When Sansa awoke, she felt relieved. The monster she had let grow in her for months was finally gone. She wanted to hate the monster just as she had wanted to hate the other one, yet when it had been placed in her arms, she felt naught but love for it. He lacked his father's pale eyes and his hair was only slightly more red than her own. She could see scarce a trace of Ramsay in him.

A fortnight had passed since they retook the castle, and since then all the Lords of the North had come to Winterfell to pledge fealty.

She saw a figure standing near the door in her chambers. The person had blond hair, she noted, though her face was quite ugly. "Brienne?" Sansa asked.

"My lady, it is good to see you awake." The taller woman said. "I arrived earlier this morning. I was able to win your uncles to your cause, and they were able to bring six hundred swords North for you, along with Lord Howland Reed and some of his crannogmen, though you already have reconquered Winterfell."

"Thank you Brienne." Said Sansa.

Despite reconquering the castle, Sansa felt empty. They had won over the Wildlings, and the Hill Clansmen, and reconquered Deepwood Motte, which won them Houses Glover, Mormont, Cerwyn, Umber and Hornwood, before they marched on Winterfell. Jon had tried to leave Sansa behind at Deepwood, but Sansa had insisted that she go with, since it might allow them to manipulate Ramsay.

Father, mother, Robb, Bran, even Arya were all now gone, and all that was left of the House Stark was her, Rickon and Jon.

A short time later, Jon entered.

"Sansa, the king is requesting your presence." He told her.

Sansa began to get up. She still felt terribly sore from giving birth to Rodrik, which made it a struggle, though with some aid from Jon she was able to stand up, and was even able to walk under her own power.

Jon slowly led her what was once their father's solar. There, they found Stannis, seated with Ser Davos Seaworth. Sansa sat herself down next to Jon.

"Lady Sansa, thank you for joining us." The King greated her.

"Pray tell, what have you invited me here for your grace?" Sansa asked him.

"Well, I'm afraid we have much to discuss. For one, there is the matter of you and your son."

"What of him?" Surely he did not mean to kill Rodrik.

"He will be confirmed as Lord of the Dreadfort, and one day shall rule their, with all accompanying lands, titles and incomes. However, I do not mean for a son of Ramsay Snow to rule over Winterfell. I mean to have you remarry, as your brother will in a short time as well." Stannis said.

That did not surprise Sansa. She was Rickon's heir, and a sister of the Lord of Winterfell, of course she would have to remarry, no doubt to some loyal knight of his, who he saw fit to have her wed.

"To whom?" Sansa asked.

"That will be determined soon my lady. I have no lack of volunteers, among my knights. However I will be affording you the ability to let either you or your brother the ability to choose your next consort. I will give you a fortnight to choose, and I mean to have you wed a moon's turn after that."

"Thank you, your grace." Sansa said, remembering her courtesies. It was little comfort to be able to say who she would wed, but she took it nonetheless. "Will that be all then?"

"Your brother is still a boy of nine, and will be needing a regent to serve in his stead as Castellan and acting Warden of the North until then, so I have selected Lord Snow here. Else, I have nothing, you may take your leave my lord, my lady." The King told them, and like that, their audience was at its end.

Sansa rose from her seat with some aid from Jon again, who began to walk her back to her chambers.

"He named you Rickon's regent?" Sansa asked him.

"Aye. I'm sure your mother's shade is dancing with joy," he replied. "There is another matter though…." Jon began, his voice trembling as he did so. "I spoke with Lord Howland Reed. He… He told me."

"He told you what?" Sansa said a little more impatiently than she should have.

"He said that I am not Lord Eddard's bastard son…." Jon finally spilled. "That I was born to Lady Ashara Dayne at Starfall near the end of the Rebellion, fathered by unc… your uncle Brandon, when he was held captive in the Black Cells in King's Landing…"

She looked to Jon, with a look of shock upon her face. After all this time, he hadn't even been father's son. She found it hard to look upon him with a straight face. Jon looked at her uncomfortably in response. Sansa had never been the greatest sister to Jon when they were younger, yet now after all these years he hadn't even been her brother in truth, just a cousin who Lord Eddard had named her brother, no doubt to protect him and to ensure he did not fall into the hands of those who might use him against Robb or even the Daynes of Starfall.

Jon shook his head. "Enough of the past, and me, tell me, who do you mean to wed?" He asked her.

"Who can I wed?" She asked him. Jon knew the men who might be desiring her hand better than she did, so she figured he ought to start there.

"You would do well to stay far away from Ser Patrek and Ser Godry. Ser Axell is like to burn you the moment you should pray to either the Old Gods or New. Ser Justin is a good man, and would not mistreat you, but they are all men much above your age, and all desire to be returned to their lands in the south or to get new ones here in the North," Jon told her. "His grace would not begrudge you wedding some Northerner though, if that is what you wish."

Sansa thought about it. In truth, she wanted none of them. She found herself wondering where the girl who had been so excited to marry Prince Joffrey had gone, yet she knew the answer.

"I don't want to birth Masseys, or Manderlys," she decided suddenly. "And I do not wish to be far from Rodrik." Sansa looked at Ghost who had nuzzled himself beside her. "I want you, Jon."

Jon gave her a look of puzzlement. "My lady…" He began to object.

"I am Sansa to you, not my lady. We can serve as regent to Rickon until he comes of age, you would give me sons who can bear the name Stark, and I know you better than I do any of my other choices. I know you to be kind and gentle and not mistreatful, the rest I do not."

Jon still wore a look of disbelief on his face.

Sansa stood on the edge of her toes and planted a kiss upon Jon's cheek. "Go tell the King of my choice, come on Ghost, I must needs go see Rodrik, no doubt he will be wanting for me soon." She said, and to her surprise, when she began the great white direwolf followed her.

She saw behind her Jon had turned around, and was walking back to speak with Lord Stannis, while Sansa continued on to her chambers. The stairs proved most troublesome, and she had needed assistance from a servant to make them, though it was not much a challenge elsewise. When she had finally made it back to the chambers, the nurse gave Sansa her monster.

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