Chapter 3

Disclaimer: The final part!

Their first Christmas would prove to be a most wonderful time and by the end of the night, Hannah and Harrison had formed a bond with one another and that had made her tear up in happiness. Dexter himself would even sigh in relief at seeing such a thing happen as he had worried his son wouldn't like Hannah. Glad he does. I just hope Astor and Cody will as well when they finally meet her. Hmm… Maybe on their next visit here we can see how that goes.

It'd also be thanks to Hannah that Dexter wouldn't have to deal with LaGuerta when he went after Estrada. Mostly due to an anonymous tip she made about having information on the Bay Harbor Butcher and wanted to meet out in Dade City. Of course, this hadn't pleased LaGuerta any once she realized the tip had been complete shit but without hard evidence to prove anything, she'd been forced to drop it. It didn't help that she had much of a choice considering after Matthews had been re-instated he all too happily screwed her over and got Dexter to back him up. Thusly ensuring her career was officially over at Miami Metro and Debra would find out all too quickly that Matthews wouldn't let her go after Hannah just because LaGuerta was no longer around. Citing that he had no desire to stir up a cluster fuck just because she had a stick up her ass about the Blonde that she just couldn't get rid of.

Debra had nearly quit after that but didn't and decided that she could be patient enough until Hannah screwed up again. Not that she'd ever get the satisfaction much to her ire as Hannah had chosen to be damn smart about things. Plus, it helped nothing was being much of a problem for the Alabama native as well and would get along great with Astor and Cody once she finally met them. Astor actually having been something of a last hope for Debra but the girl had actually warmed up to the Blonde in the end. All in all, life was good for Dexter and Hannah and their family aside from Debra's never ending disapproval.