Captain Blues: Ahoy! The name is Captain Blues of the SS ProtoBreakman and I am here to put out a little tease into the Naruto world. While the predecessor of this vessel Rain has carved his path, I am its new captain and I want a ship of my own to helm and why not do that with a fighting game I love.

While the former captain was in love with Mortal Kombat, which led to Forged in Hellfire: Lost Soul Reborn, my love has been with King of Fighters, Tekken and the Street Fighter universes and while I adore the first two series I mentioned, the one I am focusing on is the last one and my absolute joy. So let's set sail on Ansatsuken and I hope you enjoy!

Story Name: Ansatsuken

Summary: During a search for Tora that led outside the village walls, Naruto stumbles upon a dying old man inside of a worn-down cabin and as thanks for being there for him in his last moments, he hands Naruto a scroll the held the secrets of a long forgotten Taijutsu style. Little did Naruto know that this simple was scroll would not only make him become a better shinobi but would change his life forever.

Pairings: Naruto/Hinata/Tayuya and that's for you to find out.

Rating: Rated T-M

Disclaimer: I may be Captain of Pirate ship but I don't think the SS Kishimoto would enjoy if I stole this so I don't own. I am merely…Borrowing.


Naruto sat on his bed, his knees pressed against his chest and his arms wrapped around them, his chin rested on top of his knee while his saddened ocean-blue eyes gazed at the old scroll in front of him.

The D-Rank mission was supposed to be simple. That demon cat Tora had escaped the village and their mission was to find him. Kakashi and ordered him, Sasuke and Sakura to split up to search for the little bastard.

And for Naruto, he had admittedly half assed his search by walking slowly with his hands in his pockets and somewhat shouting Tora's name.

But then, he found a cabin.

It was a simple, one story log cabin made but it had a hole in the roof.

He had figured Tora was there and so he walked to it and to his surprise, Tora was there but he wasn't alone. Tori sat by the bedside of a weak, elderly gentleman, who laid on a futon with a serene smile on his face.

Naruto was shocked to see him and had rushed into the cabin to try in any way to help. "It's okay Shinobi-san…There is nothing help this…" The man had told him with the kindest voice, Naruto had ever heard.

Sure, the Sandaime could be nice to him but he was nice to everyone in the village. This man was nice directly to him. Naruto tried to convince the man to let him take him to his Sensei but the man had refused.

"I've lived a long life…When you reach my age and the time has come, you don't run from it, You face it head on…No need to prolong the inevitable."

At hearing the conviction and acceptance in his voice, Naruto stopped trying to convince him after that. "Well…If you're sure Oji-san," Naruto had told him. "I however will stay here. I don't know what I could do but leaving after knowing you're going to die feels wrong to me…"

The man opened his eyes and Naruto was rewarded by a gaze that warmed his soul. The older man's gray eyes reminded Naruto of a clouded sky. "You are a strange young man, wasting his time with this old soul but I do thank you," he had told Naruto.

"If you can…Are you able to tell me about yourself?" Naruto asked.

"I'm just a wandering soul in this world. Always had been…All of my life, I searched to find a powerful opponent to hone my skills to perfect my Taijutsu," The man had replied. "I did once…He was fast and he had blonde hair and blue eyes similar to your own…It was a glorious battle that left me beaten. After my defeat, I decided to continue traveling until I came upon his home village of Konoha."

"Why didn't you stay in my village?" Naruto questioned but the man chuckled at his response.

"I went there for the soul purpose to issue a rematch to man but I found that he had passed away. Sacrificed his life to protect that village. He was a good man and I decided to remain on the outskirts to protect this land from any thieves or any other ill-intention folk," The man answered.

Naruto had smile at this and glanced around. Other than the large, beaten up sack that sat in the corner, It had looked so barren and lifeless that Naruto couldn't stop himself and asked "You lived here this entire time right? Why no pictures of your friends or family?"

"There is no need. All of the precious memories I hold are all in my heart," The man replied as he reached up and weakly tapped his chest. The man suddenly began to cough violently, which caused Naruto to look at him with concern.

The man then looked up and asked "That concern…Is that for me child?" He then let out a weak chuckle. "Your eyes. So filled with compassion for a man you've seen once. They remind of his…" The man then coughed again as Tora meowed.

The man reached out and gave Tora a pet as he told him "This little fella has been my companion for a few months. I rarely see him but when I do, I often give him a treat. There is fish over in that bucket. Do you mind child?"

Naruto had gotten the fist and placed it in front of Tora, who began to eat. "I can tell by your headband that you are a shinobi…Tell me, why did you become one?"

"I want people to acknowledge me," Naruto had told him sadly. "All my life I had been ignored and pushed aside for something outside of my control…"

The man had smiled at him and replied softly "While that is a noble goal, you shouldn't use that as the sole reason."

Naruto was confused. His goal was noble but he shouldn't use that as the reason for him to become a shinobi? The man shut his eyes and his breathing had started to slow down slightly. "I may have spent my life as a wanderer honing my craft but I also used my skills to protect those weaker than myself."

The man had coughed again. "A-And while trying to carve your name into the hearts of others to have them see your worth is noble…The true noble path is to protect those less fortunate than yourself and those that you care for…"

Naruto saw that the man's breathing was getting shallow and the light in his eyes were dimming. "Oji-san?!" Naruto exclaimed in a panic.

The man didn't hesitate to smile. "It's almost time…Tell me child, what is your name?" He asked softly.

"Uzumaki Naruto…" Naruto answered softly, his eyes welling up.

The man slowly pointed to a scroll at the corner of the lodge. "Inside that sack is my training Gi and a scroll. That scroll holds the Taijutsu style that my Master trained me in so long ago…It taught me not only how to fight but how to protect as well…I want you to have it…"

"I-I can't accept that…" Naruto told him somberly.

"I see a good heart in you Uzumaki Naruto," The man told him softly as he placed a hand on his head. "And that is heart that I can trust with my most prized possession…." The old man offered one last smile as he murmured "So take it young man…As a thank you for granting an old man the chance to speak to a pure-hearted soul on his final day…And use it to protect…those that truly…neee…d…i…t."

And it was then he took his last breath and departed from the land of the living.

Naruto remembered feeling as if someone had punched him in the chest when the man had stopped talking to him. With tears streaming down his face, Naruto had summoned two clones and dug a grave for him beside his lodge.

He carried the old man and buried him before he placed two sticks and tied them together into a makeshift cross and stabbed it on the mound of dirt before he broke down and sobbed, all while Tora meowed sadly beside him.

Soon, Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura found him and Tora at the grave. Tora hadn't resisted when Sakura had grabbed him and Naruto didn't resist in telling Kakashi what had occurred.

Kakashi allowed him to take the beat up sack with him as he returned to Konoha and after completing the mission, Naruto had went home, took out the scroll and sat on his bed, where he remained since.

Naruto couldn't beat the sadness that weighed in his chest at the man's passing but Naruto knew that once it passed.

He would learn what the scroll held and he would use to protect.

And he would never go back on his word because that was his shinobi way.

Captain Blues: A rather somber opening to this new ship but a necessary one. Did you guys enjoy it? I hope so! The next chapter will begin the process of Naruto opening the scroll and beginning the first step into the rest of his life. Until we meet again in the chapter!