In Brother Sam,

We Give Thanks

Disclaimer: Just a little idea I've had in my head where Dexter meets Brother Sam early on between the events of season 5 and 6 and ends up meeting Hannah because of him. Takes place during the events of season 6's 'Nebraska' and considering certain dialogue in the first episode of the 6th season, it seems like a year passed between the two seasons so this idea can work. And even if that's not the case? Oh well! The whole Hannah/Jake thing never happened as in this take, Beverly Grey took Hannah in after the Halfway House and she's been with Beverly ever since.

"Well, I wasn't sure if you were going to show up." Remarked one Hannah McKay coolly to Dexter Morgan after answering the door of the home she shares with Beverly Grey thanks to his knocking on it.

"I deserve that."

"Who's at the door, Hannah!?" Came Beverly's voice from the inside of the house.

"Its Dexter!"

"Oh! Well bring him in so I can give that boy a piece of my mind!"

"Ooh, if you weren't in trouble already, you definitely are now." Snarked Hannah as he grimaced while she moved to the side to let him in.

"Considering the numerous messages I've gotten from Deb, I'm probably gonna be in trouble for months to come."

Which was honestly why he was putting off seeing her just yet as first he had checked in on his son and Jamie before coming here. Hannah shook her head at that and couldn't disagree that he wouldn't deserve it after pulling his vanishing act for nearly a week that had her, his sister, Jamie, and Beverly all worried about him. "And you don't think you'll be in trouble with me?" She asked of him.

"Well… You answered my texts and let me in so I'm hoping its not as bad?" He asked in a weak but hopeful manner.

She narrowed her eyes at him before speaking. "You're lucky we haven't started seriously sleeping together yet or you'd be on the couch for a long time."

Dexter couldn't help but wince at that and part of him felt grateful for the fact they had yet to take their relationship to the next level. Mostly as they were taking things slow given their respective past histories. His with Rita and her unfortunate death in addition to how things had ended with Lumen and Hannah's time with Wayne Randall that still had something of a strong mark on her life to this day. "I am sorry, Hannah. I really am, okay? I, I shouldn't have taken off like that and I'll explain everything to you." Promised the man as he looked into her eyes.

"I think given recent events… I have an idea about things." She replied.

As not only had Brother Sam been shot by someone in his garage and later died from that in the hospital, but Arthur Mitchell had shown up in Nebraska to come after his family. Something Debra had told her about and regretted having told Dexter since it was the last thing he needed to know about considering what had happened with Brother Sam. "But after tonight, you'll have an even better one."

Hannah felt curious about that before guiding him into the living room where Beverly was sitting in her favorite recliner with a blanket covering her. "Young man, you had a lot of people worried." The older woman told him as she tried to move but couldn't thanks to her sickness robbing her of her strength.

"I'm really sorry about that, Beverly, I really am. Things just really hit me and I had to leave for a few days." Replied the Dark Defender as he leaned down to hug her and kiss her on the cheek.

"Well, next time, you just come here and we'll make you some Tea and give you the best company we can." She told him in a no nonsense voice as Hannah watched on.

Unable to stop from smiling as Beverly is such a great woman and is also a big supporter of her and Dexter's relationship. Hannah had even come to see the older woman as something of a mother figure given how she'd taken her in years ago and continued to be by her side ever since and even declaring her to be part of her family. "I will, Beverly, promise."

That her boyfriend and Beverly got on so great made Hannah very happy as she wasn't certain the relationship would have worked out quite as well if that wasn't a thing. Beverly smiled at the younger man and would have patted him on the cheek if she were able. "Good boy. Now, I expect to see that young man of yours very soon."

Dexter smiled at her. "You can count on it. I'm pretty sure he'll be excited to see you."

This made the older woman quite happy. "Now, off you go with that daughter of mine, young man. As I know you didn't come over here just to see me." She told him with a knowing look and he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yes ma'am." Came his response with another kiss to her cheek.

He then turned his attention towards Hannah. "Come on, we'll go to my room."

He followed in silence as a happy and smiling Beverly watched them do so and sighed happily over the whole thing. Firmly believing things would be okay between them before the Sun rose again as they were perfect for each other in her view! The grandchildren they could give me! She thought to herself with a little squeal.

As that happened, Hannah sat on her bed once they were in her room and the door was closed. Leaving Dexter to stand as he had a feeling he wasn't exactly invited into her bed just yet. "So, did you find Trinity in Nebraska?"

Dexter shook his head in the negative. "No… Turns out his son lured me there because he wanted me to kill him since he was having trouble dealing with the guilt he felt for killing his mother." Dexter told her.

Causing Hannah's eyes to widen in shock and surprise in return. "I… What?" Was all she could really get out.

Sighing heavily and rubbing on his face, Dexter explained the whole situation with her. Including his short lived break with reality where his brother Brian was concerned and what he'd done with that convenience store girl. But he didn't stop there as he continued to tell her a great deal of things about his past beginning with the terrible murder of his mother in that damned shipping container. By the time he was done talking, Dexter hadn't even realized he was being held by her or that Hannah had been crying. The Alabama native was upset, heartbroken, and even a little disturbed by what she'd been told by her boyfriend to the point his little indiscretion with that girl on his little road trip wasn't even a blip for her. But the one thing she wasn't, was judgmental towards him as it'd have made her a hypocrite given her own past. Bev's more right than she realizes when it comes to Dexter and I. We really are perfect for each other.

Though perhaps upset was putting things mildly as she actually felt quite pissed off with one Harry Morgan for not having actually tried to do better by Dexter. That he had killed himself because he couldn't handle what he'd created made her feel hate towards him and were he alive, she was certain she would be implementing something horrible on the bastard. Her boyfriend having to kill his own biological brother to protect Debra and the guilt and blame he carried for what happened with Rita due to allowing Arthur Mitchell to live just a little bit longer were things that in addition to how Harry had done things with him, had just broken her heart. It was no wonder he had finally snapped to a certain degree after Sam's death and she couldn't feel anything but disappointment towards Nick for taking her friend's life. Had he been truly remorseful, Dexter wouldn't have ended up taking his life…

Deb really should've known better than to tell Dex about Trinity right after he lost a friend. Of course I guess I shouldn't be too surprised given she has yet to give her own seal of approval on our relationship given my past. But in the end, I honestly don't give a shit what she thinks of Dex and I's relationship.

Now the fact her boyfriend goes around killing Society's trash didn't bother Hannah one bit but perhaps if she was still with Wayne it would have. As it is, his long hours explained a lot for the Alabama Blonde and while she wasn't necessarily big on killing as she only did so if it really and truly was a necessity, she could respect and approve of what he does. Though given Harry's involvement in things, Hannah felt that the Code was a bit tainted and maybe even a little unnecessary given how it kept Dexter so closed off from everyone else. But again, that largely played into how she now felt about that man. As for what disturbed her, that too had a bit to do with Harry as basically thanks to him, her boyfriend felt he's something of a monster that was basically more or less possessed by some kind of Dark Rider. Or Dark Passenger as he called it.

Something Hannah didn't necessarily believe in but knew that now wasn't the right time for that conversation. But there would be a time for it later and she could only hope he'd listen and find some kind of peace with himself in that area. "I love you, Dexter." She told him softly as tears came down her face.

Breaking the silence between them after he had finished talking and causing him to look up at her in surprise. Clearly not having expected that and given what he'd told her, Hannah figured it really was the last thing he expected to happen. That, and the fact they hadn't even said those words to one another yet despite the fact both of them had come to feel pretty strongly for the other in the time they'd been doing their slow dance with one another. "You… You do?"

"I do, baby, I do. That you felt you could finally tell me everything makes my heart swell up with a lot of emotions. The biggest one being love for you. I love you, Dexter Morgan." She replied with a soft kiss to his lips.

He took a shuddery breath and kissed her back. "I love you too, Hannah McKay."

Her heart practically burst at hearing him say those words. Especially knowing now how big it was for him to even say those words to someone other than his children. Rare was it that he even said them to Debra for that matter. The two shared another kiss that turned quite deep and it'd be that night when the two finally crossed another line in their relationship as they became quite passionate with one another. Their grunts, moans, and gasps filled her room as they made love. Not realizing Beverly could hear them from the living room thanks to having been woken up by what they were doing and was practically ecstatic over the whole thing instead of being upset over it as it meant they had finally taken things to the next level in their relationship. Sure, the two would be embarrassed that following morning when she made a few remarks but it'd all be worth it for them.

And when Hannah told her just how right the older woman was about the two of them, let's just say the jumping and squealing Beverly did made any pain she felt that day worth it. Hannah felt their relationship was stronger than ever and that it could weather anything that came their way. And she'd be proven right too on more than one occasion and both her and Dexter feeling forever grateful to Brother Sam for his involvement in helping bring them together.

Author's Notes: Man, I love doing AUs!