BanjoNote: What's this? A My Craft Fanfanfic? Totally original.Well... Here we are. After weeks of pestering (Dang...) and maybe a month of planning, here's the first Mystery genre'd story on the Minecraft section. Probably not, but I'm too lazy to check.

So... naturally, short first chapter. This story will be updated whenever I finish the next chapter, so don't pester me in Discord or in reviews. You're going to do it anyways, watch.

So, without further ado... let's enter the Void.


The only thing I saw was darkness. An endless void of nothingness, and I was the only thing in it. I couldn't even tell if I was standing or falling.

There was no context, it was as if I had just appeared there. I had no memory of what was before, only that I knew that there was a before. I remembered glimpses, but as soon as I focused too hard on one, it vanished.

Could I move somewhere? I tried to move my legs, but they felt far away. Even if I could move, where would I move too? More nothingness? I shared a chuckle with no one, concluding that if I stayed in this place for any longer, I would start scrawling lines of gibberish into… well, nothing.

Not going insane. Already there.

But… who am I? I realized. I didn't even know my name. I looked down at my clothes, only to find that I was wearing the classic detective outfit. A black trench coat, black sneakers, thin black gloves and a fedora on my head. Taking it off, I saw that it was also black. Apparently, I liked black.

I focused my concentration on that for around five minutes, coming to the conclusion that I would have to name myself.

If I had no memory, how could I think in English? How come I could think of glances of an outside world, when I just randomly appeared in this. There was only one explanation.

I did come from somewhere outside. There was more to this world then just empty darkness.

"Well," I spoke. "Look at me, taking these clues. Almost like an Ace Attorney. Once I get out of here, I'm applying-"

The darkness shattered into colours, and I learned that maybe I wasn't falling before, but I definitely was now.

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