Shoes fell off her stick.

I would have laughed but my jaw was set in a twitching frenzy, not unlike a fish out of water.
-"WhaWahWhawHhhaha...MHmmm..Sorry. What?"

The centurion hissed to Shoes, who replied in kind. While they conversed, I envied Voldemort's gift with tongues. My reverie was cut short when the old as sin dragon roared.
It was an echoing reverb that shook the windowpanes.

The music paused and we were the center of attention. He puffed smoke from his nostrils, obscuring his face, his gleaming azure eyes shining.
-"Madame Bianca, it is a gross breach of protocol to invite two dragons to a feast."

What is he talkin' bout?
Oh no.
That does not sound ominous at all.
The last time the pride of Ferrovax was insulted, the Blue Vampire Court paid dearly.
What do you mean? Blue bloodsuckers don't exist.

-"My apologies..."
My eyes were glued to a mesmerizing brunette. Her dress shimmered while she accepted yet another gift. She rose from her chair atop the dais and glided closer to the captive audience.
"...but there must be a mistake. Your closest kin, Quetzacoatl is in Mexico."

The eyes of the crowd were glued to the ongoing drama, chancing to step closer than protocol dictated.

I picked up the confounded Shoes, who was looking at her own back
-"You okay, buddy? Got shortchanged on your standard-issue wings?"
She managed to look affronted and scandalized at once.

The gravitas of Ferrovax shook the ground.
-"You dare? You dare to taunt my presence with another dragon? Vampires have a short memory if an example three millennia ago has already been forgotten. "

One of the crowd, a deer fae, made a run for the door. Another fae, I couldn't quite see the face, ripped open a portal to the NeverNever and hightailed outta dodge.

The ringleader of this little affair, instead of panicking, hid a smile behind her hand.
-"Were we a year ago, Elder Ferrovax, the whole Red Court would be simpering at your claws."
A figure clad in medical garb handled her a chalice.
Bianca caressed the rim of the cup with a sculpted black nail.
"But now, we cower no more. Now, we take our place as the superior species."
She clicked her offhand and the long drapes that adorned the walls started to shine.

A wave of nausea made me lean on my staff.
Left and right, Winter fae, Summer fae, even the more esoterical guests, were affected by it. A golem crumbled to stone, leaving behind its clothes, while a small wild fae in attendance, lost its wings. She crashed right into the punch bowl, making a right mess, skidding to a halt into a caesar's salad.

Ferrovax growled but this time it came out as a cough, as in a pack-a-day smoker having a fit.
-"Youuu...yoooo...yuuuuu...paaaa...paaaaaayyyy for *cough cough*... youuu*cough.".

I wasn't smiling either, my attempts to conjure even the tiniest of flames were failing me.

The vampires in attendance started licking their lips while they eyed the downed legend.
Madame Bianca clapped her hands.
-"My children, the dinner is served."

At once, two thirsty vamps lunged.
The first lost its head to a kick and the second to a clawed swipe.

Our host cackled.
-"Wizard Dresden I believe? You break the laws of hospitality!" And she lost her demeanor of proper lady, enjoying with savage glee the chaos around.
"I didn't expect a member of the White Council to be able to move. But that teaches me to not discount the scion of Ancient Mai."
Her retinue showed me their fangs, coated in narcotic saliva.
"You are welcome to claim your prey, but you are outmatched."
She made a sweeping gesture, where the echoes of pain from the downed filled the air.

Even in the back of my mind, I was scared shitless. I could see some fiends eying Shoes to take a piece of her.
But my throat laughed.
-"Vessel, do you know what is ironic?"
"Aeons ago, I was damned by a dragon. And today, I will protect two defenseless dragons against upstart fools."

Three more jumped and three more bloodsuckers were denied.

Madame Bianca looked at me queerly.
-"You are no wizard, aren't you? Who are you?"

Shoes coiled herself against my waist, and I could feel her shaking like a leaf.
-"Many names, Slayer of Eternals among them."

Bianca's eyes widened.

My body dropped into a low stance.
-"You may try."

And thus, the Shadow that Crouches, once again, proved that if it bleeds, it dies.