"Here's your tests." Izuku slapped down a fat stack of final exams onto Yoka's lap, making her jump just a bit. In the past three days, she hadn't left his apartment building and had basically lived in her pajama pants. Izuku was mildly jealous that she could do so, but at the same time, her ass looked great in pajamas, especially because her tail meant that they had to be pulled down slightly lower than normal.

He'd gotten used to her bright pink skin and white hair well enough, and it really felt like she was much more expressive now, especially the surprised look she was giving him with her glasses slightly tilted to the side, her hands were up and she looked at the papers like she hadn't expected there to be so many. "Ehh?"

"From the exam you gave them for their finals?"

"But, what are they doing here?" Yoka asked, tilting her head to the side, and grabbing the stack with both hands. "What am I supposed to do with these?"

"Grade them."

Yoka squinted her eyes up at him like he was full of shit, which, normally he was. "All of them?"

Generally speaking, Yoka's lack of common sense for basic stuff like this could be considered cute, or at worst mildly off putting. But this was something else. Izuku could only nod yes as slow and as clearly as possible.

She looked at the stack, and then back at him. "Does that mean I'm still a teacher?"

"Uhh, yeah."

She blinked and looked towards the stack of paper then back at him. "Does that mean I've missed a day of teaching?"

"Yeah, we just kind of thought you were waiting to return to normal before you came back."

"Normal?" Yoka asked, tilting her head to the side puzzled.

"Less pink, and with red hair."


She placed the stack of papers on his coffee table and stood, giving a long stretch that made Izuku pay attention exclusively towards her slender stomach. He had a strange, lust-filled urge to lick her belly button, and then continue south and lick a few more key places. His eyes were forced upwards as he saw the tight red shirt she was wearing straining against her breasts as well. She was braless. And it was a blessing.

Yoka let out a cute noise at the apex of her stretch and yawned, she held her hand above her head, and snapped her finger.

Her transformation was quick, her skin returned to her normal pale complexion first, leaving her hair white. Her ears rounded, and her tail just simply returned into her body, leaving a cute view of her butt for a few seconds before she realized what was happening and grabbed pajamas before they fell.

She glared at him, her blue eyes looking stunning with her white hair, her hair changed a moment later going from white to a more natural auburn that was just the slightest bit brighter than he remembered. "Why were you looking?"

"Because I like to look at you," He gave a crooked smile, in part because of her brightening blush, but also because that felt smooth as hell. "Like I said, you're cute in both forms, and the inbetween is pretty cute as well."

Yoka gave a light whine and adjusted her pajamas once again. She picked up the stack of papers and then let it drop. "When do I have to have these done?"

"Grades are due friday." He sat down next to her and grabbed half the stack, "I take it you don't have a key though?"

"I have a key to your apartment."

Izuku snorted and let out a deep laugh that had his belly shaking. "Alright, so you don't, well, let's find, Sakura's test, she's normally got good grades and she's likely to have studied the hardest, we'll grade hers first and then use it as the answer key for the rest."

"Huh? You're going to help me?" She sounded more than a little confused. "Don't you have stuff to grade too?"

"I'm an expert and I know how to generate the least amount of work for me to grade by having my students do self evaluation on their projects."

"You should have told me that before I gave them a test."

"It only really works for a workshop class, sorry," Izuku shrugged and started to look through the stack for Sakura's test. It was easy to find because of just how neat the damn handwriting was. "Besides, I also make it fun by using their inventions and basing my own grade off of how easy it is to use, and during the attack I gave everyone an A if their item helped me."

"Ahh, that's…" Yoka looked at the two stacks of papers and let her shoulder's slump. "That's a lesson for next time I guess."

"So…" Izuku started slowly, "can you switch between normal and alien at will?"

Yoka looked at him, and bit her lip. "Umm, kind of. If I use any of my umm… powers? I turn pink, which I think that's my umm base form. And, to turn back I need to be umm, calm, that's why it umm slowed down when I saw you looking at me. Like that."

"Ahh, my bad, do you think you can keep the white hair though?"

She glared at him. "What's wrong with my red hair?"

"Nothing! I was just asking!"

"No, you were asking for a reason, which do you prefer, red hair or white hair?"

He grabbed her hand and held it between them, "So long as it's your hair it's my preference."

Yoka tore her hand away like it was poison and grabbed onto a test. "W—would you not?"

Despite her words, this time he could see the light hint of a smile on her face and a blush that reached her ears. "Fine, fine, let's get started on this then."

It really didn't matter if Yoka could push All Might's shit in, he could beat her with flirting.

The act of grading Yoka's tests was a long and grueling one that required beer. If Izuku had followed Nemuri's grading rubric, where she gave grades based on how much wine any given test made her drink then there was a good chance that he'd be arrested. Instead of taking days for Yoka to finish grading the papers, they were complete in one long afternoon and part of the night.


"Did you get a hangover?" Yoka asked, poking him in the side as they made their way through the U.A. buildings, there was a meeting with Nezu, that probably could have happened over the phone, but when the boss said come, Izuku had to make his way to the building whether he liked it or not.

Izuku scratched the back of his head and glanced towards Yoka, she was wearing her lab coat again, and some more casual clothes underneath it that were more fit for summer. The white blouse was loose enough that it showed off her curves while still being modest, though the pants she was wearing were low enough that Izuku wondered if her underwear could be seen from the back.

Did she dress this way on purpose around him?

"Where do you even get your clothes? I didn't bring that much from your apartment." Yoka's apartment was a minimum wage bachelor living on their own level of spartan. He barely even needed to make a whole trip for stuff.

"Oh," She blinked and then shrugged. "But are you—"

"A bit, yes, why aren't you?"

"I drank—"

"Don't you dare say that you drank less than me, we both know that's not true."

Yoka paused, and gave a light smile and then shrugged again.

Izuku just pouted and opened the door for them into the meeting room.

"Ahh! Well if it isn't the lovebirds~!" Midnight shouted ever so slightly very loud, making him wince. "Oh, what's wrong big guy, did your girlfriend keep you up all night?"

"We're not dating." Yoka didn't even entertain the idea. She sat down at the table and waited for him to take a seat. "But we did drink beer and grade tests all night."

"And you didn't even get laid Izuku? I'm honestly disappointed."

"Says the woman that hasn't gotten a date in—"

"If you finish that sentence I'll end you."

Izuku stuck his tongue out and turned towards Nezu. "So, we're going over summer assignments?"

"Indeed!" Nezu cheered and stood up from his chair, and briefly gestured towards All Might's usually empty seat. "All Might will be spending the summer as a hero, in hopes to prevent another attack like what happened last week. And because of the attack I'll be heightening our security here while we construct the dorms for after summer vacation, so, our summer assignments are going to be different this year. Cementos, Izuku, Yoka, and myself will be here making sure the process goes smoothly."

The rest of the meeting went pretty much how Izuku expected it to go, Aizawa, Vlad, and the other hero course teachers were in charge of summer camp, the other support department teachers were tasked with chaperoning students that managed to get to I-Island. Which meant that basically everyone was going to be unsupervised over there. Honestly, Izuku was a bit jealous that he wasn't going to I-Island, but that just meant that he'd have more time for projects here at U.A.

"So," Yoka looked to him once the meeting had been completed. "Do we actually have to like, help build the new dorms? Because, I'm not certain I can actually help."

Izuku just smiled. "Not really, Cementoss will do most of the work, I might need to do some wiring, and set up some security stuff, but we're probably not going to be too busy."

"Oh, so, uhh, what are we going to do then?"

"Well," Izuku smiled and stretched, finally feeling giddy about summer break. "You can spend the whole time in my apartment watching netflix until we need to move."

"Is it wrong I like that option a lot?"

Just a bit.

"Or, I can spend the summer getting you to fall in lov—"

The back of her hand swatting his chest put a smile on his face. Man, he was loving this just a bit too much. Was this a fetish? Damn, was he one of those guys that freaked out when a girl ignored them?

"I'm joking, but, actually I have a few ideas on things we can do on campus."

Yoka pouted and glanced up at him. "Am I going to hate any of them?"

"If you do I'll make you cookies."

"I hate them all, cookies please."

He walked right into that one.