The limo came to a stop, and Dipper walked out. He could never get used to those things. They were like if a car was put through a fancy taffy puller. He barely understood how they were able to make 90-degree turns! He grabbed his gear and walked towards the house.

It was a nice house, definitely more upscale than the Mystery Shack, or even his own house in California. Guess the Northwests paid well. White-painted walls. A well-maintained lawn. It wasn't bad at all.

Pacifica and Jorge were waiting for him on the front porch, the former of which instructed the limo driver to drive Dipper back to the shack in order to get his stuff. It was beginning to grow late in the evening, though the summer sun had yet to slip behind the mountains, making it not dark yet. Pacifica had her arms crossed, obviously annoyed.

"And what took you so long?" she asked.

"Sorry," Dipper replied. "Couldn't find my EMF detector."

"Your what?" Jorge asked.

"My electromagnetic field detector," Dipper said, pulling it out of his duffel bag and holding it in front of him as if it was a treasure. In reality, it just looked like a thin black brick with some wires on one side and a meter on top. "The Earth has a natural electromagnetic field. However, when a ghost is nearby, it makes fluctuations in the field. If this device picks any of those fluctuations up, then we'll know that we won't be alone.

Jorge gulped, his brow already slick with sweat.

"Are we ready?" Dipper asked. Pacifica tentatively nodded. Jorge shook his head.

"I can't do this. I can't do this," he said, violent shakes going throughout his body.

"C'mon, man," Dipper said "You are one of the vessels for this spirit. You have to be the one to banish it. I'm just here to help make contact. And Pacifica is… wait." He turned to her. "Why are you here, exactly?"

Pacifica rolled her eyes. "To make sure that my chauffeur doesn't get hurt. There's no way I am paying for his medical bills."

"Uh, that works, I guess," Dipper turned back to the chauffeur. "We need you, man."

"I can't do it. I can't do it," he continued to mutter, now crouched down with his hands on the top of his head.

Pacifica cut in, a chill in her voice. "Look, Jorge. I'm doing this so I can be driven around again. I called Dipper in, and I'm here now instead of being at the mall with my friends, so the least you can do is cooperate. And if you don't, then you'll be fired."

Jorge looked up to the young heiress with a different fear in his eyes. He gulped. "Y-yes, Lady Pacifica."

She patted his head. "Good. Now, can we get this over with?"

Dipper looked at her with a puzzled look. He couldn't quite tell what her deal was with this guy. Why was she helping him? She said it was because he drove her around, which sure, but Dipper sensed that there was a deeper reason that he couldn't quite figure out. It was almost as if she really did care for the man, but didn't want to admit it.

Dipper nodded and moved to the door. He reached for the handle and before he opened it, he asked, "Are you all ready?"

Both nodded, though Pacifica's was much more confident than Jorge's.

With that, Dipper turned the handle. The inside of the house looked lived in. The shelves were full of knick-knacks and decor. Several scenic paintings lined the walls. A brown-tan leather couch sat in the middle of the living room. The walls were an off-white color, and the carpet was an odd blue-green. All of the lights were off, but enough light was coming in through the curtained windows to illuminate the entirety of the house. The air smelled dusty.

"So, where is the toy?" Dipper asked.

Jorge pointed down a hall. "It's in a bedroom at the end of the hallway."

Dipper followed the path that the man pointed to, his entourage in tow. He reached the door that Jorge indicated to, and paused. He then pulled out his EMF detector and his video camera. Turning it on, he noted the readings.

"As of right now, readings are normal." He said, turning to the two. "It's hard to say what we'll see. You have to be ready."

Pacifica gave a reassuring nod. Jorge just stared at the door.

"I'm taking your petrifying silence as a yes."

Slowly, Dipper opened the door. It looked like an ordinary kid's bedroom. Dipper did remember something about how Jorge had two kids. He wondered if they had had any encounters. Question for later, he supposed. The door was on the left side of the wall. In front of them on the wall was a set of shelves, all covered with various toys. On the ground right in front of the shelves was a tall hamper filled with laundry. On the right side of the door sat a tall, rotating fan. On the wall opposite the shelves sat a nightstand with a lamp on it. The lamp and overhead light were off, but enough light came from the window above the nightstand to fully illuminate the room. In the back right corner of the room sat a twin-sized bed covered in pink sheets, a pillow against the wall. Propped up on top of the pillow sat a brown, plush dog. The floor of the room was littered with various children's toys. All of this, Dipper caught on his camera.

"Hello?" Dipper said out loud. "Is there anybody here?" The meter on his EMF detector moved slightly before settling down again. "My name is Dipper. Are you here?" The meter spiked again. "Are you the little girl?"

The group stayed in the doorway, watching. The fan to their right rotated suddenly 90 degrees. Dipper took in a quick breath. This was a haunting, all right. He heard a yelp from behind him, though whether it was Jorge or Pacifica, he couldn't quite tell.

The toy dog then, from his perch on the pillow, fell forward.

"Hello? Can you understand me?"

From underneath the bed, a toy pickup truck rolled forward, stopping at the foot of the fan.

"Hello? Are you there."

Then, they heard a voice. "Hello." It was a girl's voice, a young one at that. But, that didn't make sense. Normally in these types of hauntings, the spirit wouldn't be able to speak. That takes significant energy. Usually, it takes at least an EVP to get any sort of audio response.

Behind him, Dipper heard Jorge whisper "Oh god. It said Hello."

Dipper swallowed. "Why are you here? What do you want?" This was starting to get worrying.


Okay. That was enough. This was too creepy, and obviously more powerful than Dipper thought it was.

"It said Mama. It said Mama! It wants Mama!"

"Dipper," he heard Pacifica say. "Maybe we should get out of here?" Dipper nodded and motioned for them to back up.

"O-okay. We'll help you find your mama." His EMF meter was going crazy, the needle moving this way and that. "We're just going to go find some help now. We'll help you find your mama. Just let us go get some help," he said as they backed away. As soon as they fully crossed the threshold, Dipper shut the door. The EMF detector suddenly went silent. They backed up about ten more feet. Then, they heard it.


The door vibrated with every impact as if it was being beat upon by someone's hands from the other side.

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god." Jorge whimpered.

Dipper held a finger up to his lips, then slowly approached the door again. Strangely, the other two stuck closely as he moved forward.

"Okay, I'm going to open up the door again, okay?" he called out. He then slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open.

The room inside was a mess. The first thing that Dipper noticed was the floor. Everything from the shelves was thrown down and strewn about. The contents of the laundry hamper were equally as displaced. The light from the window still allowed them to see everything on the floor. Though, when Dipper looked up, he saw something new and utterly chilling on the bed.

It seemed to suck in the light around it. It was black and undefined. It sat on top of the bed in the corner. It had no distinguishing features. It was just black. It vaguely looked like a humanoid figure sitting with its knees curled up in front of it. In the illuminated room, its blackness was blinding.

"Oh, God!" Jorge yelled.

Dipper sucked in a breath. "Run," Dipper said in response. "Run!"

The figure hadn't moved at all while the trio was in the room, and it didn't follow them as they sprinted out of the house. They kept running down the street. They didn't stop for a few more blocks. Winded, Dipper grabbed a lamppost to aid in his halt. Pacifica reached out and caught his arm, slowing her down as well. Jorge slowed and stopped ahead on the street.

"Dipper!" Pacifica cried. "What the hell was that?!"

Dipper didn't like the answer, but it was a necessary one to give.

"That… That was a shadow figure."