Its Not

My Usual Way,

But It'll Do

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Because let's be real here, Hannah should have known better than to try and drug Debra. So this is one way where she actually uses her head during the events of 7x11.

Lieutenant Debra Morgan made her way to where Captain LaGuerta's office was at while feeling worried and confused. Worried that she would have to deal with the other woman's suspicions about her brother once again and confused as to why she was told to quickly get to her office as normally, LaGuerta wouldn't have said anything like that. Her eyes widened in surprise however when she caught sight of Hannah Fucking McKay in the Captain's office along with a man in a suit. One she recognized to be the Blonde bitch's Lawyer. What the fuck is she up too now?

"Ah, Lieutenant Morgan, thank you for coming so quickly." Greeted LaGuerta cordially.

"Uhh, yeah, sure, no problem. What's up?"

"I'll get right to the point, my client here has sought my aide in order to ask you to politely back off before she is forced to sue for harassment." Began the Lawyer and making Debra's jaw drop in shock.

But she quickly recovered. "Are you out of your fucking mind!? She's a damn killer!"

"What my client was or was not in her past has no bearing on her present and thanks to you, is having trouble moving on. Giving her nightmares in the process in addition to several other issues." Replied the Lawyer.

Oh this fucking bitch! How dare she pull this shit!?

Hannah, seeing just how pissed the dark haired woman was getting, decided to speak up and stir the pot a little. "I tried doing this the nice and polite way with you the other night befitting civilized people, Lt. Morgan, but you refused. All because you look at me and see my past and think that's all there is to me. To the point you think I am a danger to Dexter and Harrison when I'm nothing near it."

"Wait, you and Dexter Morgan are seeing one another!?" Cut in LaGuerta in surprise and keeping Debra from replying back in a way that would probably be foul mouthed and offensive.

Thereby making things worse for herself. Hannah looked towards the other woman present. "Yes, ma'am. He and I just… Clicked, I guess you could say. Ironically enough if it wasn't for Wayne it likely wouldn't have happened so I guess that's something to be grateful to him for."

Unable to keep herself from smiling as she thought of the relationship she's forming with Dexter. "Oh. While I am a little concerned given your past history and am surprised this has happened, I have to admit that in the end I am happy for Dexter as he deserves some happiness after what happened with his wife." LaGuerta told her as Debra scowled.

Not liking how this was going at all! Granted, LaGuerta hoped Dexter knew what he was doing and would be careful around Hannah McKay given her past. "Thank you, Captain." Hannah replied softly.

"Am I seriously hearing this right or am I just dreaming? 'Cause there's no fucking way this is happening."

"Lt. Morgan, you are to leave this woman alone, is that clear?" LaGuerta told her dead seriously.

Her department did not need any potential issues thank you very much! Debra glared at Hannah who just stared back unflinchingly, no where near afraid of her boyfriend's sister. Not after all she'd been through in life as the dark haired Lieutenant let out a scoff seconds later. "Fine, but don't come crying to me when something shit happens. 'Cause I will say 'I told you so'."

And with that, she made her way out of the office, even roughly bumping into Hannah on her way out. Not caring about the disapproving looks that may have gotten her. "Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Ms. McKay. And on behalf of Miami Metro I would like to apologize for Lt. Morgan's actions as its quite possible she's acting this way out of concern for her brother given what Trinity did to Rita Morgan. I will also be having another word with her soon about her behavior." Assured LaGuerta.

"Thank you, Captain, it is appreciated. I just hope in time she will come to accept me instead of being so hostile. If not for me, then at least for Dexter." Hannah replied and shot a grateful look to her Lawyer who nodded back as LaGuerta smiled kindly at the woman.

Huh, maybe I should have done this with Sal Price too? Thought Hannah to herself as she and her Lawyer made their leave.

It would have quite possibly kept Debra off her ass! But then again, who knows for certain.

Author's Notes: Sooo originally this was gonna be a long one-shot but I ended up deciding to go against that.