Who begat the gods, and how? No Klingon now knows, and if they ever did, the knowledge has long been lost. Even their names have been forgotten, save for one. But it is known that the gods were born in the foul darkness of Gre'thor, the underworld, but found it suited them not, and so created the shining realm of QI'tu, and went to live there in glory. From there they fashioned the stars and cast them forth into the void between QI'tu and Gre'thor like pebbles across a pool of oil; they blaze to this very day.

The gods looked upon the stars, and proceeded to name them all. One such star they called K'thar, which had a child of its own named Qo'noS, who circled his mother, and in time spat forth twin daughters, Corvix and Praxis, who likewise spun around him. When the gods came down from QI'tu and walked upon the skin of Qo'noS, they made love, and in so doing, brought forth to all mortal animals of the world.

Now the gods marveled at the life which now teemed below them, but as time went on, they grew to desire something else, greater than the beasts, yet still less than themselves. To this end they decided to charge Kling, the smith god, to forge this new life for them. Kling took steel and fire and laboured in his forge for a day and a night, and his efforts produced a thinking, speaking being of immortal life. But when Kling and the other gods saw this being, they found it ugly and utterly savage, and naming it Fek'lhr, cast it down into the pits of Gre'thor, where it mated with the darkness to produce all manner of lesser demons.

Though Kling had failed in his first attempt, his fellow gods granted him a second chance. Again Kling laboured for a day and a night with fire and steel, and after much hardship, looked upon a being, one of great strength and majesty. And this being asked of Kling "Who are you, and who am I?" And Kling responded "I am your creator, and as for you, you will be named Kortar!"

Kortar was given Qo'noS to live upon, and wherever he went, all beasts rightly feared and respected him, and the gods were pleased with Kling's work. But then one day Kling noticed that Kortar was despondant. "What ails you?" Kling asked, and Kortar sadly replied "I am alone here. I need the companionship of another like myself, who will explore the world with me." Hearing Kortar's plight, Kling again retired to his forge, and at the next dawn on Qo'noS, Kortar awoke to discover sleeping beside him a being like himself, but female. The woman awoke and, on seeing Kortar crouched over her, leapt to her feet with a snarl and demanded he explain what was going on. "I am Kortar, son of Kling," he told her, "and you have been sent here to serve me as my companion." At this the woman laughed and said "I decide for myself whose companion I am!" Angered at this defiance, Kortar rushed her, and they fought ferociously in the wilderness for hours until, with both of them covered in blood and bruises, the woman began laughing. "Your fierceness and power impress me, Kortar," she cried out. "You have earned my respect, and my love! I am yours!" Kortar laughed too, and said "What a magnificent struggle this has been! But what shall I call you?" The woman considered, and then replied "I name myself Shelka!"

The gods appeared to them then, and said "Kortar, Shelka, you will be the parents of a mighty race, and its name will be Klingon, after the one who created you both!"

Author's Notes: The name of the Klingon homeworld's sun, K'thar, is from the Decipher RPG, as is the name of Corvix, Qo'noS' second moon. Kortar's mate was identified as Shelka in the original script for the Voyager episode "Barge of the Dead", though it ended up not being used in the aired version.