Here we are with part 3 of Candela's randomness! XD I'm just kidding, this is NOT random lol. In fact, this is a fic I wrote for another one of my friends, aka the author of the Total Drama Time Warp/Fire/War trilogy, SinWriter7!

Note: Again, apologies if this is more OC/self-insert centered. It's because the story's a part of my current season timeline. And if you all are wondering, this takes place a bit before the beginning of Total Drama: Welcome To The Musical Parade, which is the season we both share.

Disclaimer: Characters like Chef and Chris belong to their respective owners. I own my self insert (I'm using the WTTMP version of Candela btw, she is a bit more softer than Boss Brea from TD Act lol) and SinWriter7 owns his self insert.

EnJoY! (I swear Sin, if you're stealing my catchphrase again then… actually idk what I'm gonna do to you)

Fun fact: This one shot and 'Tid' has exactly the same number of words, lol. (Am I supposed to be proud or...?)

Always By Your Side

"If you ever feel angry or upset, then you can talk to me about your feelings, okay?"

Chef was currently on set, along with Chris. A lot of staff members were roaming around everywhere, abuzzed as a whole new fresh season was about to start. The raven-haired host was currently seen flipping through a packet of paper. This was actually the script for the introduction to the season. In fact, Chris doesn't need a script, but he had to do it for this one because everyone in the set knew that this new season would be different.

The two writers for the new season were sitting on the side, witnessing Chris practice for his first take on the intro, in which… it didn't seem to go so good.

"CUT!" yelled the director. As soon as everyone heard the cue, Chris frowned in frustration. Some staff members such as the interns and make-up artists began to adjust Chris's appearance, as sweat began to trickle the host's forehead due to the Australian heat.

One of the earlier mentioned writers, a girl, buried her hands in her face in pure frustration. To her, this was absolutely going nowhere. The intro doesn't even have a perfect shot, she thought. This season is going to fall apart and it hasn't even started yet.


The girl quickly turned her attention to the other writer, a boy seemingly near her age. He seemed to look concerned, or at least that's what she thought.

"Oh, I'm fine, Sin. Just thinking of-" Candela trails off of her sentence as she looks at the second shot that Chris was going to take.

"Action!" the director's voice rang.

The middle-aged host was about to open his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He then flipped the pages of the script once again.

"Uh, sir?" The cameraman said.

But Chris wasn't listening as he was still holding in a bunch of papers.


"The camera's rolling-"

"Be quiet! I still need to find the first page of this scri-" Chris widened his eyes when he realized what the cameraman had just said. "AHEM! Welcome, viewers of Total Drama!"

He shuffled in his papers once more.

"AHA! FINALLY FOUND THE FIRST PAGE OF THIS DARN SCRIPT!" Chris said unprofessionally and went back to reading the script. "Anyway, welcome to the musical parade, where lowly teens become SHOOTING STARS!"


"Scripted pun!"

"Cut that sound effect thing!" Chris demanded and the sound effects stopped.

Candela sighed in frustration. With the current set being like this, how are things going to blow up in a more positive way? Now, it seemed like things were going upside down.

The female writer blinked her eyes so fast before shaking her head. Candela looked down and sighed a bit… before grabbing Sin's wrist, leading both of them a few yards away from the set.

They both sat on a nearby bench that was a few ways away from the set.

"I want to be honest with you, Sin." Candela starts saying as she looks at him. "Do you think our plan is falling apart?"

The two stared at each other's eyes for a moment, until Sin broke the silence.

"Uh, no." He confirmed. "Maybe it's just that our efforts aren't enough…"

Candela's expression went a bit sadder as she took a deep breath. "Well… I guess I'm gonna have to agree with you. But…"

"But what?"

"Don't you think this season's gonna flop?" Candela immediately asked another question that came into her mind.

"Of course not, why would you think that?" He asked her.

The female writer sighed and looked away from him, no answer escaping from her. She really thought deep down that this season was going to flop and fail incredibly hard. Three of her past seasons were cancelled, the fourth one had a lot of ups and downs, and she honestly thought its sequel was going nowhere.

Sin on the other hand, managed to ride out four full seasons as if it were just a mere stroll around the park. Sure, there were times when inspiration and motivation were lacking in the moment, but he managed to finish it all which is insane, since very few people actually managed to get the job done.

At this point, he wanted to end what seemed like an everlasting silence between the two writers, and besides, what was the point of being quiet to each other when they're actually pretty good friends?

"Um… Candela?"

"Yeah?" the other writer softly responded, still looking away from him.

Sin placed a hand on her shoulder. "Is everything okay?"

Candela didn't answer for about a seconds or so, before suddenly speaking up. "I'm okay-"

"Well, no offense but, you never sound okay to me ever since this production was starting."

"But I'm okay though-"

"No you're not." Sin told her sternly.

This caused Candela to look back to him, with a completely downed look. Her eyes were noticeably watery but she was blinking fast in hopes for it to go away.

"What's wrong?"

Nooooo nononono… don't cry, just do anything but cry, you're gonna kill the mood. You're such an awful person, Ca-

She suddenly stood up. "Fine. I'll admit it. I'm a total failure, Sin. I mean, just look at the differences between us, you've come so far with your past projects and I just, I don't know anymore-" she choked up towards the last bit, wanting to cry at that point, but she stopped herself.

"Candela, listen to me." Sin quickly responded, standing up as well as he grabbed both of her shaky hands. "You're not a failure. Sure you've ended up throwing your ideas in the trash because of certain things but..."

"See? And mind you, I don't see you cancelling any single project-"

"No." He interrupted her again. "You're probably just going through into that phase. Of course I experienced those times about giving up, but it's all a part of the project." He smiled a bit. "You know, all the sadness, the pain, the hard work, it will all be worth it in the end. I promise."

She decided to get down again. "Well, what if it did, though? What will the others think? Of course everything's just gonna get cancelled like what happened with-"

"I promise you, it won't go down. Trust me on this one, Candela."

Candela stayed still for a moment, until a small smile crept up on her face. She really understood his words deep down, and this honestly motivated her to keep going.

"Awww, see? You're smiling already~" Sin teasingly said as he nudged her elbow.

"Oh shut up, you're just trying to be sweet to me." she pouted, crossing her arms.

"Nah, you're just trying to be a sweet cinnamon roll." He added, wrapping an arm around her. "...which you already are~"

"Stop it, you idiot-" Candela retorted, but not in a mean way as she started laughing.

The two shared a short laugh before looking away from the set.

"Anyway Candela," Sin looked back at her. "If you ever feel angry or upset, then you can talk to me about your feelings, okay?"

Candela nodded, before moving up to him, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. She then pulled him into a friendly hug by wrapping her arms around his neck. "I promise. I'll do the same for you too, because you know, I'm here whenever you need me."

Sin hugged her back as well by wrapping his arms around her waist, but after a few seconds as he did so, he could see Chef approaching them. So in cue, he quickly pulled away from the hug.

"What's wrong-" Candela was about to ask but looked behind her and saw Chef.

"Sounds like you two are flirting with each other." Chef giggled teasingly towards them.

"Chef, it's called friendship." Sin rolled his eyes. "Right, Candela?"

"Right." Candela followed, crossing her arms again.

"Oh really~?" Chef teased again, eyeing both of them. "I saw what you did, Candela~"

"Bitch, do me a huge favor and shut the hell up before I take away your paycheck!" Candela sneered towards him, before Sin facepalmed.

"Actually I have an idea, let's just go back to set." Sin suggested. "So we can set some things." he added before laughing at his own pun. "Get it?"

"Not funny, Sin." Both Chef and Candela said at the same time, which only made the boy sigh, although there was a small smirk creeping his lips.

The three then went back to the set in order to get another dramatic season started. Who knows what other hardships will happen behind the scenes?


*Ahem… lol, anyway… if one of the scenes was familiar to you, it's because I directly copied and pasted this off from EP1 of Welcome To The Musical Parade. Thank you self for copy-and-paste-ing your own work lol.

Anywho, I kinda find this somewhat the opposite of 'Tid' lol, maybe because this version of Candela is different? Lol, idk. Originally, I had this the other way around but I scrapped it because it was weird af. XD

Also… eyyy, Sin! I hope you like this little one-shot that I made lmao. I'm gonna admit, it's super corny and cheesy af in my opinion, but I tried to make it fit towards Musical Parade lmao. And also, if you hadn't noticed Sin, this one-shot is just our friendship in a nutshell lol. Anyway, I'm just gonna say thank you so much for being my friend lol. Honestly, if it wasn't for you creating that trilogy, I wouldn't have read it (at least starting from the second story lol) and who knew, we wouldn't be friends unlike now lol. Sooo… I also appreciate how much you're there for me every time I'm down since you're one of the few friends I could actually open up to and I'm really grateful for that, and of course, if you need someone to talk to, I'm always here lol…

...omg why do I suddenly feel like crying rn… stop Candela, you promised yourself not to cry ever since you wrote Tid... no, I'm just being so soft rn lol ;-;

...ahem, anyway, I'm gonna cut this short so I actually don't end up crying lol, thank you so much for being such a super sweet idiot to me. You know what I mean, lol. Happy birthday Sin, and as always, I love you so much! *virtual hug* [insert purple/white heart emoji] :)

So… I'm just gonna end it here because I have a friggin' assignment to do… shoutout to my brother for reminding me about that… DX

And of course, I'll just end it with Sin's magic words because he freaking stole my magic word in the start lol.

PeAcE oUt!

-Candela Monsoon, aka that author who lowkey forgets the English language as soon as her French teacher yells, "Forget English!"