Curses and Musicals

Molian has long since mastered Dongling's spell for him and he was like a child marveling at the sights around him that poor Meng Qitian ended up being his Superior's tutor in...absolutely everything. His innocence and obliviousness was out full force Honglian went schweet on how adorable it was!

The things he learned from Dongling were useful for his survival, thus everything else, is in Qitian's hands. He knew basic words, more focus on Math, spell for his eyes, how to use money, how to shop, cook, and do his own laundry.

However, he prayed real hard for power to cure him for real in the guise of meditation during group's downtime.

He prayed hard for Dongling's former lady to come. If she could make Dongling what she is now, she can definitely help him!


'Hey, I'm getting something.' Beiyue frowned as they were on their ship. She was 'hearing' from someone's heart a heartfelt prayer.

'Get what?' Donald asked Beiyue.

'I'm hearing a voice...a voice who knows Dongling and...asking my help.' said Beiyue. 'I definitely can. This person has a very strong heart full of Light back in our world.' she said, getting excited. 'We can't pass this chance up! I can't believe that in that rotten world of ours, this light burns fiercely!'

'So you see it as hope we must nurture.' Zhanye mused. Beiyue despised their world, seeing it as rotten, full of darkness focused on greed and self-serving thoughts that won't hesitate to use and betray kin for money and power. She wanted nothing to do with it and would rather not go back forever, unless direly-needed. Like now, perhaps.

'Yes very much!' Beiyue beamed. 'Chip! Dale! To our world!' she instructed as she popped a pill that made her hair floor-length again, before tying up half her hair into two twintails and let the rest stay loose.

'Aye aye!'


Cultivator's World, Northwest of Xirong, the Camp of the Trio...

They felt a disturbance into the air and got alert.

Several orbs of light appeared, and out came several strangers. Several kids...and one duck and one dog?

'Is it here, Yue?' Zhanye asked Beiyue.

'It's here. The voice is strongest here.' said Beiyue.

'But uh, shouldn't we explain to these guys why we're here cuz' they look kinda hostile?' Goofy asked nervously at the trio ready to fight.

'Who the hell are you?!' Honglian demanded, hostility on full-blast. The boys did a double-take at her due to her resemblance to Beiyue, but she has peach-fair skin to Beiyue's jade-bone one.

'We apologize for the intrusion, but someone among you called my cousin through a powerful prayer which she heard.' said Zhanye much to their astonishment. 'Someone here, who knows her former maid Dongling.'

' is Princess Beiyue with you?' Molian, currently blind again, asked him upon hearing the familiar name of his friend and mentor from Zhanye. Honglian frowned at him, then at Zhanye's words. Why was Molian praying for a princess to come to him? And heard his prayer from far away calling out to her?

'I am she.' Beiyue confirmed her identity, making Honglian and Qitian look at her. 'Your heart is very strong that burns fiercely with Light. It's why I can hear you.' she smiled. 'You prayed that I can cure your blindness permanently, yes?' that got Honglian and Qitian looking at Molian in disbelief.

'He what...?' Qitian muttered, amazed. He prayed that hard to be heard by a princess miles away? And she must be living in a foreign country, given what Molian learned from Dongling about Nanyi's Royal Family. What's with those clothes? Moreover she's crazy strong. Just how is she trash again?! Maybe where she lives now, she got better and Nanyi's so-called masters just sucked in awakening potential and failing to find hers that she had a hard three years before disappearing on her mother's funeral, showing a sliver of what she can actually do had anyone bothered to teach her that her power now, was sublime.

'I did...being able to see is wonderful...Dongling did so much for me, but its only temporary.' Molian sounded like a very unhappy kid who was just told Christmas won't come. 'I want to see like normal people without having to worry about a countdown to blindness again. I was hoping you can make me see for real.' he told her hopefully.

'Mm.' Beiyue approached Molian and diagnosed him with her magic by touching his face...and what she found was worrying that she conjured two papers with finger-snaps with writing she made appear before Molian's companions as they took the paper mid-air, detailing what was wrong with Molian. 'I can certainly heal you buuut for the second problem, I need Sora's help. Sora, unlock the bellflower tattoo(curse was what Sora heard in his head) on this boy's face.' Beiyue instructed as she stepped aside.

'Alright!' Sora charged up for a keyblade beam as a keyhole manifested in front of Molian's face, which he blasted at to unlock, and the bellflower disappeared. Beiyue then effortlessly restored Molian's sight.

'All done! To remove rather potent ailments, one needs the right stuff.' said Beiyue as Molian can see for real now.

'How much do I pay you?' Molian asked Beiyue.

'You need only remain to be a good and pure-hearted person.' Beiyue patted his head kindly like she would a child, the affectionate gesture making him flustered. 'Goodness knows this world needs more people like you. That perhaps in some way, your blindness protected you from learning all evils in this world and becoming evil like most people. I hope your friends can keep you away from all evil things.'

'They will.' Molian sounded certain and confident. 'Wow, you really look like Honglian! Just that...your chest is smaller!' he said this so innocently and in amazement, unaware of the damages he inflicted, Beiyue flinched horribly. The boys looked at Honglian, before their eyes went down south earning them Honglian's glare, then they quickly looked at Beiyue to make a comparison...

'That's what you're focusing on?!' Honglian sputtered as she got flustered, giving Molian a dope slap.

'It is, right?' Molian answered her obliviously, while smarting at the smacking.

'Molian, you're so innocent...' Qitian shook his head in bemusement, feeling really sorry for the princess now who was actually affected by his innocent comparison. 'There are STUFF you should never, ever tell to a girl!'

'Huh...?' Molian remained clueless.

' like or don't like big-breasted girls?' Beiyue whimpered with a cracking voice, feeling utterly self-conscious now because she's two sizes smaller than Honglian. She can't even get angry at Molian due to his innocence. Riku sputtered at being put on the spot as this was danger zone he dare not cross!

The other boys also scooted away at the danger they ALL sensed from that question, terrified and opting for nope-ing themselves out of it to Riku's dismay. Qitian noted to his amusement with the boys' terror in an utterly comical manner, that the princess has a boyfriend, so Honglian should cool it. She's possessive of Molian after all...

'Beiyue don't think about stuff like that, I like you the way you are!' he reassured her like any good boyfriend should. 'I like you as the girl I've known for so long than frivolous things.'



"Smooth." Qitian thought as disaster is averted. But he glanced at Honglian, frowning.

Princess Beiyue easily discerned what was wrong with Molian. And it did not paint a good picture about Molian's background the boy didn't even know about.

That's saying something as nobody knew Molian's past, either.


Qitian drugged Molian to sleep so he could talk with Honglian.

'Honglian...what do you think of what we just found out?' Qitian asked Honglian who wasn't happy.

'I can't believe it...' Honglian shook. 'But that princess knows too much. Sure she cured Molian but, the implications of how he got them...' she was furious when she found out why Molian was the way he was for years. 'Why was he made to pay for someone else's crimes?! He didn't deserve this!'

'Women are irrational that way.' Qitian shook his head. 'On the good side, he's not blind anymore and his heart is no longer sealed. He has a lot of growing and maturing to do and Princess asks that we help him stay a good person. Shouldn't be too hard while we do our jobs.' Molian was extremely innocent, gullible and literal-minded, so...

Molian has a curse on him, inadvertently revealing a part of his origins.

The Bellflower Curse originated from the now-defunct Song Country, a small kingdom beside Nanyi Country. Its a curse women of that country inflicts on specific kind of men, a curse of hatred powered by their very life itself that they die after casting it that even non-cultivating women can do it! It requires two conditions as condition three, pure hatred is already fulfilled. The woman gives birth to this man's child as the child is the anchor of the curse, other than the woman's life. It is aimed at the man who earned the woman's hatred. Dooming both to be unable to gain love forevermore just as how the man denied the woman of her love by taking it from her. Most likely by doing something to the man she actually loved before forcing himself on her or something along those was a Curse of Hatred borne from Denied Love.

And Molian's blindness wasn't from the same caster, it was magically-induced, not natural all this time. Most likely, from his real father. Why blind him, was anyone's guess!

And they were forbidden to tell Molian as the truth will be too much for the innocent boy on Beiyue's request.

However, now that the curse is dispelled, both Molian and his real father can gain love again. Molian is unable to feel attraction to women nor fall in love due to his blindness and unable to see and learn had he been a normal blind boy. But his heart was sealed as well to deny him love from a girl he may potentially fall in love with as well. His father most likely cannot love a woman for a good long while as he was the target with his son the anchor, until Princess Beiyue happened!

'Well, good luck with him though.' Qitian snickered, earning him a glare. 'The path to Molian's pure heart is difficult.'

'Oh, shaddap!'

'At any rate, I have to report this new development.' said Qitian, taking out writing tools and paper. 'Shengjun will be pleased that Molian will be more useful now as he's no longer hampered by blindness. He'll be far stronger now.'

'Not that he already is, he's much stronger than us.' Honglian deadpanned with a pout.


'Such a curse existed?!' on the ship, Beiyue revealed the true nature of Molian's curse that got her friends horrified.

'I'm afraid so...all known spells in our world...are recorded here.' said Beiyue, showing them her Black Jade. 'This Jade Dongling found while questing, is a sought-after Jade known as Boundless Beasts. A relic created by my real father containing immense profound energy, and immense knowledge valuable to cultivators like us. She kept it in her care trying to figure it out, but it's'll only respond to me, the daughter of my father. Thus no one can use it. Only I and my future children can since its clearly my late father's inheritance for me.' and she sealed it in herself again.

'Recorded in the jade, was Molian's curse as father must have been quite the scholar...' Beiyue shook her head. 'It came in handy. However, its only cure is the Keyblade. No spell in father's archives can destroy the Bellflower Curse.'

'Poor Molian...' Sora felt sorry for Molian. 'At least we helped him. But dang, if he can call you across worlds, he's really strong!'

'No kidding, he's incredible. I guess its due to his extreme focus.' Beiyue shrugged. 'Ah well! One good deed done!'


Next world was about cursed treasure, and...


While Beiyue did not mind being topless when just by herself, she absolutely minds when around boys, particularly, her newly-made boyfriend Riku. Sure they're going out while traveling with Sora, but they were still exploring this brand of relationship after 'graduating from friendship'. When they arrived here, she quickly swam for the nearest rock to hide in! But too late, the boys already saw her mermaid form.


Zhanye howled as they ended up in Atlantica, along with smacking his flustered face with his hands. He has the tail of a swordfish while Riku has the tail of a Marlin.

He really dreaded this fish world with good reason. Beiyue in a seashell bra. So Donald conjured a lacy seaweed imitation shawl for her.

'It was bad enough we saw you in this condition last year, it's worse now!' Zhanye shuddered, his face stark red, awkwardly flustered.

'...what's so bad about it?' Sora was ever oblivious. 'Lots of women back home swim in the beach in a bra.' Zhanye had a literal meltdown to the point that his royal highness-ness composure cultivated all his life because its expected of him as a Crown Prince broke to pieces like shattered china that his expression was comically-priceless.

'Normally I'd agree with Sora, but there's culture-clash going on.' said Riku. 'I remember how Beiyue reacted to wearing clothes of Aladdin's World...she was horrified as well. And when she swims with us, she never wore a swimsuit, always wearing a black dress when swimming with us.' he told Sora. 'Is there something we have to know?' he asked the cousins.

'O-Only husband and wife is allowed to see each other naked!' Zhanye squeaked out. 'Not even engaged couples see each other that way and now I've seen my own cousin topless!' and so did his father, sister, brothers, a couple maids and eunuchs...and Prince Xiaoyao!

'Ohhh, so that's how it is!' all four of them's reaction horrified the cousins.

'Just how free are you people?!'

'And just how conservative are you guys?' Donald retorted, just as disbelieving. 'The other worlds we go to are gonna be like this, you know?'

'Heeeey! Sora! Donald! Goofy! Hello!' another mermaid approached them, accompanied by a fish and a crab. 'Oh, you've got new friends too!'

'Yeah.' said Sora, still kinda shaken by culture clashing between his friends. 'This is Riku, Beiyue and Zhanye.' he introduced his other friends.

'Hello there!' said the mermaid as Zhanye was horrified at being forced to look at the newcomer. 'I'm Ariel and this is Sebastian,' puts left hand on the crab, 'And Flounder.' puts right hand on the fish.

'Things sure are peaceful lately here huh?' Goofy asked Ariel.

'It will be, as long as daddy's in a good mood!' Ariel joked.

'Oh yes, we have a Musical Concert coming up soon!' Sebastian piped up. 'It'd be great if you can participate too!' he said, swimming towards them and whispered, 'PLEASE say yes so Ariel will agree, she's been acting strange lately.' he said with a hopeful look on his face.

Sora played along. 'Sure Sebastian, we're gonna be in it as long as we have roles!'

'Er, Sora? What's a musical...?' Beiyue piped up.

'Oh, you're new to dis.' said Sebastian as he told them what a musical was. 'We're currently rehearsing, but suddenly, Ariel...I'm getting worried. It started since she was flitting about da surface!' he said glumly. 'I hope we figure out what's wrong before da King finds out...he's really looking forward to de musical, especially if Ariel is de main star!'

After some exploration...

'Oh my...Ariel saw a handsome man up the surface.' said Beiyue as the shipwreck Flounder found held all the answers...and it was because she was delighted with the statue they found, recognizing him. 'It's a love at first sight case.'

'Why couldn't she have done dat with a merman down here?!' Sebastian wailed in dismay.

'Well, the heart is extremely...unpredictable.' said Riku, speaking from experience since he was on the receiving end of it. 'When a person sees another of opposite gender that happens to have the right stuff to appeal with, they get attracted strongly and wish strongly to be with that person. In Ariel's case it's looks, while in some cases, it's personality.' yeah, Beiyue fell in love with him for his personality.

'She fell in love with a prince because of his looks?' Zhanye sounded skeptical. 'Its merely a fleeting fascination then, its not really love.' he said. 'So what if he looks good, is she even sure he would do her right when they meet? What about that he's a human and she's a mermaid? How would he react? Welcome her, or drive her away with fear looking at her like...that five letter f-word?' he can't say such an offensive thing. Ohhhh no no no no!

'Dat's what I'm afraid of!' Sebastian moaned, as being an adult crab, he caught on to what Zhanye was avoiding to say. 'We have to distract her! Da concert's coming right up! We have to distract her and make her forget! I composed just de thing for dat purpose, at least until de REAL musical!' he showed them a musical score he pulled out of his shell. How that fit in there is anyone's guess. 'It's a little difficult though...'

The teenagers looked and...gulped. The score was...complicated!


'...we're in for a lot of work.' Zhanye scratched his head. 'No songs existed in my kingdom but playing musical instruments, yes. Beiyue, can you sing?'

'I can. Everyone at school can sing.' that surprised Zhanye. 'Riku?' Beiyue looked at Riku who looked awkward.

'I uh...never bothered.' said Riku rather evasively.

Sebastian whimpered.

'C'mon guys, shape up!' said Sora, wrapping an arm each around the older boys' shoulders. 'With a little practice we can beat some talent out of you! Don't be shy now! Beiyue, can you give Zhanye an example? Good grief, no song in his kingdom...' he shook his head in disbelief.

'Whaaaat?!' to Sebastian, that was ultimate sacrilege! 'Zhanye my boy! Songs are a part of life!' he cried in aghast. 'Songs express de feelings! De heart! You cannot go through life without at least one song from your heart! So Beiyue, what song do you know to give dis boy an example?'

' taste in songs aren't musical material, OK?' Beiyue told them. 'My voice is suited for these types...' she took out her qin which she transformed to suit the environment and borrowed those clam-like xylophones using conjured seaweed and sticks to beat them at her command. For her listeners, it's a rather somber song.

You light up the candlelight and I pour the wine.
It's almost morning and it's starting to get light.
Now I'm right where I wanna be, losing track of time.
But I wish, it was still last night.

Zhanye wondered what kinda songs was his cousin listening to. He was glad these kids are innocent to even DO what the song was implying...but hey, so this is a song? Her voice is really good.

OK, Riku thought, they indeed dated while staying in some places for days, but Beiyue wished that those times together never ended? Staying with him was enough for her to be happy even if they hardly did anything romantic and it showed in their time together, she didn't ask for much. She merely waited for him to take charge. She never pressured him or anything and let him take his own pace when they date.

You look like you're in another world but I can read your mind.
How can you be so far away while staying by my side?
When you go away I'll miss you. And I will be thinking of you.
Every night and day just;
promise me, you'll wait for me, cuz' I'm saving all my love for you.

And I will be home soon...promise me, you'll wait for me,
I need to know you feel the same way, too.
I'll be home, I'll be home soon...

And she ended it there.

'Songs are heartfelt poems with music, Zhanye.' said Sebastian in lecture mode to Zhanye. 'Life cannot be without even one song from de heart. Because it's where all feelings are, in its purest form.'


'Shall we practice kids?' said Sebastian, handing out copies. 'Once we master dis, Ariel's gonna focus on de musical! Hopefully...'

Some days later...

Ariel was somber in the Sea Gardens, lovesick...but Sebastian started playing the clamophones. He, Donald and Goofy were in charge of the instruments while the teens were singing while making swim-dances and acrobatics.

Sora swimming around the courtyard: The seaweed is always greener, in somebody else's lake.

Riku swimming towards Ariel before putting an elbow on her shoulder with a cynical smile: You dream about going up there, but that is a big mistake! Ariel just huffed and pouted.

Beiyue spinning with her arms open wide joined by colorful fish and they made loops together: Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor. Such wonderful things surround you, what more are you looking for?

Everyone: Under the sea, under the sea!

Zhanye: Darling, it's better down where it's nicer take it from me! he sang flirtatiously. Beforehand, he had an issue with a word in his part which he had Sebastian change as did a few lyrics. Up on the shore they work all day, out in the sun they slave away!

Sora: While we devote time to have fun and play under the sea~!

Instrumental Part, all sea creatures were dancing in choreo:

Everyone: Under the sea! Under the sea!

Riku doing corkscrew swims with a bunch of octopi doing a merry-go-round before they raised sea versions of maracas and shook them : Life is sweet here, we got the beat here, naturally!

Beiyue, sitting on the ray like a queen on a parade: Even the sturgeon and the ray,

Zhanye, beating on some coral to make them sew bubbles: they get the urge to start to play!

Sora giving Ariel some flowers: We got the spirit you got to hear it, under the sea!

Instrumental cut with all the dancers doing acrobatic dances and swimming.

Everyone: Under the sea! Under the sea!

Riku: When the sardine begin the beguine it's music to me~!

Zhanye taking sand into his hands and throwing it out like confetti: what have they got, a lot of sand? We've got a hot music band! waves his hand at the instrument players.

Beiyue using some tambourines: Each clams here knows how to jam here, under the sea!

Sora then gets Ariel to dance: Each little slug here cutting the rug here, under the sea!

Riku and Zhanye doing synchronized swimming together and singing together: Each little snail here knows how to wail it!

Beiyue taking Ariel from Sora: That's why it's hotter, we're lucky down here!

Everyone: Under the sea!