It was a tricky battle for Yastuhashi Daichi and Coco Adel from Team CFVY, and eventually, they lost to Mercury and Emerald. It was confusing for the losing team leaving them to wonder how they lost, which is also a mystery to everyone who was watching… that is, everyone except for Otto Octavius.

Despite the good doctor's TV screen disaplying the match, his mind was more focused on his experiments. He used his mechanical tentacle harness to reach out for more equipment to use as well as work from different angles. That's when General Ironwood walked in and watched him.

"Otto." he said. "Are you all right?"

"I'm okay, general." Otto said not taking his mind off of his work. He turned his head to peer into his microscope. "Thanks to my harness, I am able to work 200 percent more efficiently than before."

"Yes, about that… I'm starting to worry."

"Hmm? About what exactly?"

"Otto, will you please turn around to talk to me? Or do I have to order it?"

Octavius paused for a moment before giving in. He turned his head and used one of his tentacles to remove his goggles. "What?"

"Thank you. Now, Otto, I've noticed you've been using your arms quite frequently lately. Security caught you bringing them into the fairgrounds the other day."

"Right. I see what this is about. Look, general, I understand I brought experimental equipment outside of the lab, but I'm in complete control. And with these new arms, it's like all that I fear no longer bothers me."

"It's not just that." Ironwood said. "I've sent copies of your harness plans to Dr. Polendina."

"You what?"

"I had to. You've been getting a bit too dependent on your arms lately. I needed a second opinion. Anyway, Pietro noticed a flaw in your harness' structure."

"Everything has a flaw if you look hard enough, but fortune favors the bold."

"You don't understand. Pietro said that the energy you're using to power your arms is also acting as a bonding agent between your harness' spinal chord and your flesh. He used a lot of scientific terms, but the basic explanation is, the longer you have it on, the more infused it'll be to your skin. If you have it on long enough, you may never get it off again."

"General, I appreciate the concern, but so far, I'm not seeing any downside to these arms. Why would I ever take them off? If they are to be a part of me, so be it. Anything to make sure I don't go back to being a coward. I was never bold enough to do anything, but now, with these arms, I feel like I can take on the world."

"That's dangerous thinking, Otto. I'm starting to think that these arms are having more than just a physical effect on you."

"I told you, there's nothing wrong with me."

"Well, Pietro is still running tests just to be sure. He'll report to me when he discovers anything else. But please, Otto, at least consider removing your harness."

Ironwood turned around and exited the lab. Otto Octavius was left standing alone.

"Ridiculous thinking. I've never felt better. ...Although, I suppose I should take a bit of a break just to be on the safe side."

Otto slowly reached for the latch on his harness, when suddenly, something stopped him. A notification alert sounded on his scroll. He stopped himself to pick it up. There was a text message that came from an unknown sender.

"Don't do it, old friend. James doesn't know what he's talking about. But I do. Come to Mick's Diner tomorrow at noon and we'll talk. And bring the arms."

Otto was stunned. A hundred questions filled his mind. "Who is this? How does he know what I was about to do? Should I bring my arms?"

"YOU'LL NEVER BEAT ME, OLD MAN!" Ruby declared.

"YOU'RE NOTHING BUT TALK, KID!" Qrow returned.

"YOU CAN DO IT, RUBY!" Yang declared.

Despite her sister's cheering, Ruby couldn't beat her uncle in the video game they played. Ruby was disappointed when her health bar went empty.

"And by the way, don't ever call me old." Qrow said.

Yang got up from her bed and pushed Ruby aside taking her controller. Ruby got back up and hopped back to sit on her own bed. At that moment, the door opened up and Peter Parker walked right in.

"Hey, Pete!" Ruby greeted.

"Hey, Ruby." Peter replied.

"Well, if it isn't the shutterbug." Qrow said as he quickly beat Yang in the video game.

"So you do know?" Peter asked closing the door behind him.

"That you've been swinging around Vale in red and blue pajamas stringing up crooks and White Fang terrorists with my nieces?" Qrow asked. "Yeah."

"How did you know all that?" Yang asked.

"Well, believe it or not, knowing things is kinda my job. I have this little… quirk that helps me with that job."

"Does this have anything to do with Professor Ozpin?" Peter asked. "He did want to talk to you after the battle royal in the courtyard."

"Me and Oz go way back. We're cool."

"Yeah. Cool for an old guy." Yang scoffed.

"So what are you doing here anyway?" Ruby asked. "I thought Dad said that you would be on a mission for like… ever."

"Well, a professional Huntsman like myself is expected to get results as soon as possible."

"Yeah, I get that." Yang said. "I mean, we're pretty much pros, too. We totally saved Vale while you were gone."

"Funny, because I heard Vale suffered a Grimm attack after you almost managed to stop a train," Qrow replied, "But they don't give out medals for 'almost'."

"They do, and they're called silver!" Ruby said resolutely.

"I see someone's been working on their quips." Peter said proudly.

"Well, we helped take down Roman Torchwick, Mr. Negative, and a guy made of lightning called Electro." Yang said. "They're all locked up in Ironwood's ship and crime's been down ever since. That's basically a bounty mission."

"There's still Mysterio to worry about." Peter said. "He may be playing hero, but trust me, that's the last thing he is."

"I believe you, kid." Qrow said. "Ruby, Yang, listen. You may be acting like Huntresses, but you're not thinking like one. You really think four girls, a guy dressed as a bug, and their friends can end all crime in a kingdom?"

"I mean, I did until you said that." Ruby confessed in embarrassment.

"And for the record, spiders are arachnids, not bugs." Peter said. "There's a difference."

"Violence hasn't dropped since the train crash. It's stopped, completely." Qrow explained. "No White Fang or supervillain activity around the city. You cut off the head of the King Taijutu, but now the second head's calling the shots. This Mysterio fella is just part of the second head. Not to mention, every criminal you captured, including the sandy guy and the bird man, are huddled together in one place. That's very dangerous. That's what Ironwood can't get through that thick, metal head of his."

"You know the General too?" Peter asked.

"I know everybody to some extent." Qrow answered. "After all, I used to be part of the best team in Beacon, Team STRQ."

"Like Tony?" Peter asked in his head.

Qrow pulled out a photo of four people. Yang glanced at where her mom, Raven, was and, when Qrow placed his thumb over her face, she noticed something familiar. "That's where I met Ruby and Yang's parents. We were pretty well-known back in the day."

"Well known for crummy fashion sense." Ruby said.

"Hey, we looked good!" Qrow said as he got back up. "Anyways, I'm too old to be hanging out with a bunch of kids and their chaperone. You're gonna cramp my style. Look, just remember that you've still got a long way to go. And don't think for a second that graduating means you're done. Every day out there is worth a week in this place. You people, you're gonna go far, but only if you keep learning; if you never stop moving forward." He left the room.

"Uh… is he usually that cryptic?" Peter asked.

"More or less." Yang said. "So, Pete, why are you here in the first place."

"Oh, yeah. I heard Yang's going to the doubles round with Weiss, and I wanted to wish you luck."

"Thanks." Yang said. "Just wait. I'm going to leave the competition in the dust."

The next day, Otto Octavius decided to follow the strange instructions. It sounded like a bad idea, but whatever happened, he believed that with his arms, he could handle it. He found the diner he was supposed to be at and entered. The strange thing is that there was no one there. Octavius glared around and saw only that there was a table with two sets of meals on it. He leaned in closer and recognized one of them.

"What in the…"

"It's still your favorite, right, Otto?" a voice called out. A man entered from the back and approached the scientist. "After all these years, I don't want to seem like a bad host."

Otto widened his eyes in shock as he saw the last man he thought he would see. "Arthur?"

The stranger with the mustache sat down at the set table and gestured at the other seat. "Sit, please. We have a lot of catching up to do."

Author's Note: I'm sorry, but next time, I'm going to have to skip Never Miss a Beat. I don't want to, but I have to. It's hard to fit in any interaction with Spider-Man and RWBY characters in situations like those. After all, Never Miss a Beat is mostly a battle between RWBY characters. I hope this makes things better.

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