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Chapter 59: Advance Notice

76,162 Light Years Away From Earth

Galvan-Prime; Science-Center; June 9th, 2024; 7:38PM

"Transformation 822,413 of 1,000,911 now unlocked and available in active playlists," the voice was an automated version of her father's which Azmuth found a bit pretentious but, who was he to talk?

Gwen looked back and forth from the watch on her daughter's hand and the Galvan sitting atop her forearm, "What'd you- What did you do? Which one did you unlock?" she asked nervously as he summoned the core from beneath the sliding faceplate.

Azmuth smiled for the first time again, "A good one…" he then hopped five or six inches into the air and landed directly on the Omnitrix core popping out, resulting in a bright explosion of amethyst-purple light.

From the light, two profoundly bright glowing-white wings stretched out before the light from the transformation dissipated completely; Gwendolyn was now met with a fully grown women, only appearing to be a few years younger than herself, if even that. Her body was dressed in a skin-tight armored black suit with purple trimmed aesthetics outlining the suit; an aura of flames surrounded her body from head to toe, glowing in her vibrantly pink eyes, and encompassing her hands.

"You transformed her into Celestial?" Gwendolyn questioned as Jennifer still looked over her new form in awe of the power she felt coursing through her.

"The species name is Cosmian, one of the most powerful race of alien fighters to ever live in this Universe; I suppose if a To'kustar cant do the job, perhaps its not size that matters, after all?" Azmuth explained his line of reasoning.

Gwendolyn approached her daughter, making strange eye-contact as it was their first time ever talking at eye level, putting a hand on her shoulder, "Jennifer, I-"



"I decided on a name for the form, Harmony."

Gwendolyn closed her eyes an exhaled through her nose quickly, very quickly remembering that her daughter was not currently the age she appeared to be, "This is still dangerous, I think you should-"

"I had to watch Uncle Albedo get blasted into a cliffside where he's prolly got a bunch of broken bones and stuff and I couldn't do anything about it," Harmony's fists lit ablaze with amethyst flames trailing her hands, up her arms, until her hair and wings were completely, harmlessly, consumed by bright purple fire, "Now I can do something about it."

After Ben felt the excruciating exhaustion of using up all of the Omni-Energy he was bonded with at once, he collapsed feeling his body thud against the ground beneath him; he could hear his wife and daughter's voices, though he couldn't see them or even make out what they were saying from his position staring up at the once again murky green sky. His eye lids drifted shut as a blinding flash of amethyst light flooded the area, he felt someone grabbing his body and changing his position as he was swept away by blissful unconsciousness.

When his eyes finally snapped open, he could tell he wasn't on Galvan-Prime anymore just via his instincts being that when he looked up, the sky was darkened by thundering, menacing clouds as far as his eyes could see. Everything felt so surreal, but not at the same time; like it were a dream but, he couldn't recall going to sleep. Ben glanced around and found he was the base of a large hill of dead-grass, burnt to a crisp long ago it seemed; he could hear distant shouting but, couldn't make out what was being said. He narrowed his eyes and made an effort to climb to the top of this hill and look out at the surrounding area from a higher vantage point.

As Ben walked up the smooth hill, no larger than a hundred-feet or so, he could feel the vibrations of some kind of large impact in the distance, explosions perhaps. It was all very confusing until he finally made it to the top, getting his bearings for a second or two, he looked out at a massive and familiar city in flames. "This… This cant be real…" he murmured to himself, focusing his enhanced vision with an emerald-glow in his pupils, he could tell now that this wasn't what he thought it was. He closed his eyes and took a breath, releasing a sigh of relief.

"Your solace will be short-lived, I'm afraid…" an eerily familiar voice echoed out from behind him, prompting the hero to turn on a dime, ready for a fight. It was a voice he'd only really ever heard one enemy use, the enemy that still plagued his nightmares, Eon, formally known as Prometheus.

Because the voice was inherently his own, he couldn't have expected anyone else though, when Ben did finally turn around, he was faced with a teenage boy identical to himself when he was sixteen. He should have guessed from the octave of the voice that it wasn't his fully-grown enemy though, that was hardly the point now. "I'm sure you have questions, ask them while you can…" this version of himself was not only younger but, he was dressed and behaving quite differently than he remembered so, it likely wasn't all in his head. He was very calmly staring out at the destruction in the city below, not even glancing at our Ben Tennyson. He was also dressed in some long-black robes with golden trim along its edges and the Omnitrix symbol emblazoned in gold as well across the back. His eyes were also colder, it was the first thing Ben noticed about this doppelganger, it was like he were a machine.

"Can I start with why a version of my city on fire down there?" Ben glanced back out at the flames glowing bright-orange, nobody around to put them out it seemed, buildings were falling apart and civilians were screaming for help.

His duplicate responded in kind, "That is not your city, it is one of infinite Omnitrix Cities among infinite realities in an ever expanding Multiverse… this one is currently under siege with no Ben Tennyson left to protect it," he stared down as the glow of the flames danced across his face, never once emoting in the face of such death and destruction.

"I have to-" Ben was eager to jump down there and help but, as soon as he even considered moving, his duplicate called out.

"Don't," he said without looking away from the flames, "This city and likely this world are lost."

Ben scoffed and swung his arm out at him through the air, dismissing his assertions, "Nothing is lost while I'm here, that's the point of being who I am."

"Perhaps it is, but to save the many, sometimes even the most virtuous have to make sacrifices."

Ben furrowed his brow, stepping forward and grabbing his duplicate by the shoulder turning him to make eye contact, "Just who the hell are you?"

For the first time, this younger version of himself smiled, "I'm you, Ben, and there's a lot you need to know and not much time to tell you," he placed his hand slowly on Ben's still clutching his shoulder, slowly pulling it away as they looked deeply into one another's eyes, "You've already encountered different versions of people you know, including yourself… some of them even died in the wake of defeating Prometheus."

Ben tried his best to ignore the haunting memory of watching a sixteen-year-old version of his wife getting skewered by a katana blade, "At least you get the name right, he changed it to Eon himself but, how well does that hold up?"

"Focus," this alternate version of himself began snapping in the heroes face to regain his attention, "We're going to need your help if we're to stop him for good this time."

Ben clapped his hands together suddenly, closing his eyes in the process, "Okay! Stop! Who even are you?! Who is we? And if there are infinite Ben Tennysons why do you need me? There's gotta be like a billion better suited, more powerful Bens that can take care of this, right?" he sighed finally having finished his rant, dusting off his black t-shirt with its white stripe down the middle, "Also, am I asleep or am I dead?"

The duplicate lifted his hand up to his face and rubbed the bridge of his nose, attempting to fight off the headache he could feel ensuing, "I'm a version of you from a different Universe, in my reality I was a Galvan level genius even before I found the Omnitrix and when I did, I quickly mastered it. I discovered that the power-source isn't what even Azmuth thought it was… and being as curious as I was…"

"You totally messed with it, didn't you?" Ben chuckled a bit, seeing himself in the younger teen now more than since they'd met. Somehow he was far more well-spoken than himself spite being way younger, so being a genius definitely explains that much.

"I was fueled by scientific curiosity, I discovered that Omni-Energy isn't just something Azmuth created, he was just the first in most realities to access it." The duplicate lifted both hands out from beneath his black-and-golden robes, holding out his palms which released a harmlessly vast stream of emerald energy, like an ocean of green with bolts of neon arcing through it and exploding like fireworks, "Omni-Energy is actually a vast system of interdimensional energy that surrounds and flows through our entire Multiverse. When I tampered with the core to my Omnitrix, my experiments unwittingly fused my consciousness with this stream of energy, becoming an integral part of that system. Being that this system of energy exists beyond the entire Multiverse, my new abilities allow me to travel forwards, backwards, and through any timeline within the infinite," he lowered his hands as the energy around them dispersed into thin air.

"Uhh, I'm gonna call you Timeless Ben," Our Ben snapped his fingers with a smile down at his teenage self, being about a foot-and-a-half shorter than himself.

"It's funny, each one of us I meet, they all decide on that name without even my suggesting it… it's amusing," he smiled sincerely back up at him as well but turned as his expression faded to that of a more serious nature, "But, I do come with a serious warning… the Time War is going to begin for you soon and nothing can stop that."

Ben felt the mood change, the tension that filled the air as soon as introductions were finished, he rubbed the back of his neck nervously, "Time War, huh? I'd make a joke about that sounding awesome but, knowing what Prometheus can do now that he's Eon…"

Timeless spoke up without turning his head from the ruined city, "This city was the first to fall, without Paradox I was the only one who could see this danger coming… I was going to assist this Ben Tennyson in fending him off but, Eon now has far greater control and understanding of time itself than I do. Even with my abilities, I was too late," he glanced down with a disheartened expression, staring at the burnt grass beneath their feet.

"So," Ben tried to restart the conversation, attempting to get as many answers as he could while they were still talking, something about this encounter made him feel like it could end at any moment, "Why me? There could be hundreds of Bens more powerful than I am…"

Timeless raised his brows, glancing back up at him, "Actually, you're one of the only ones to utilize the Omni-Energy in any useful or creative ways… I mean I picked you up from a world where you're fighting a sentient anti-omni creature," he shrugged, "Plus, you're the only Ben Tennyson that's every truly defeated Eon…"

"Anti-Omni what now?"

"You'll figure it out…" he responded quickly, as if it wasn't really important at all.

Ben shook his head and folded his arms over his chest, raising his own brow in disbelief now at what he'd actually said, "Uh, what about Ben Prime? Ten Million used to tell me stories about how he defeated Eon, and Vilgax, and a crazy Chronosapien…" he trailed off after counting plenty of good examples why he should find someone better suited to fight this battle.

"That was a different Eon," Timeless sighed, turning and looking back out at the burning city where smoke drifted into the atmosphere clouding the skies and smothering the warmth of the sun, "This wont make any sense to you but, my powers aren't as strong or precise as Paradox was, I can't enter the canon… lucky enough, neither can this Eon since you used Clockwork to cut him off from the Hand of Armageddon. But, just because he cant enter the canon doesn't mean he cant wipe out your entire reality and everything you, and infinite Ben Tennysons just like you, hold dear."

Ben rubbed the back of his neck, closing his eyes, "Right… canon… different Eons… uhm…" trying to wrap his head around it wasn't working to his advantage, but his instincts told him it didn't really matter, "All I heard was Eon needs another beating and Ben Prime isn't available, does that about sum it up?"

Timeless gave a short-ended smile, "That seems like an oversimplification but, sure…"

Ben grinned as his eyes flooded with emerald energy, he punched his open palm before turning to look back out at the demolished city, "Okay, I'm ready, when does this battle start?"

"For me? In a few minutes, for you, it'll be abou-"

Galvan-Prime; Science-Center; June 9th, 2024; 7:40PM

Ben gasped and shot up from his position flat on the ground, "Wait, when is the battle starting!?" he shouted, looking around at his surroundings, he had apparently been lying his head in Gwendolyn's lap this entire time. He turned his head to look back at her though, her attention was split between him and something going on behind him. "What happened?" he asked.

Gwendolyn finally made eye contact with her husband, brushing a short strand of auburn hair behind her ear, she pointed out at the battle still ongoing, "Azmuth unlocked the Cosmian form for Jennifer… she's fighting Malware…" her teeth were practically clattering from anxiety, she could hardly form sentences properly with her daughter fighting a parasitic villain right in front of her.

Ben held his head as he stood up, Azmuth was standing right beside him with a confident smile on his face, once he turned he was shocked to find Jennifer in her Cosmian transformation which she dubbed Harmony, holding Malware by his oozing disformed neck. Her physical form was older now, appearing to be in her early twenties by human standards wearing a densely-weaved skin-tight black combat suit with glowing amethyst trim; her wingspan was only a tad shorter than Celestial's but, instead of gleaming, white-feathered wings, hers were a light-pink shade to reflect the color of her Omni-Energy presumably.

Harmony kept her grip on Malware's neck tight, even as he fired off beams of energy into her face repeatedly; she didn't even seem to feel them as the smoke drifted off her face, as soon as he seemed to be done trying to hurt her with his beam-cannon her aura reignited across her body shrouding her in hot-pink flames dancing harmlessly over her skin. "Release me!" Malware shouted as her aura began to sizzle against his circuit-boarded skin from the heat consuming her body.

"No," she responded with a cold, heartless expression before reeling her fist back at jabbing Malware in the chest with such force that the shockwave dismembered him into multiple piles of sentient reassembling goo.

Ben and Gwen shielded their eyes from the force of the strike blowing momentary high-winds and clouds of dirt into their faces; the latter came to stand next to her husband as the winds died down, "Can you help her? She's been doing that for over five minutes…" she grabbed his arm, just to feel his warmth, just to be close to him as it always made her feel more secure.

"I don't think she needs help…" Ben responded, after watching Malware reform himself over the course of the next half minute or so, footsteps approached from behind them catching their attention.

Azmuth, Ben, and Gwen all turned to find Albedo limping towards them from a hundred feet away, his forehead was bleeding down his face and dripping from his chin, he also appeared to be holding his arm as though his shoulder was dislocated, "I could use… some assistance…" he fell to his knees having clearly been walking towards them on sheer will power and adrenaline alone.

Gwendolyn gasped and released Ben's arm, with Jennifer almost immediately deciding to jump into the fray, she'd completely forgotten about Albedo being injured by Malware during their initial attempt to stop him. She hopped off her feet into a float, levitating across the distance between them until she was standing over him, "I'm so sorry, Jennifer decided to start fighting and Ben was out cold, I can't believe I forgot to come heal you," her hands ignited with a gentle turquoise flame, her spell wordlessly consuming his body in healing properties.

She helped him up by the shoulder with her hands still glowing, the wound over his brow sealed up and his shoulder locked back into place, "It's quite alright," Azmuth recognized and watched his attitude towards them even after they'd forgotten him during battle, "Jennifer was in danger, it's only natural you would prioritize her," he gave Gwendolyn a comforting smile as her hand's aura faded.

Azmuth raised a brow, finding himself pleasantly surprised by his former apprentice's evolution, "Hm," though nobody else noticed.

"How is the conflict? Is Malware still-" Albedo was interrupted by another vigorous shockwave rocking the battlefield from behind them as they turned back to face it. "Oh, I see…" Harmony had just, once again, obliterated Malware's physical body with a single strike… and once again, the malignant goo that was pulverized into many different pieces began to reform itself.

Azmuth spoke up for the first time since he'd assisted Jennifer's transformation, his hands still confidently behind his back, "From my observation, Malware's physical body can not be destroyed by physical force alone… not any reasonable force that would spare my world at least, in any case… I believe we're going to have to devise a more creative way to exorcise him."

Ben had a flash of memory from his conversation with Timeless, something he wasn't entirely sure actually happened yet, "So," Ben tried to restart the conversation, attempting to get as many answers as he could while they were still talking, something about this encounter made him feel like it could end at any moment, "Why me? There could be hundreds of Bens more powerful than I am…"

Timeless raised his brows, glancing back up at him, "Actually, you're one of the only ones to utilize the Omni-Energy in any useful or creative ways… I mean I picked you up from a world where you're fighting a sentient anti-omni creature," he shrugged, "Plus, you're the only Ben Tennyson that's every truly defeated Eon…"

"Anti-Omni what now?"

"You'll figure it out…" he responded quickly, as if it wasn't really important at all.

Ben snapped his fingers, almost sure he'd figured it out but, wanted to run it by the smartest being in the Universe first, "Hey, Azmuth, would it be fair to say that Malware has become like an… idk… just spit balling," trying his best to save face should he be completely wrong, "Could he maybe have become some sort of Anti-Omni-Energy-creature-villain-thing?"

Azmuth gently stroked the whiskers that hung down from his chin while in deep thought, "Anti-Omni… I suppose when Malware attempted to correct his corrupted life-code with the incomplete Helix, it could have attempted to self-correct by flooding his body with an equally corrupted form of Omni-Energy?" he finished it as though it were a question, the origins and behavior of Omni-Energy were still a mystery even to the smartest being in the Universe.

"Yea," Ben looked at Albedo and Gwendolyn quickly trying to explain to them what he'd figured out, "I felt it when I was inside of him, it was the reason I was able to escape and the reason I could cut him down to size the way I did."

Albedo glanced back out at the battle, where Harmony held onto Malware neck once again and pummeled him with one jab to the head after the other, holding back just enough to keep the glob of a head intact so she could continue punching it, "I see, so if a sufficient amount of Omni-Energy were introduced to Malware's system," he glanced back down at Azmuth whom he prompted to finish his sentence.

"The interaction between the two forces would dismantle Malware's atomic structure, resulting in the piles of ash we saw earlier," Azmuth finished, "Along with your empathy and compassion, your intellect has grown, Albedo," the Galvan turned back around to watch the battle without another word but, Albedo of all people knew just how difficult it was and just how much it meant for Azmuth to say that to him after all these years.

Gwendolyn took a step forwards, glancing between the two virtually identical heroes, "How much Omni-Energy are you going to need to stop this guy? I don't think you have enough," she said referring to Ben before turning and nodding her head over at Albedo, "And his Omni-Energy is like corrupted too, right?"

Azmuth scoffed loudly, turning back around once again despite trying his best to stay quiet after having complimented Albedo, "What do you mean, corrupted?" he practically shouted, stomping his tiny feet towards his former apprentice before the personal-shielding disc he had been standing on floated itself up to level with him. "Are you telling me that after all of these years you still haven't found a way to set the internal filtration and refunnel the energy back through its grounding conductor?"

Albedo raised his arm up with his crimson Omnitrix core embedded in his prosthetic-hand, "I have but, should I do that, my appearance would reset back to a Galvan's and I've not yet paid for my crimes in this form."

Azmuth sighed, "Just when I was complimenting your intelligence… you do realize if you were to set each transducer into flux you could appear as any form you want without killing yourself…?" the elderly Galvan looked down at the core and blinked once or twice, leaving Albedo flabbergasted as he looked back up wondering how he could have missed it.

"B-But, I…"

"In any case," Azmuth relented, "Those modifications would require even an intellect such as myself many hours of work that we don't have…" turning around on his disc, he recognized that even though he had unlocked this new form, it didn't mean Jennifer wouldn't eventually time-out.

A bright explosion of emerald light engulfed their vision, Ben had triggered the master-control with his thoughts, transforming immediately into Celestial without a second thought, "I have an idea, gimmie a second…" he dematerialized in a flicker of golden light almost imperceptible even to Albedo with his enhanced senses.

Harmony continued to let out her frustration on Malware, who was simply biding his time at this point, clutching his neck with enough force to crush coal into solid diamond she relentlessly pounded his face in over and over until her fist was stopped from behind her by an unrelenting force, she turned and faced her father's white-suited abdomen, looking down into her eyes, "D-Dad?" she muttered.

"This whole vacation is getting out of hand, why don't we finish things up here and head home?" Celestial said calmly letting her wrist go as she calmed down; Malware's face began to glow menacing crimson as he unleashed a bright blast of energy atop them with a loud explosion surrounding the two Cosmians. Both Harmony and Celestial were completely unphased by this attempt at an attack, not even having scuff marks on their skin or singe marks on their clothes from a beam capable of leveling small towns. "That was rude," Celestial smiled, Malware clearly wasn't the threat he started out as and this was getting tiresome with the constant fighting, he reached his hand out and pulled his index finger back on his palm, flicking the corrupted Mechamorph with more force than Harmony had put into any of her full strength punches thus far. His body was once again demolished into many different scattered pieces, oozing and crawling across the grass and dirt in an attempt to regenerate.

Celestial exploded in a flash of emerald light, emerging in his human form as he noticed his daughter was now almost his height in this form which was a bit jarring, "I have a plan but, you need to transform back."

Harmony furrowed her brow, glancing over her shoulder at Malware recollecting himself rather quickly, "Why? I could just kill him in this form, I'm ridiculously powerful now," she looked down at her hand enveloped in gentle purple-flames which crackled and sparked as she closed her gloved fist tightly.

"Raw power isn't everything, this guy is just going to keep putting himself back together, we have to try something else," Ben reassured her of his plan and steered her away from getting lost in the power of a Cosmian, "Trust me," he insisted with a calm smile that she knew well, holding his hand out for her to take.

Harmony nodded her head and exploded in bright shimmer of amethyst energy as Jennifer stepped from the glow, grabbing his hand gently as he pulled her closer to whisper in her ear. Gwendolyn was only a few hundred feet away and couldn't make out anything he'd told her though, Albedo's enhanced hearing told him the hero's plan, prompting him to smile.

"Are you sure that's going to work? It seems a little too simple," Jennifer argued, glancing back at Malware who was almost completely reconstituted, reforming his face in the shape of his crimson-ring.

Malware shrieked in a distorted voice, sharpened blades made of his own being shot out from his back and arms, a powerful aura kicked up around him shrouding him in crimson energy, "I will be humiliated no longer!"

Ben saw this and figured he must be on his last legs to be freaking out that way, "Probably, couldn't hurt to try…" he looked back down at her placing his hand on her shoulder, "I mean, if you think you're up for it," he challenged, appealing to her competitive nature that she likely got from her mother.

Jennifer's eyes surged with a bright amethyst glow and a fierce determination, her Omnitrix sending waves of Omni-Energy through her entire body, "Oh, I'm ready… I was just worried you wouldn't be able to keep up, old man," she chuckled after finishing her sentence but, kept her widened smile.

Ben scoffed, shaking his head as his eyes sparked with emerald lightning running through his pupils, "Old man…? Pfft," at exactly the same time, they dashed away as blurs of color turning to circle Malware in opposing directions, firing off twin-beams of purple and emerald energy from their eyes, keeping the villain off balance.

"What is this?!" Malware shouted as he watched their trails of color surrounding him begin to surge with pink and green lightning; both of their Omnitricies began glowing brightly almost consuming the wielder in light. Malware fired off beams of crimson energy in random directions in an attempt to hit one of the speedsters as they circled him at many times the speed of sound.

They continued to run circles around the enemy without stopping or attacking aside from the occasional release of heat-vision to keep Malware occupied, the longer they spent running the brighter and more powerful the charge between their watches seemed to grow, as if they were synching up and building off one another to multiply the overall power. Soon there were thick vibrant bolts of emerald and amethyst lightning arcing off the runners' bodies, striking the ground and burning patches of grass on contact.

"Cease this distraction and face me at once!"

"NOW!" Ben shouted as he and Jennifer both darted at a ninety-degree angle at Malware with their fists outstretched and aimed at the center of his torso where none of the defensive blades were pultruding. As their fists approached their target, a thick bolt of white lightning arced between their watches, amplifying the amount of power collected. Ben and Jennifer's fists made contact at the exact same moment down to the nanosecond, the shockwave exploded outward with all the power collected being released at once. Their fists plunged into his morphic-body sending bright emerald and amethyst Omni-Energy through out the crimson circuitry lining his entire body, overloading with a loud and agonizing shriek as a bright white light consumed all three of them.

When the light dissipated, Ben and Jennifer were huffing and breathing heavily as small pieces of ash and debris rained down around them, the latter of whom fell back on her rear with a smile across her face, "I… think… that did it…" she said between breaths.

"Yea," Ben muttered, wiping his forehead, and stretching his lower back with a few loud pops, "That was a lot more effort than I was planning on using today."

As soon as she stood a few moments later, Jennifer was practically tackled by her mother who flew into her embrace and locked her into a hug she could easily never let her out of, "Are you okay? You aren't hurt?" Gwendolyn continued kissing the top of her head repeatedly even as she squirmed.

"I'm fine, Mom, really!"

Albedo stepped forward but didn't interrupt the family reunion of the day, not even realizing the First-Thinker was silently watching from the ground; having been the size of a well built human for so long, he almost forgot to look down when Azmuth spoke up, "You've made quite the family for yourself, Albedo, I have to say even I was surprised; when you left here you were so angry at the Universe," he turned and looked up at the silver-headed hero, "It hurt me that I couldn't help you, much like it pained me today when I couldn't help Malware… my own creation."

Albedo blinked a few times before looking back up at the family of heroes happily celebrating another victory, "Ben Tennyson taught me that there's no point in fighting each other, he showed me what it truly means to be a hero. I don't know I'd be the person I am without him."

"That boy… only human and yet so much more," Azmuth and Albedo watched them for a few moments, allowing a moment to take in the reality of the day, until Azmuth broke the silence with a typical comment, "And don't forget what I said about the transducers, I don't want to hear you complaining about dying because you transformed into something too strong for your body," the elderly Galvan turned around back toward the Science-Center or what was left of it, considering their intelligence and resources, it wouldn't take them very long to rebuild.

Omnitrix City; Tennyson Tower; June 9th, 2024; 11:58PM

Ben stood in his office just below the penthouse suite in his tower, standing behind his desk with a glass in his hand, staring out the window at his city, the bright lights of neon-signs and bustling night-life in full swing; he could see it all, he could hear it all, and it continued to haunt him… the more he listened the more it sounded just like the city in his dream, it was the same distorted voices. The glass in his hand shook, it didn't take much imagination for him to picture those distorted voices screaming in pain as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He heard the room door open behind him, putting down his glass of whiskey without having taken a single sip, and turning around to face Gwendolyn and Albedo whom he called in.

Gwendolyn folded her arms, glancing at Albedo as they waited for him to say something but, he didn't seem to have any idea what this could be either. "Ben is something wrong?" she asked, taking a step forwards, they simply watched as he slowly turned the glass in circles on his desk, listening to the crystal sliding against the smooth-oak.

"When we were on Galvan-Prime and I was knocked out from overusing the Omni-Energy in my watch… I had a dream, only I don't think it was a dream at all," Ben continued with a very serious tone in his voice, something that was very atypical for him, "I got the idea of beating Malware from that… vision."

Albedo spoke up, folding his arms over his chest, still unsure of what the issue was, there was obviously something more to tell than that, "What else did this vision tell you?" he asked, still not fully convinced.

Ben shuttered, the weight of what he heard during his conversation, what he'd been told is happening right now, or will be happening…? Hadn't hit him until he looked deeper into his memory. It was so confusing he wasn't even sure where to start, scoffing audibly with a half-hearted smile, looking back down at the glass on his desk.

Gwendolyn didn't take her eyes off him, rounding the desk, and putting her hand on his shoulder, running her fingers half-way down his arm, caressing his bicep slightly, "What's got you so spooked?"

Ben finally looked over into her eyes, reaching his hand up to place it over hers on his arm, "When I was unconscious, or at least I think I was, another version of myself from an alternate Universe came to me… among other things, he told me that Eon is still out there causing destruction on a massive scale, he told me other versions of us have already tried and failed to stop him, and-"

Gwendolyn could feel his heart racing in his chest, she could see the stress in his eyes and the concern across his expression, "And he thinks you're the only one that can stop him? That's hardly original."

"This is more serious than that, he called it a Time-War, he said the entire Multiverse is at stake…" Ben could almost feel the physical weight of this responsibility, staring down at his reflection in the glass of whiskey sitting on his desk.

Albedo took a step forwards, trying to gather as much data as possible before making an assessment, "Did he tell you when exactly this was supposed to occur?"

Ben groaned loudly, "Of course he didn't, it could literally be any second now…" he blinked a few times as Albedo and Gwendolyn waited in silence with him for a moment, looking around at the room, waiting for some portal of some sort to open before them, but nothing of the sort happened, "Okay, maybe not right this second, but its still so annoying when the message is all cryptic!" with another groan, Ben plunged his head into the crook of Gwen's shoulder, still standing next to him.

Gwendolyn rolled her emerald eyes and smiled, patting Ben on the back of his head, "You don't have to handle this all by yourself, ya know?" she pointed out while starting to comb her fingers through his hair, which he couldn't help but enjoy, "You've got us, and the team-"

He interrupted her by bringing his head back up, looking between the two with an urgent look in his eyes, "Remember, we aren't sure when this is even going to start, I don't want to freak anybody out when there's no reason to yet. Let's hold back on telling the others."

Albedo nodded his head, "Agreed, it would only cause panic, there would be little most of us could do to prepare regardless."

Ben gave a long exasperated sigh and dropped his head back into Gwen's embrace, which she found absolutely adorable, caressing the back of his head with her fingers through his messy brown hair, "It always one thing after the other," Ben muttered into her neck, prompting goosebumps as his beard tickled her neck.

Gwendolyn giggled a bit before leaning her cheek against the top of his head, and smiling over at Albedo, "Don't worry, we'll handle it, we always do."

I know this story has devolved from a Bwen fluffy story to something a bit more serious and im honestly sorry to all the Bwen fans that really just like Ben and Gwen in different, cute situations but ive always wanted to tell a story like this. Where Ben and Gwen are a couple and like any other couple, their whole lives don't revolve around being with each other. Remember this is an Adventure/Romance story, there is romance but, its not all this story is about.

What do you guys think of Timeless Ben? I had to bring someone new in that would work as a suitable replacement for Paradox after his death in Chapter 40. I don't think the next arc is going to be Eon but, it might be, im not sure.

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