In the beginning he thought it would have been simpler than this. A Hero was supposed to be triumphant in the end right?

Then again, the line between a Hero and a Demon lord was a thin one. It was a hero who began this in the first place.

Yet it took six centuries to get to this point. The Hero became a Demon lord. He and his two Queens had gathered an army. Twice.

The Corruptor killed them all. Twice.

But they did the job. The Corruptor's lieutenants had been killed. The tattered spire was rebuilt. But in return his empire was destroyed, sacrificed in an endless war. He acted as bait. The corruptor followed him to the top of the spire, where he made a wish.

That wish banished them from the world and destroyed the spire in the process.

That was fine. Everyone he cared for was already dead.

They landed in the Void, or as he had learned it was more commonly called, the Dimensional gap. The space between dimensions. The very nature of the void destabilized their existence. The Corrupter had spent centuries here, and over time became acclimated.

He had no such luck. The very energy in the Dimensional gap assaulted him, and he had to actively resist it to continue surviving. If that wasn't bad enough, he still had the corruptor to deal with.

It was a humanoid form that vaguely reminded him of a hero he knew named Scythe. It was dazed, injured from the Spire's blast. A swirling mass of darkness emanated from the being and seemed to draw in the void around them.

Every moment he grew weaker, and it grew stronger. That was fine. He already knew this was his final fight. He just had to take the Corruptor down with him.

In any other situation he would have expected a drawn-out battle, where both foes pit their power against each other. Now though, now he was tired.

The Corruptor was a being of darkness.

He needed light.

Spears of pure light sprung up around them and were launched at the being. Just before they struck it woke up. Swirling tendrils of darkness launched out to grab the light spears. The two conflicting energies cancelled each other out, but he knew that in time the battle would turn against him. He teleported behind the creature and trapped him in a bear hug. Instantly spikes impaled him, but it was already too late. Blood magic and light were two forces nor normally used in conjunction. In this case, he forced an exception. The rest of his life force was used as a catalyst for one final attack. An explosion of pure, unadulterated light.

Light could be broken down to two components: heat and holy energy. While normally used to heal others, light could be destructive in the right hands. Against a being of darkness, it was devastating. A shining blast overtook them, and the last thing he saw was light overtake the corruptor.

He sensed the two beings enter the gap. Normally he wouldn't spare them a second thought, but the energy of one of the beings alarmed him.

A fragment of The Beast had made its way to his domain.

A flex of his wings and he arrived at the site of the two beings. One was a charred corpse; he'd get to it later. The other was a sphere, black as sin. This was the fragment. Even a fragment of The Beast held considerable power, to see one defeated like this was a rare sight. He used a fraction of his power to eliminate it from existence. No need to give The Beast a foothold here.

He turned his attention to the other being. It was nothing more than a charred corpse, and the energy of the gap eliminated more of it as time went on. He encased it in a bubble of energy and brought it towards him. Its soul remained, trapped in the gap. It was fractured, beyond the purview of any but the strongest gods. He used True sight to view the strings of fate, to glean information on the being.

They had been severed. Curious. Even the Elder gods wouldn't be able to acquire information now.

He was the Dream.

The being was human, once upon a time. A Hero. It went through dimensions gaining power and learning. Then it became a ruler, with an empire that spanned multiple dimensions. Then the fragment appeared. It started small, a whisper in the back of men's minds. The whisper became a roar that induced dementia, homicidal and suicidal tendencies. The empire crumbled from the inside out. The Hero discovered the corruptor and destroyed his empire, but knew it still lived.

So he gathered an army, and the fragment did the same. When the two clashed the Hero's army was defeated, but they managed to destroy two of the fragment's lieutenants. In the battle his wives perished, and the Hero went mad with grief. He delved into the darkest of magics and became something more. And something less.

He called himself a Demon lord, not unlike the originals that lived in the Dreams very own dimension. The Demon lord went through dimensions to build an army again, consuming anything that would give him power. Once gathered he lured the Corruptor and his armies to a Spire that would gather all the worlds magic and grant a wish.

He wished for the chance to kill the corruptor. The spire listened and devoured both armies as fuel, then tore a hole to the dimensional gap where the Demon lord and the fragment were forced into.

The rest was a simple battle, where the dem-the Hero- sacrificed his life to kill the fragment.

It was a powerful tale, at least to the Dream it was. Few could vanquish even a fragment of the beast, although how the fragment had come into being was beyond even his sight. The Beast was one of two that could match him in strength after all.

The Hero could be a powerful weapon, but he had earned his rest. His dream was to reunite with his lowers in the beyond, and as The Dream itself he could not ignore that. So, he separated the soul into the purity of form, and the purity of essence. He sent the form to the great beyond, beyond even his purview, to join his lovers.

The purity of essence he would keep. He would seek a vessel in his dimension to fuse it, hoping that the Hero would once more rise.

They may yet need it. Even now he could feel The Beast whittle away at its bindings. Eventually it would be free, and the universe would suffer.


It has been...a long time since I've written. Just over two years. I've been busy. Joined the army. Got married.

This is a spiritual successor to Dio's Dimensional journey. Yes, this is Dio. What Great Red saw is a synopsis of where I planned on taking that story. I doubt I will continue writing it. I will be focusing on this story now. DxD has always been one of my favorite stories. While I hate the original, with its annoying MC, the actual worlds plot is one of my favorites. So much potential. And now it's my turn to play in this sandbox.