This takes place after the last episode of "The Dukes of Hazzard"

Enos ran his hand over the porch railing, feeling nothing—he knew he was touching it, but he felt numb, unable to feel anything. Not physically, not emotionally. He was only faintly aware of crickets chirping in the dark, and the glow of the lights from the windows.

The house—the house his granddaddy had built, that his daddy'd grown up in, that he'd grown up in—was sold. He'd be leaving for L.A. tomorrow, letting Cousin Jeff handle the remaining paperwork for him. He'd asked his cousins if any of them had wanted it, but they'd all bought houses of their own, long time ago.

At least they were going to take the furniture, so that'd stay in the family. Cindy had always loved the kitchen table set that Granddaddy'd made, she was coming to take that later on. And Rachel had asked for Grandma's wedding china—she'd just left with it not even fifteen minutes before. He'd called them up as soon as he'd signed the papers. He wasn't takin' anything with him but his clothes and personal things.

And he knew this time, he wasn't comin' back. Last time he'd gone to L.A., Mama'd still been alive, livin' in the house. He had an open door then.

This time, he was shuttin' it.

He still couldn't quite process his own thinkin'. He'd woken up that morning as usual…and found himself placing a long-distance call to Turk. After that call, he'd gone down to Tom McElroy's realty and came in just as a young family from Atlanta had, lookin' to get out of the city and move to Hazzard. Must've been Fate, steppin' in right then. They saw the house and fell in love with it, makin' an offer on the spot.

It'd all been that fast.

Enos pressed a finger to his cheekbone. He still had that detached feelin'—like he was outside his own body, watchin' what was goin' on.

Maybe that's how he knew somebody else was watchin' him. And who. He suddenly had a rush of feelin'—all pins and needles and red-hot heat that he always felt when Daisy was around.

"Hey, Daisy," he murmured quietly, not looking over her way.

He heard grass rustlin' under her feet as she walked across the yard, and the quiet, muffled steps when she reached the porch. "Hey, Enos," she said, also in hushed tones.

There was a long moment of silence between them, before Daisy moved a little closer in. "I saw Tom McElroy today."

Enos nodded quietly, still not quite looking her way.

Daisy sighed. "So it's true, then."

Enos nodded again, taking a deep breath. "Yeah." He placed both his hands back on the porch railing. "It's….just time, Daisy."

Daisy shifted next to him, also resting her hands on the railing. "I guess so," she acknowledged. "When are you leavin'?"

Enos closed his eyes briefly, feeling a flash of guilt. "First thing tomorrow mornin'."

Daisy went stock-still at that. It seemed the whole world held its breath at that moment. Enos felt the blood draining from him, the numbness taking over again.

She finally shifted a little. "In that case….I guess it's a good thing I came tonight." Her hand slid over to his, covering it, interlocking her fingers with his. Enos stared down at their hands, his breath comin' up short, his palms breakin' out in a sweat, feelin' her eyes on his face, and still not having the ability to look at her. "I'd like….I want to say goodbye to you…tonight."

Enos' head snapped up, looking her full-on finally. Daisy tugged on his hand, leading him to the door….

….a spill of golden light, broken up by a merging shadow, fell onto the lawn.

The door closed.