naruto got rock hard, thanks to the hybrid's hot body. ZigZag looks down, seeing the blonde fox's cock was hard again. She smiled, seeing the blonde wants more.

"You look comfy… Mind if I join?" ZigZag asked.

"Yes, please…" Naruto said.

"Zig-san crawled into bed with me, kissing me. She cuddled with me, feeling each other's bodies. Her breasts were so soft! I couldn't help but suck on them. Zig-san moaned. Zig-san let me suck her tits, while she jerks me off again. I felt every inch of her body. I grab her tits, squeeze her ass, I even went down, licking her pussy and ass. Zig-san was enjoying. After some foreplay, Zig-san was ready to make me a man." Naruto said.

ZigZag had her legs wide open, showing her pink wet hole. Naruto blushed, seeing how wet ZigZag was.

"Here, Naruto, shove that monster inside me~…" ZigZag said.

"This is it. I'm going to have sex with ZigZag… I crawled next to her, getting on top. My cock rubbed against her sweet spot, as she moaned." Naruto said.

The blonde fox was on top of the skunk-tiger hybrid, his penis was against her vagina.

"Umm…" Naruto said.

"Go ahead and stick it inside, Naruto…" ZigZag said.

"Oh, right…" Naruto said.

"I grabbed my member, rubbing the tip against Zig-san's pussy. Then I push my tip, inside her." Naruto said.

"Oh, fuck!" ZigZag moaned.

"Ahh~…" Naruto moaned.

"Fuck, that's what I call a monster cock!" ZigZag moaned.

"Oh, it's so tight, Zig-san…!" Naruto moaned.

"God, keep going, you stud!" ZigZag moaned.

"I always jerk off and never had sex, but I never thought pussy would be so wet and tight! Inch by inch, Zig-san told me to keep going. I am amazed she could handle my size. She wrapped her arms around me, bringing me closer and kissing me deeply. We both moan loudly. It took some time, but I managed to put all my cock deep inside of Zig-san. We both breathed heavily… man, I thought I was going to cum…" Naruto said.

"Holy shit…" ZigZag moaned with a smile.

"Oh, Zig-san…" Naruto moaned.

"Ooh, you stud… I knew you were special when I first lay my eyes on you… You stuff my pussy with your fat monster…" Zigzag said with a smile and blush.

"Ugh, thank you, Zig-san…" Naruto moaned.

"Come here and give me some of that sugar, you stud…" ZigZag moaned, pulling Naruto into a kiss.

"What a woman. I knew Zig-san was an adult star and she's good at having sex… Now I am having sex with her. She whispered in my ear, telling me to fuck her. I study my hips, moving them. Zig-san let out a louder moan. I didn't go too fast, due to it being my first time. Zig-san wrapped her arms around me. She kissed me more. If this was a dream, don't wake me up." Naruto said.

"Oh, you're so good, Naruto…" Zigzag moaned.

"I can't believe I'm having sex with you Zig-san…" Naruto moaned.

"Believe it, stud, you're going to give me all this cock, regularly…" ZigZag moaned.

"R-Really, Zig-san?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, Naruto, keep giving it to me…" ZigZag moaned.

"I continued to give Zig-san what she wanted. As I continued to use my slow movements, it was starting to feel good. Zig-san's pussy was starting to get wetter and tightening around me. My cock was starting to swell up. I did not plan it, but my hips increased their movements. Zig-san moaned even louder. It took me some time to get used to it, but I started to fuck Zig-san more." Naruto said.

"Oh, right there! Fuck me, Naruto!" ZigZag moaned.

"Oh, Zig-san! You're so good! I'm starting to love pussy!" Naruto moaned.

"Ah! Your cock is the best! Keep fucking me! Give me all that cock!" ZigZag moaned.

"I will, Zig-san!" Naruto moaned.

"Sex was great, though it's my first time. I fucked Zig-san harder and faster, using all my strength. She screamed louder in pleasure, loving my hard pounding. We both let out growls of pleasure. She even grabbed my ass. I continued to give Zig-san all my cock. A few minutes later, I felt my cock becoming swell up and balls becoming tightening up. I felt Zig-san's pussy was warm and dripping wet. I pounded harder and deeper! I knew that me and Zig-san were going to climax" Naruto said.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and ZigZag moaned.

Naruto and ZigZag climaxes. The blonde fox releases his thick seed inside the skunk hybrid. ZigZag's eyes rolled back as her face become red due to the overwhelming pleasure of large orgasms. Naruto let out a howl, still releasing his loads.

"Oh, my God…" ZigZag moaned.

"Zig-san, I'm still cumming…" Naruto moaned.

"Give it all to me, baby…" ZigZag moaned.

"Yes, Zig-san…" Naruto moaned.

"Like always, I've nutted for a whole minute. I filled up Zig-san with my seed. She enjoyed it a lot. In fact, her belly became slightly bulged thanks to my large loads. After that long minute, my climax ended. My cock slipped out of Zig's tight pussy. I laid next to Zig-san, breathing heavily. Zig-san soon wrapped her arms around me, cuddling with me and kissing me. I was in heaven." Naruto said.

Both the blonde fox and skunk hybrid were resting thanks to their orgasms. ZigZag used her hand to feel Naruto's chest.

"Naruto, can I ask you something?" ZigZag asked.

"Yes, Zig-san?" Naruto said.

"Is this your first time, Naruto? You fuck like a stud." ZigZag said.

"It is my first time. Well, was… I never thought sex would feel this good. I enjoyed it." Naruto stated.

"I'm glad you did, Naruto. Want to keep going?" ZigZag asked.

Naruto's cock jumped and twitched with joy. ZigZag smiled, seeing the penis getting excited.

"Oh, I see I already have my answer…" ZigZag said, licking her lips.

ZigZag went down between Naruto's legs, sucking all his cock. Naruto growled, watching ZigZag bobbed her head up and down.

"Man, Zig-san was good! She sucked my cock cleaned till it was clean. She even sucked on my balls like jawbreakers. A few minutes later, my cock was hard and ready for more action. Zig-san then positioned herself doggy style, showing that big ass of hers which got me harder. She then spread her ass apart, showing her tight pink hole. I know where this is going…" Naruto said.

ZigZag had her ass spread apart, showing her anus.

"Here, baby, I want that fat cock inside my ass…" ZigZag said.

"Okay…" Naruto said with a smile.

Naruto gets on top of ZigZag with his cock between her cheeks. ZigZag moaned, smiling.

"Ooh…" ZigZag moaned.

"Are you ready, Zig-san?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, baby, shave that cock inside me." ZigZag said.

"I grabbed my cock and rubbed my tip against the small pink anus. Then I pushed my tip inside Zig-san's butt. Zig-san screamed in pleasure, wanting more of my cock inside her ass. Just her talking like that was turning me on. I continued to push more of my cock inch by inch. Zig-san moans loudly. It took some time, but I managed to fit all my cock inside the tight anus. Zig-san's ass was so tight I thought I was going to climax. We didn't move an inch until I was ready." Naruto said.

The blonde fox's cock was deep inside of the skunk hybrid's tight anus. Naruto growled loudly in pleasure, feeling ZigZag's anus getting tighter around his cock.

"Ah, fuck, you're so much bigger inside my ass, baby…" ZigZag moaned.

"Y-Yeah… Your ass is so tight, Zig-san…" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, baby, that's what my ass is made for… I'm going to drain those big balls of yours…" ZigZag moaned.

"Yes? Zig-san is so amazing… It took some time, but I was ready to fuck Zig-san's tight ass. Picked myself up and grabbed Zig-san's hips, slowly moving. Zig-san moaned, feeling my cock moving around her ass. Fuck, she was so tight." Naruto said.

Naruto moved his hips, slowly. ZigZag moaned, loving how big Naruto is. She felt her pussy getting wet. Thanks to Naruto's slow movements, his large balls, slightly slip ZigZag's pussy. The skunk hybrid enjoyed the blonde fox screwing her anus.

"Oh, yeah… Mmm, that's a lot of cock in my ass~…" ZigZag moaned.

"It's so tight…" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, Naruto, keep fucking my ass…" ZigZag moaned.

"Yes, Zig-san…" Naruto moaned.

"I continued my slow movements. I could not help but stare at Zig-san's massive ass. I could watch it bounce and jiggle on me all day long. Zig-san turned to me, smiling. She then used her movements, making her ass jiggle against me more. It was amazing. A few minutes of slow movements, I was getting used to Zig-san's tight ass. Zig-san saw I wanted to go wild. She told me to fuck her ass harder. So, I grabbed a tighter grip on Zig-san's hips, using all my strength and might to please Zig-san." Naruto said.

The blonde fox used all his power pleasing the skunk hybrid. She screamed in pleasure, loving the large penis ramming her rectum. Naruto growled in pleasure, loving ZigZag's big ass.

"Oh, yes! Yes! Fuck my ass! Give me all that cock!" ZigZag moaned.

"Oh, this ass is amazing, Zig-san!" Naruto moaned.

"That's it, baby! I'm going to keep using my ass till we both cum!" ZigZag moaned.

"Then I'll make this fat ass mine!" Naruto moaned.

"Make it yours!" ZigZag moaned.

"I did just that. I increased my speed, making the bedrock and creak. I never thought I would enjoy anal this much. Then again, I've always had a thing for big breasts and asses. Anyway, I continued to please Zig-san's fat ass. I then pinned Zig-san down, using all my power and force to fuck this wonderful ass. This went on for a while, while Zig-san's asshole was becoming tighter around my dick. It also swelled up and my balls tighten too. Zig-san's pussy juices were wetting down between her legs. Once again, me and Zig-san were going to climax." Naruto said.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and ZigZag moaned.

Naruto let out a howl, feeling his cock shooting out large loads of his thick seed. ZigZag's eyes widen as she let out her own howl. Her juices squirted out, while her ass became filled with the blonde fox's cum.

"Oh, yes, baby, fill me up…" ZigZag moaned.

"M-My cock… Your ass is draining me…" Naruto moaned.

"I'm going to take every drip, baby… Keep shooting that hot cum inside me~…" ZigZag moaned.

"Yes, Zig-san~…" Naruto moaned.

"Well, after that long minute, I was done climaxing. I pulled out my cock. Zig-san's ass was leaking some of my seed. Zig-san's belly became slightly more bulge. She looks like she was several months pregnant. Zig-san crawled next to me, cuddling with me. She kissed me, deeply. Sure, I love having sex, but the kisses were amazing. I cuddled with Zig-san, resting after our fun." Naruto said.

Naruto and ZigZag rested.

"You are a stud, Naruto…." ZigZag said.

"Thanks. You know, I can't wait to start your program, Zig-san." Naruto said.

"Our, program, baby." ZigZag replied, kissing Naruto.

Naruto blushed, feeling ZigZag's lips. They kissed again and again. The blonde fox's dick got hard again. ZigZag smiled, getting on top of the blonde fox.

"Let's keep going, Naruto." ZigZag said.

"Well, me and Zig-san continued to fuck for hours. We enjoyed it. A few hours later, Zig-san dropped me off home." Naruto said.

Outside Naruto's home, the blonde fox and skunk hybrid were saying their goodbyes.

"I had a wonderful time, baby." ZigZag said.

"I did, too, Zig-san." Naruto said.

"Here, I have a little present for you." ZigZag said.

Naruto wondered what it was. ZigZag pulled out a new cell phone.

"For me?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, baby. I put the app in. I'll call you when you get a customer." ZigZag said.

"Okay, Zig-san." Naruto said.

"I'll see you around, Naruto." ZigZag said with a wink and smile.

"See you soon, Zig-san." Naruto said, as his fox ears twitched.

Zigzag drives off. Naruto went back inside. Kushina was in the kitchen, done making dinner.

"Oh, how was the program, Naru-chan?" Kushina asked.

"It's good. I can't wait to get started." Naruto said with a smile.

XxxxX Story End XxxxX

"Well, that's the end of the first chapter of my story. Come back next time and I'll tell you guys more sexy stories. Till next time, guys, I'll see you later." Naruto said, waving goodbye to the readers.


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Abby the Cow

Zoey the Dog

Squigga the Squirrel

Dulce the Rabbit

Gretchen the Viper

Maggie the Cobra

Beatrice the Bluebird (Aka BustyBird)

Naruto's Family:


Kurama "Warning: Chapter contends Futa"

Renamon (Naruto's Aunt)

Portia (Naruto's Aunt)

Krystal (Naruto's Aunt)

Carmen (Naruto's Aunt)

Carmelita (Naruto's Aunt)

Teachers, Older women, and Neighbors:

Raven Hunt (Naruto's Professor)

Hazel Weiss (College Librarian)

Johanna Giraffe Rhino Hybrid (Naruto's Professor)

Seras the Dragon (Naruto's Professor) "Warning: Chapter contends Futa"

Mrs. Zard: Carla Zard (Charizard Furry and Naruto's Professor)

Silver the Hyena (Kushina's boss)

Lavender the Doberman (Neighbor)

Mabel the Golden Retriever (Neighbor)

Malt the Cow (Neighbor)

Lesdi the Dragon (Neighbor)

Buxbi the Tiger (Neighbor)

Roseanne the Wolverine (Neighbor)

Vivienne the Cow (Summer's mother. Neighbor)

Margaret the Skunk (Lizard Neighbor)

Gina the Giraffe (Neighbor)

Ssilmarie the Cobra (Elyssa's mom and CEO and Silver and Kushina's friend)

Judith the Viper (Gretchen's mom and Kushina's Co-Worker)

Rachel the Zebra (Kushina's Co-Worker)

Kitty the Puma (Kushina's Co-Worker)

Zhali the Tiger (CEO and Silver's friend) "Warning: Chapter contends Futa"

As a bonus, I have an idea for other girls from other Anime becoming Furries as well. Like how I made Naruto into a fox in this story. For example, say you want to see Hinata as a bunny or Ino as a pig, let me know. And that goes for other anime characters as well, type of animal, bust, rear-ends, and other sizes. Like, Harribel a Shark, you get the picture.

I'll be adding more characters within the story. Thanks again for reading 'Fox Breeder: Naruto' Please tell me what you think, review, sorry for any errors, send me a message on Fanfic or for the ps4, follow me on Twitter (Be sure to be 18 or older to Follow) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (Link in my Fanfic profile), Fox King jm. Also be sure to wash your hands, have face mask when you go out, and stay safe. I love you guys. Like I always say, I will update as soon as possible. Until next time, see ya.