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Princess of the Islands

The Islanders think that two boys have a tendency of finding lost foreign girls.

First its a girl called Kairi who lost her memories.

Then this new one who's clearly a rich girl was found years later. Her skin was so white, it made her hair and lips stand out and that was three years after Kairi.

Her name is Beiyue.

She recently lost her mother to illness and without her mother, who would protect her from her cold-hearted father's favorite wives and her mean older half-siblings who bully her when her mother is at work? Her father never cares for her! She despaired and next thing she knew, she nearly died drowning and she was here! Was there an attempted murder to get her money as her father isn't rich? She'd never know now and she worries for her ONLY maid Dongling who also gets bullied and mistreated.

Feeling sorry for Beiyue who came from a bad family, she too, was adopted into the islands.

She was afraid of people because she was hurt whenever her mother isn't around. The kids who found her worked their way with her until she could trust them, before the island mayor adopted her too.

She put away her beautiful dress and shoes, and very reluctantly cut her VERY LOOOOONG hair as it was a symbol of her social status, because she never was in the tropics before and suffered heat stroke that some things just has to go. She was horrified with island clothes as it exposes too much skin, but as it's normal where she is now...she was embarrassed and red-faced for three months until it became normal for her.

Her hair is now very short. Chin length short. Her long hair that was cut off, was tightly braided and stored away with her dress, too.

She gained many things in the island.

The ability to be free, learn how to fend for herself, learn things she would never learn otherwise and most importantly, a happy childhood with a lot of friends. Her new father who's steps away from being a 'grandpa' through age, was kind to her and her foster sister Kairi. This was a whole new territory and she cried that he was kinder to her than her actual father to her grief.

Once she mourned enough, she could finally move on with life.

She also went to school with her friends, and actually lived a life, and gained chances she never would've had she been back in her world. And weirdly enough, their idea of playing was sword-fighting! With wooden, flat swords! Selphie and Wakka were the weird ones using a jump rope and a ball as weapons. Beiyue, wanting to be able to learn joined the games as when she was found to have a defective dantian, she was tossed aside.

Well, living in the islands gave her white skin some color. She was easily the most beautiful girl in the islands because she was from a wealthy family.

She was also closest to the kids who found her, as her new sister Kairi always hangs out with Sora and Riku, her first friends as well.

And years later, at age fourteen and thirteen...

'Eh? You want to travel worlds Riku?' Beiyue asked Riku as they hung out by the Play Island, on that bent tree by sundown. She wears a red and white dress with butterfly cap sleeves, exposing nearly all her skin on her arms, save for the top of her shoulders and a pair of flats as sllppers are impractical on sandy areas. Sand can get into feet and can get uncomfortable and rub your skin raw, causing light graze wounds. She would change into doll flats when out of the sandy areas, like the town.

'Well, only you and Kairi came from outside.' said Riku. 'That means there's a world beyond these islands of ours.' he said. 'I want to see other places too.'

'Well, seeing the same thing every day can get boring.' Sora grinned. 'There's possibilities now.'

'Well, any world but mine.' said Beiyue gloomily, fearing the mere idea of going back to where she used to be.

'Don't worry, we won't go there.' Kairi promised her younger sister. Beiyue was a year younger than her and Sora. And the group baby who had come a long way. 'We'll go elsewhere! We'll need to build a boat though.'

'A raft would be a start.' said Riku. 'Shall we work on it?'


Little did they all know, that life as they know it, would change. Forever.

Four innocent wishes from their hearts, three of which are strong while one on the way to gain the same strength, drew danger to their home island.


Beiyue was helping Riku chop and carve wood into ideal flatness using a wood shaver and a smoothing plane while he logs. He was the strongest out of them all. Evidenced by the muscles on his arms that he was so proud of that his clothes, are always sleeveless just to show off!

'Hey Riku, what to you think? Nice and square enough and tough enough to hold four kids?' Beiyue called out as Riku came, carrying a log still with branches. That's her job to chop it off, too and smoothen things out.

'Yup, sounds about the right size!' Riku grinned, giving her a thumbs up. 'You're doing well for a former princess.'

'Haha, yeah! I never dreamed I'd learn many un-princess things...but I'm happy here with everyone.' said Beiyue with a smile. 'Food here is a lot tastier, I don't have to worry about being assassinated by poisoned meals, I actually learned how to survive here...and I actually have friends. My world is a cruel place to be.'

'...how bad is it?' Riku frowned worriedly as years ago, Beiyue was terrified of EVERYONE and has severe trust issues.

Beiyue paused during wood shaving.

'You're human if you can do martial arts.' she said. 'If you can't, you're even more of a garbage than servants and being a princess no longer matters then. Unfortunately for me, I was born with a flawed elixir field, where power usually goes when one cultivates spirit energy...because in my world, you need both spirit energy other than fighting skills. And because my world always gets into war, the most respected professions are being a Summoner, Alchemist, Enchanter and Warrior, in that order of Prestige.' Beiyue stated. 'But whenever I tried to cultivate, it goes away. My life became hell when I was six years old, old enough to awaken a child's field.'

'My mother who was a respected, renowned War Goddess...has a garbage for a daughter. That's what everyone would say. That I'm the living shame to her good name.' said Beiyue softly as Riku felt indignant for her sake as he can't imagine living with a mentality like that, it's just too cruel. He wondered for poor Beiyue who was traumatized towards people what she felt all those years and she was a kind girl. 'At least mother loved me and tried to make my life easier...but when she's out on the battlefield...I have a lot of fears that always happens when she's gone...'

Riku put down his log and knelt on one knee to pat her head.

'At least life here made you happy.' Riku reassured her. 'A life of living in fear is no life at all. Living a happy life is truly living a fulfilled life.'

'Yeah. I wish I can say the same for Dongling. I wonder how she is now...' Beiyue wondered. 'I hope she has a good life. Its best to escape my horrible family while there's still a chance during mother's funeral. By the way, where's Sora and Kairi?' she wondered. 'They're taking a long while to get back.' Riku sighed.

'They're probably goofing off. We better go get them.'

'Eh?! No fair!' and they ran off to look for their missing friends alongside the beach and overheard slivers of conversation from said missing pair!

'Hey! Aren't you forgetting about us?' Riku called out as he and Beiyue found Sora and Kairi chatting about!

'Jeeeeeez! You guys are laughing while we're working~' Beiyue whined unhappily, jumping indignantly as the other kids sweatdropped.

'Well, we're the only ones working on the raft.' said Riku, hands on his hips. 'And you're just as lazy as he is.' he said wryly as he looked at Sora, before at Kairi. The two looked sheepish.

'Ahahaha...then we can go back together to finish it.' Kairi chirped. 'C'mon! We'll race you!'

'Race?' Beiyue sweatdropped.

'Yeah! The fastest one who gets the rest of the materials gets to name our raft! Ships need a name, right?' Kairi piped up.

Beiyue thought she wouldn't call a raft 'a ship'...ah well, it's still a vessel that sails!

They raced together to get the remaining materials and worked on their raft for days.


At home...

Beiyue looked at herself in the mirror, and put on a pale pink empire waist dress with red ribbons, and black leggings before wearing red doll flats. Her hair is in a half ponytail secured with a decorative hairclip with a big red ribbon on, and bound the tip of her hair with a hair tie.

'Mm! Cute enough for travel tomorrow!' she was happily satisfied when suddenly, the world shook like an earthquake...and she saw visions.

Visions of her friends at the Play Island.

Riku swallowed in darkness like herself years back, horrifying her. Sora never got to him no matter how he tried. And WHY did Riku look like he was inviting Sora INto that darkness?! And shadows came out with black...ant-like things with glowing eyes?

WHY did she see Kairi just now when last she checked, her sister is in her room preparing for tomorrow.

How did she get to the playground without their dad knowing? He was outside tending to the chickens!

'Kairi? Beiyue? You girls OK?!' their father called out. 'The island shook just now!'

'Kairi went out to the store dad! It's just me here!' Beiyue lied.

'Well she better come home soon! This is a little weird!'

Beiyue wished she could tell the truth, but...who'd believe her?!

Indeed. A man's voice spoke in her heart. Who'd believe you? This is odd, even for me.

'W-who's there?' Beiyue squeaked, looking around nervously.

You can call me Uncle for now. said the man who sounded young and serious. I've never felt anything like this. I actually feel threatened and fearing for my life when we saw those things. "That, and I felt strong enough to contact the kid." he thought. If she dies, he dies too and that, is out of the question. She doesn't even know he is in her body and his prison is the main reason why she cannot cultivate. What do you want to do?

'Help me save my friends!' Beiyue cried desperately as she dashed downstairs as the ground was getting shaky she nearly fell off the stairs, but managed to get ahold of the banister. Once the shaking stopped, she went to get a knife in the kitchen and ran out the back door to get to the boat port to go to the Play Island but the water disappeared.

'Oh...my...god...' she choked as the ocean is somehow gone, what's left was the seafloor.

Nevermind, she can run! But up above the Play Island was a rapidly growing swirling hole of black and eerie purple.

As she got closer, things got turbulent...

'YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?!' she cried in horror as she got swept off her feet and dragged into the hole. 'YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!'

Uncle was just as horrified.

"Death by mysterious sorcery...how undignifying for one such as I, but its not like I had a choice in the matter!" he swore in reluctant resignation as one, he's imprisoned in the girl and two, she's about to die...

They got into the hole. Together.

However, for Uncle, he found his prison destroyed and he was able to leave the child he was in. He grabbed her and hoped for the best as he held her tightly.

Normally, he doesn't care for others as where he was from, it was kill or be killed, steal and be stolen from. A ruthless cycle by those in power. Trust is worth more than gold as trustworthy people are so rare, the rest are swindlers.

But this girl was innocent. She was the one harmed until by some luck, she ended up in the islands where people here are decent human beings for once and she learned how to be happy and recovered from her mistreatment.

He could appreciate that.

Now that he's out of her cell, she can now...cultivate. For now, he has bigger things to worry about, such as worrying where they'll end up in next so he just prayed hard that they end up where its NOT their world as Beiyue hated their native world and believe him, feeling's mutual. That they'll end up to where someone can make sense of their situation without screwing them over.

'U-Uncle?' she gasped out and her uncle was a young adult with blood-red hair. Yes, color of blood. His eyes were also feral. He's also incredibly good-looking, a face no human can ever hope to have in masculine beauty and he wore black clothes with red trimmings and designs.

'We're in for a wild ride...brace yourself!' Beiyue squeaked and hung on tight and next thing they know, they blacked out.


They were just minding their own business.

Reading books in the case of an old man in blue robes and a tall cone hat, and in the case of three matronly women with wings, having tea and cake.

Then they felt a powerful presence appear and crash outside. They were unconscious in a crater outside their door when they looked outside their window.

When they looked, it was...a long-haired robed person and a little girl.

'My goodness!'

And so...inside a living room...

'Where are we? Who are you people?' Beiyue asked nervously, clinging to Uncle while sitting on a couch. Across them were elderly people in rather interesting fashion of robes and tall hats. And the women have wings!

'For one, you ended up outside our home with quite, the loud entrance.' the stern-looking grandpa told them kindly. 'And we are sorcerers who watch the stars.'

'The stars.' Uncle deadpanned.

'Yes...when they go out, it means a world has perished.' said the old man. 'And you've seen it first-hand, for you are touched by the Corridor of Darkness that formed as the Heartless destroyed your world.'


'Yes.' the old man conjured the creatures Beiyue saw.

'Ah! They surrounded Sora as soon as Riku's gone!' she exclaimed, pointing at the small one. 'Riku got swallowed up in darkness! And I have no idea what happened to my sister Kairi...she somehow went through Sora's body like a ghost and she vanished!' she wailed in distress.

'Take care not to let them even touch you.' said the old man grimly. 'They seek and consume hearts. Those whose hearts are devoured become Heartless too. Its how they multiply.' Uncle stiffened as Beiyue gulped in fear. 'As they seek and consume hearts, desire to return to the greatest heart, the heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts, that resides deep within the Realm of Darkness. And because of this, Heartless seek immense darkness, enough to completely consume the Realm of Light.' he explained. 'The only true way to destroy all Heartless is to have all people have light filled in their hearts and no darkness, leaving nothing to create a Heartless or something for them to thrive for.'

'So these tiny little ant things...however unassuming they look are actually deadly.' Uncle frowned in trepidation.

'Yes. And it gets better.' said the blue fairy. 'The greater the darkness in your heart, the stronger and bigger your Heartless will be when you become one. It can really make you wonder on who this person used to be, if you encounter a large, monstrous-looking Heartless.' she said sadly.

'Darkness within a person and how bad you are in life equals what your Heartless looks like?' Beiyue quickly made the connection.

The Uncle inwardly snorted.

He lived longer than this old mortal has. He has seen worst of humanity that he too, knew that if these ants touch him, he will become quite, the monster for sure.

'Yes.' the old man nodded, approving at how fast she caught on. But he knew that she has no ordinary upbringing as she lacked innocence her age would have suggested she should have. 'In my long life as a warrior before retiring to old age...I have encountered such sadness in my journey.' he said as he showed them the many forms of heartless he encountered over the years, compared to his own human size in conjured illusions. 'I then retired to teach the new generation, as I cannot be around forever.'

'Then...will master teach us how the world works?' Beiyue asked the old man. 'I don't know about Uncle here, but I want my friends and sister back! I'll fight to get them back!' she swore to the old man.

'That will be quite the journey as we're not even sure if they are still themselves.' said the old man somberly. 'May the Light guide your way, young one.'

'Well, I'd best know what's going on as I frankly don't want to die young.' said Uncle flatly. 'And in such an undignified death at that!'

This old man was Yen Sid, a retired warrior and master sorcerer.

He also was no fool.

While the kid has no skill whatsoever, this...uncle, is far more superior than he! He could feel Uncle's strength. If he were to compare, his power was akin to a bead...against a marble. That was how great their difference was in magical powers. But when it comes to the strength of their hearts and wills, they are equal. But as he is old and gotten rusty in retirement, he would lose to this one.

So he made a decision.

'I will personally teach the young lady.' he said. 'My only curiosity is that, why not teach her yourself in regards to combat and magic skills?'

'Well, I recently just got out of her body.' Uncle deadpanned as he earned comical, wide-eyed looks. 'You see, I was once a Demon Beast.' he said. 'I was powerful enough to gain sentience, and the ability to transform into a human. However, it seems that a lot of humans want me under their subjugation.'

'Subjugation...you mean, Summoners attacked you to tame you and force a Life Contract on you to increase their cultivation?!' Beiyue's eyes popped wide as Uncle huffed at the notion. These jargon were a bit foreign to Yen Sid, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, so the fairies listened. But Yen Sid did better. He dove in Beiyue's knowledge to learn what was she talking about, and discovered the culture of her world...

'As if I would allow to be a pet beast to some insignificant bugs! I worked hard to get this far, little princess.' he grumbled, grumpily armfolding. 'I fought off these ambitious lazy louts who wants instant power by enslaving us beasts! Then I came to meet them.'


'Princess Royal and a man I feel, was your father. Its not Xiao Yuancheng.' Uncle smiled ruefully. 'Considering what kind of man your father is, was it a wonder your mother wore the green hat, going to your father who sealed me in you as apparently, I cause trouble by existing as I attract Summoners who fight and kill each other just so they can get to me, turning the land a wasteland in their wake, all for their greed? Humans disgust me...' he sneered in derision, '-until you somehow crossed worlds to Destiny Islands during your mother's funeral. Then through your eyes...I was astonished to see good humans existed.' said Uncle in amazement and the sorcerers really wonders what kind of people were in their world that Uncle holds them in such contempt. 'They helped the you who was traumatized and living in fear from mistreatment by your own family. They showed you kindness that you could finally smile. You no longer cowered in fear.' Beiyue wilted at being reminded of her past.

'I'm getting off-topic.' he coughed. 'My prison is made of special copper prison seals. And to power up this prison, I was sealed in your dantian while Princess Royal conceived you. Its why you cannot cultivate for martial arts,' Beiyue's jaws dropped from the revelation and the shock was too much for her, 'As all you get, powers up my cell, keeping me in prison until the day you die. In short, their way of handling things...you paid by having a miserable childhood.'

'N-no...then...' Beiyue stammered out, looking ready to cry in heartbreak as they all pieced together the picture Uncle was painting. That her parents were unwitting instigators of her misery and they realized too late what they had done to her and what her future, they made to be.

'Your mother knew your suffering, and did her best as she knew its their fault you're suffering.' Uncle told her. 'She gave you her all in love and doting, as if to counter your suffering as the national joke of our world, that you who was born to your mother, a renowned respected warrior, was born a trash when in reality, you are very talented.' he stated as Yen Sid caught that part while the females clearly did not, being too emotional with the reveals. 'If Xiao Yun was born a miraculous dual Element in her Spiritual Roots, you are one who is born with all elements, a genius like your true father.' he revealed. 'But in a way, your suffering is a blessing in disguise.'

'And how?!' Beiyue cried. 'I didn't deserve any of that! I didn't do anyone wrong!' she clearly did not hear of her talents, Uncle thought, but her dismay overwhelmed her she clearly had a momentary case of 'selective hearing' at that point.

'Indeed so...but you learned how cruel others can be.' Uncle told her. 'You grew up humble and wise, though you became a coward as you know full well the dangers of a cultivator's attack on a defenseless, spiritless body.' said Uncle grimly. 'You did your best to survive by pretending to be a fool not worth their time, that only servants bully you. You learned how to read people and discern friend from foe. You gained smarts spoiled brats otherwise would not have. And the darkness in your heart borne out of despair must have torn a rift, and your heart's desire led you to Destiny Islands when darkness swallowed you...and you finally found happiness you deserved. It will be a lifetime of happiness, kid.' Uncle patted the distraught girl's head reassuringly.

'And how? I lost everything...the islands were destroyed and my friends all gone.' Beiyue moped sadly, as well as disheartened.

'The only way to restore the destroyed worlds is to find the Door to Light.' said Yen Sid. 'Open that door, and it will release great Light that will banish the darkness to revive the worlds devoured by Heartless. Its a journey wherein the road is full of thorns. But are you up for it?'

'Y-yeah!' Beiyue sniffled before looking up in determination. 'I will find my way home again!'

'Then shall we begin education?' Yen Sid smiled. He then turned to Uncle. 'Venerable Spirit, I will task Flora to educate you on our culture. You need not training, for you are more powerful than all four of us combined.' he said wryly as Uncle looked smug as he grinned, all teeth, showing he has fangs.

'Hehe, hard work pays off as I didn't want to be a mindless beast forever.' he stated.

'How soon do we start?' Beiyue piped up.

'Tomorrow, as you and your...uncle, need to settle down first.' Yen Sid chuckled in amusement, but appreciating the eager attitude of a student who has a lot to fight for. 'Such as, where will your rooms be?'