For a time, Kortar and Shelka were content with their existence on their wild and beautiful world. But although they honored their creators, the gods themselves did not always honor them. One god once came to greatly desire K'thar, the sun, and so carried her away to QI'tu to ravish her. The world was deprived of K'thar's light for a whole turn; the land and waters froze over, and many plants and animals perished in the great cold. But Kortar and Shelka were strong enough to ultimately survive, and so they forgave the gods.

Another time, two gods took Kortar and put him in combat with a giant of stone they had made. Kortar won the fight, but upon learning that the purpose of his struggle had been merely to provide amusement, he voiced his anger. The gods then punished him by blinding him for a fortnite. Not long after this, Shelka fell pregnant with her and Kortar's first child, and in time was delivered of a son. But the infant lived only a few days before his breath ande the beating of his heart ceased; the first death had come to the Klingon race.

Kortar and Shelka wept tears of blood over the loss of their child, and cried to their makers in QI'tu, wishing to know why this had happened. And the gods replied "The cries of the child disturbed us, and so we snuffed out its life to silence the noise." Now Kortar and his mate stood silently, and contemplated this. And as they did, the blood from their eyes, heated by the fury of their hearts, transformed into swords. Picking these up, the two Klingons looked at one another, and knew what they had to do. They raised their faces and weapons to the sky and began jeering and mocking the gods, calling them cowards. "How dare you insult us!" the gods thundered. "We, who have given you so much! By what right do you do this?" And Kortar answered "By the right that you have wronged us, and shown yourselves to be unworthy of our love by your very actions! You make us suffer, when we have done you no wrong! You steal from us the life of our newborn, and do not even have the courage to show your faces! Now we challenge you to come down from your heaven and face us directly in combat, here and now...or are you too afraid?"

Hearing this, the gods bellowed in anger and all flew down from QI'tu to confront their challengers. "Very well, you shall have your battle," their leader said, "but you have no hope of victory! What are you compared to us, who made you and all around you!" It was Shelka who replied: "We are Klingons. You may have made us, and you may outnumber us, but we have power of our own, and we will not bow to you, nor to anyone, ever again!" She and Kortar stood their ground as the gods rushed them. One by one, they fell dead before the swords of their creations until only Kling was left. Disarmed and with Kortar's blade at his throat, he told them "By destroying us, you have damned yourselves. Had you obeyed us, you would both one day have been lifted up to Sto-Vo-Kor, the realm beyond death we had made for you, and been worshipped with us by all your descendants. But now neither of you will ever know such glory, only unending misery!" But the Klingons only laughed, and ended the life of the last god. The Klingons would never again have any others.

Kortar and Shelka had many children together, and as their children grew up and had offspring of their own, the emerging Klingon race spread across the continent on which their progenitors had been placed by their now dead creators. But it was Kortar who decided to build the first boat and leave the land to find out what lay beyond the sea, braving the storms and monsters of the ocean depths alone. His voyage lasted a whole turn, but he returned safely to his family to tell them of the wonders he had seen. Word of his adventures spread, and soon others wanted to go with him on a second voyage. Another vessel was built, greater than the first. and in this Kortar departed with a crew to explore further than he had before. But none ever returned from this journey, for in the chaos of a mighty storm, Kortar's ship was swallowed whole by the ocean and all on board were drowned. This was not their end though, for it was now that Kling's curse was realised. The souls of Kortar and his crew, along with the shade of their vessel, found themselves in dark Gre'thor, where Fek'lhr told them they must sail the Ocean of Blood for all eternity and bring the souls of all Klingons that lived and died in disgrace to him to be tortured. And it is said that Kortar's vessel sometimes rises up from Gre'thor for brief periods to be glimpsed on the seas of Qo'noS by mariners, an omen of doom.

It is also said that Shelka, who did not accompany her mate on his final voyage, had the gates of death forever barred to her, and so is unable to ever die. She lives on even now in dark caverns far below the surface of Qo'noS, alone with her despair at never being reunited with Kortar.