~Stale Crackers~

The crackers had been there for months now.

It was a small pack of two saltine crackers Mario had gotten with his soup. He'd placed them on the table with the intent on eating them later, but later never came. So there they sat on the table, untouched for six months.

Sonic hated saltine crackers. And several times he'd tried to throw them out, but every time the thought crossed his mind he always hesitated and placed them right back where they'd been.

The small pack of crackers was a reminder of the fact that Mario had lived there once. The one and only thing he'd left behind when the break up had occured. And even though Sonic was entirely responsible for the break up there were times he missed Mario's company. Things were so lonely now without him.

Mario had moved on. Sonic didn't blame him in the slightest - he knew he'd been an ass to him and Mario deserved someone who could make him happy. But still... he wished he could go back and fix his mistakes. That he could have realised sooner how terribly he'd treated him. And how Mario hadn't left not because he was stupid but because he truly loved him and desperately wanted things to work out.

He couldn't change back the clock though. Just like the crackers the relationship was stale, something that could never be restored to its original state.

The crackers had been there for months now.