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Chapter Eleven: Rising Darkness! A Demonic Challenge

[Theme of Zabuza:
Battle Time From Yu Yu Hakusho]

The air was thick with tension as Naruto faced off against Zabuza.

Blue irises locked onto black as goosebumps began to form on Naruto's body as the miasma of malice flowing from the man. It was so thick, Naruto felt he was going to choke on the sheer hatred that surrounded him.

But he would not back down.

Not in front of Emi and Haku.

"Naru-nii! Haku-nee!" Emi screamed as she rushed into Haku's arms, her irises shaking with terror.

"It's okay, I've got you," Naruto heard Haku whisper to Emi as the older girl embraced her.

"How precious…" Zabuza muttered as his eyes narrowed.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked him, anger simmering in his voice due to the fearful whimpers Emi was giving out.

"I am here to retrieve what is mine," Zabuza said as he looked to over Naruto's shoulder. Naruto followed Zabuza's gaze, which landed on Haku and blinked in confusion before he turned back to Zabuza.

"Judging by that stupid look on your face, she hasn't told you…" Zabuza taunted with a chuckle. "Well then, Why don't you tell him Haku?"

"Tell me what?" Naruto asked.

Haku lowered her head, which caused Naruto to narrow his eyes.

"Why are you afraid Haku?" Zabuza taunted. "Are you afraid that his loving gaze will leave you? That it will morph into a look of disgust and anger?"

"P-Please…" Haku whispered. "Zabuza-sama…Please don't make me tell him…"

"Zabuza-sama…." Naruto repeated lowly, his eyes locked on Haku's trembling form.

"Haku-nee…. you're crying…" Emi murmured as tears fell down Haku's cheeks.

"Tell him," Zabuza told her.

Haku let out a gasp before she shut her eyes.

"Naruto…I-I work for Zabuza…." Haku admitted. "I was sent to spy on you…learn your weakness and then exploit it…"

Naruto remained silent.

"My mission was to sway you to my side and use your trust to destroy you and kill Tazuna," Haku continued sadly, her head still bowed, no doubt due to trying to avoid looking at him. "That was my mission…."

"Why?" Naruto merely softly...

[Theme of Sorrow:
Sad Song from Yu Yu Hakusho]

"When I was Emi's age…I had a family…" Haku began softly as she tightened her hold on Emi's shaking form. "They were simple farmers in Mizu no Kuni, A very brutal and harsh place that feared those with Kekkei Genkai due a Civil War…There wasn't a lot but there was love and that's all we needed…"

"One day, I found out I had a Kekkei Genkai and showed my mother…She smacked and scolded her but explained why she had done it afterwards. She told me that what I did was dangerous and to never do it again…but little did I know, father had seen and heard it…"

Haku paused to take a shuddered breath and continued her tale. "That night, my father came home with a mob and killed my mother but before he could kill me, I killed everyone…"

Naruto felt his heart break as Haku took another shuddered breath as she finally looked up at him, her eyes shimmering with tears. "I was alone until I was seven…I was forced to do a lot of things to survive but one day, I met Zabuza-sama… he asked if I were willing to become his weapon and seeing no other option, I accepted…."

"I wanted to tell you after we kissed…I truly did but I was scared…" Haku admitted. "I did not think you would understand why I became his tool but each time I tried…That fear would overwhelm me…"

"You see kid? You may have seen a cute girl that fell in love with you but that was all a mask that I told her to wear," Zabuza interrupted suddenly, catching Naruto's attention once again. "The Haku you protect is not the Haku I created. I raised her to be the obedient little tool she is. If I had told her to kill that brat and you, she would. No question asked because that is what shinobis do."

"Tool?" Naruto questioned before anger swelled in his chest. "Haku is no tool! Not to me and especially not to you!"

"You are truly naïve, just like all Konoha shinobi," Zabuza hissed out. "Let me spell it out for you. Shinobi are mercenaries and trained spies, hired by various people of power, both good and evil, to do their bidding as their tools of destruction. We were molded to be liars, thieves, and killers. There is nothing honorable about us. There is nothing human about us."

Naruto watched as Zabuza stared past him at Haku and said "I saved her life. Gave her a home when she lost hers. Fed her when she had no food. Trained her from nothing into the fearsome kunoichi she is. All to cultivate the skills she had that I needed her to have. Her skills are what is tremendously important to me. Not her. That is what we agreed upon when I took her in."

Haku flinched and Naruto felt his anger spike to dangerous levels as a saddened expression appeared on her face. Naruto eyed Zabuza before he turned back to Haku and said with a gentle tone, "Thank you…For finally telling me the truth."

Haku's eyes widened in surprise.

"W-What?" she breathed out.

Theme of Surprise:
Kurama's Theme from Yu Yu Hakusho]

Naruto smirked. "Yeah, I knew this entire time. Since the moment you and I met that you were his spy."

"H-How?" Haku breathed out.

Naruto dug into his right ear with his pink as he explained with, "Simple…I had noticed you watching me when my team and I first showed up. The only time someone is watching after me is when they plan to do something to me so seeing you watch me set off alarms in my head. So, after we talked at the bridge on my third day here, I had a clone shadow you that day. He took note that you did not stay in the village and left when night fell. Second time we met up, he followed you to a stone fortress. Third time, the clone saw you stop those mooks from touching Zabuza and that was two days ago…"

"Naruto…" Haku whispered.

"I'm an idiot, I won't deny that but when I have a gut instinct, I follow it and it followed me right to Zabuza…" Naruto told her softly. "If you had not watched me those first three days I arrived, I would have not suspected you at all…"

Zabuza cackled in amusement, which caused Naruto to turn back to him. "Well look at you. Thinking like a true Shinobi. It explains why dozens of Gatō's men were killed and why I had to escort him to another location before coming here. But now that you know, why do you still protect her?" He asked.

"Because despite your words…If she were truly a tool, she wouldn't being crying or have been scared when you showed up," Naruto said to him angrily.

"If she were a tool, she wouldn't be holding Emi to keep her calm. If she were a tool, she would have not kissed me or try to sooth my own insecurities and push myself. if she were a tool, she would be able to close her heart and kill me with my back turned to her!"

"And Most of all, if she were a tool…She wouldn't have looked so hurt when you said you cared not for her but for her skill!" With that shout, Naruto's eyes flashed an ominous violet colored chakra began to flow off his body like wisps of smoke.

[Theme of Anger:
Struggle of Sadness From Yu Yu Hakusho]

"So, for you to call her a tool in front of me is insulting enough," Naruto murmured. "But to say that in front of her front…Pisses me off!" Naruto screamed before he dashed towards Zabuza then leapt into the air, his right arm cocked back with energy forming in his palm.

Zabuza chuckled darkly and reached back to grab the hilt of his blade. "So much malice in you…" Zabuza noted as he pulled his blade from his back.

"Gadōken!" Naruto yelled as he lunged his arm forward towards Zabuza, who twisted his blade to the flat side and blocked the energy ball, which caused a flourish of violet energy to explode against the blade. "You must hear the truth in my voice brat. That is all she is and no flowery words from you will ever change that!" Zabuza roared as he swung his blade to swat Naruto away.

Naruto skidded on the heels of his feet as Zabuza held his blade before him, only for his eyes to widen in surprise as a large crack to appear on it. Naruto dashed forward once again and Zabuza wasted no time in swinging the Kubikiribōchō, but Naruto's body seemed to fade out to avoid the swing, only for Naruto's form to become solid as he bent down before Zabuza.

"Shōōken!" Naruto shouted as he delivered a small uppercut, which caused a small cut to appear on Zabuza's chest, before Naruto turned his body around a full 360 degrees into a brief crouch then rose sharply and delivered a brutal uppercut, which cut up Zabuza's chest, three medium sized cuts appearing on his chest before it nailed him beneath the chin, which sent them both into the air.

Naruto landed on both feet as the violet chakra faded from his body as Zabuza fell to his back on the ground. Naruto fell to one knee and panted heavily before he heard both Haku and Emi scream. Naruto turned around to see Zabuza and two clones, each one holding his precious people in them.

Naruto turned around and saw the Zabuza he defeated explode into water.

"You really think I would come ill-prepared?" Zabuza asked.

"Zabuza," Naruto growled darkly.

"Here is the deal runt," Zabuza said. "This is my tool. You want her? Meet me tomorrow at the bridge. Come alone and we will settle this. You win, you get your girls back and I will even serve Gatō up on a silver platter for you. You lose…I will make you kill them both and you will replace Haku as my tool…I will see you then…"

Before Naruto could respond, the three flickered away with a swirl of water.

"No…" Naruto whispered with dread.

Captain Blues: And that is the end of this chapter. This was a short chapter but it held a lot of information.

One. Naruto did tell Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke about Haku and they stormed Gatō's hideout. So Gatō's army is done which means only Zabuza knows where Gatō is.

Two. Naruto knew about Haku due to the amount of attention he received from her. I hinted at this when Haku officially made her attention with Naruto noticing her. WHICH ALSO will play a part when it comes to Hinata.

Three. Naruto inadvertently tapped into the Satsui no Hadō which allowed him to perform the Shōōken which means….

LeVeL uP!
(Theme of level up: Friendship from Mortal Kombat 11)

Uzumaki Naruto:

Hatchling Wyrmling


Shōryūken: Dragon Fist


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