After the last patient left the clinic, I flipped the door sign to CLOSED.
"Some beer left?"

My pet, my partner and all-around pain in the ass dipped her tail below the desk and raised it possessively wrapped around a fresh can of Guinness.
"Shoes, you may have to attend counseling -"

Someone knocked on the door. "We will continue this talk."

Opened the door and Ron Carmichael greeted me. "Hi, Ronniekins. Got shot again?"

He cracked a smile "Hi Harry." He peered into my home and raised an eyebrow. "Shoes already drinking? Your snake needs counseling."

Shoes disagreed, flaring her hood and hissing. Her beer dripping jaws displayed wide open.
Heard some coughs trying to cover the laughter.

"Who do you have over there?" Risked a glance over the detective's shoulder. I saw a petite blonde in a wheelchair.

Ron beckoned the girl. "Come Karrin, the guy is the real deal."

She replied by sulking. "You asked me to come. I am here. Did you see him? He screams fake."

I was tempted to elaborate that I was the real, one hundred percent, true to life wizard that my ad claimed.

But Ron shook his head. "Alright. I got the car keys. Let's see how you drive with your chair." He came inside the clinic and closed the door.

I scratched my hairline and whispered. "Don't ya think that was below the belt?"

-"Wait and see." He proceeded to approach Shoes, scratch her under the chin, and grabbed one cold Guinness. "Wait and see."

Looked to the door.
To the detective chilling on the sofa.
I looked at the calendar. "How is Betty doing? She ought to leave the braces anytime soon."

At the mention of his princess, his beady eyes became misty around the corners. "I can't thank you enough man. To see her walking again is a miracle."

Aww shucks. "I only did my part. She -"

A fist banged against my door. Looked to Ron and he had a smile like a cat at a canary buffet.

Opened the door and looked to a grim-faced girl, nay, woman. The fury and fire in those eyes made me reel back. She grabbed me by my robes and dragged me till I was to her level. "Is it true? That you can make me walk again?"