Chapter 1: A Bit Too Early

The first thing Alex realized was that he was surrounded by light, way brighter than anything that could have come from the small lamp beside his bed.

"What the fu-" he started to say only, to be interrupted by a loud, booming voice that should have knocked him to the floor, that was when he realized he wasn't exactly his normal self….. he was a ball?

"Greetings Earthling, I am Primus, and you are needed," said the now-named Primus.

"What the hell is going on!" He shouted something that confused him as to how it was physically possible.

The voice that called themselves Primus seemed puzzled at his question before letting out a carefree chuckle, something that immediately got on the human turned ball of light nerves.

"Ah, I have forgotten what it is was like to need a physical form," he said, as the now ball-shaped thing suddenly felt a weird sensation, like being stuffed into a box, before his perception changed as he realized he was now standing, though something felt wrong as he looked down at his now machine looking hands… which now reassembled some kind of three-fingered hand, and the other some kind of laser looking thing.

Panic set in as he tried to look down, seeing that his entire body was a machine, colored red and yellow.

"What the fuck," he whispered in shock, his mind trying to catch up with his new reality as Primus continued to talk. He tried to close and opened the hand that kind of had fingers, only to feel some kind of feeling when it fully opened or closed, but there was no sensation of touch, a cold numbness filled him as he desperately touched his new body only to feel nothing.

"...that is why an Omega Sentinel that is capable of helping the Autobot…" Primus continued ignorant of the now robotic beings panic as he looked around desperately trying to wake up from whatever messed up dream he was in, but all there was, was light, even when he tried to pinch himself, he couldn't get a grip on anything even as he applied as much pressure as he could, the metal that composed his body didn't give. In shock, he fell on his backside without any noise and a dull feeling, like his body knew he'd fallen and told him that it had, but there was no physical sensation.

"Hmmm, I guess I was wrong!" Primus said loudly, pulling him momentarily from his panic, his mind finally catching up to who the voice had introduced himself as. A constant flow of knowledge that he was pretty sure wasn't there before came to the forefront of his mind, all involving a planet called Cybertron.

"Wait you're Primus?" He asked, as more and more knowledgeable came to mind, something that was worrying as he was sure he'd never learned about the hibernation cycles of insecticons or the origins of the beast form passed onto Onyx Primes descendants or any religious text involving Primus and his enemy Unicron.

"Ah, so you've activated the small part of Vector Sigma I've gifted to you in that form," Primus said, ignoring the question the light that illuminated the room slowly began to dim. "I apologize, but it seems your services are not needed," the Primus said, sounding not the least bit apologetic.

"Vector Sigma? Services not needed What? What the fu-," he tried to ask, only to be interrupted by Primus, someone he was pretty sure shouldn't possibly exist in the real world. He was considered a god by least that's what his limited knowledge of transformers said, though whatever was feeding him information seemed to just go on and on about him, to a kind of scary degree.

"As I have said, it seems my summoning of you was premature….however fret not, for I have found in my journey's through the multiverse a planet that will need of you." He said, smugly as the room became pitch black.

"What do you mea-" he tried to ask another question, only for the world to fade away and he found himself in what appeared to be a massive desert, though he couldn't feel the heat normally associated with being in a desert.

Shakely standing up, due to his new size and the fact that his balance was nearly non-existent, he looked around trying to get a reading on his surroundings, realizing that he was indeed a giant robot….a transformer the Vector Sigma thing informed him with what felt like a hint of smugness.

Lost in thought he absentmindedly took a step forward only to fall onto his back with a loud thump, sand flying everywhere. His vision was blocked by sand before a quick turn of the head removed most of the sand on his face. Trying to blink his eyes for a second, he paused as he realized there was no point.

Laying down on the ground and gazing up at the blue sky, he tried to rationalize his situation, tried to figure out what the hell was going on. For what felt like hours he laid there, watching the sky turn from a morning blue to black, as night took hold, still trying to accept his insane situation.

Trying to distract himself from thinking about it led him to try to find out how exactly his body worked. After a few minutes of digging and some help from Vector Sigma he managed to find a kind of life sign detector quickly rushing to use it, it came up with no life signs….not just in the area but on the planet.

He started to laugh at the absurdity that he was the only living thing on the planet, laughs that turned quickly silent, as he questioned if it was real….then was he the only living thing on the planet?

After a couple of hours of merely looking up at the night sky trying to get control of his emotions, the clouds that had obscured the moon, slowly uncovering it, his eyes…..optics opened wide as he found himself looking at a broken moon that looked very eerily familiar.

"It's fucking remnant," he said, realizing where Primus had sent him, "You robot asshole!" he yelled, the broken moon illuminating his body as he screamed obscenities at the sky about what and where the transformers god could stick it.


After what his systems clock had told him to be half a year, he finally made it out of the vast desert. The sight of green made him want to dance with joy, though not wanting to crush any he settled for letting out a sigh of relief….well more like the sound of a sigh as he didn't have lungs.

"So Sig, any signs of life?" He asked, getting a negative from the library of knowledge that was Vector Sigma. Listening to Sig he'd managed to give it access to some of his systems, though he'd drawn a line at anything involving his mind or body control.

Though Sig could answer yes or no, he lacked the capacity for emotion or true thought. Though after spending six months in a desert alone he was glad to have the guy….even if his lack of individuality did get kind of...annoying.

Making his way through the greenery around him while trying to crush as little as possible, he kept an eye on the life sign scanner hoping that it was wrong or he would be spending quite some time with Sig, alone.


"Well nice to know that you were wrong Sig!" He shouted as a small group of what seemed to be a pack of hunters stabbed at his feet with wooden spears. The pieces of wood shattered as more hunters came out of the bushes and trees as the ones with broken weapons retreated.

He quickly got a reply from the intelligence program, that his scanner was set up to read-only cybernetic lifeforms. Scanning one of the hunters stabbing at his foot, he saw that they had ears both on top of their head as well as on the sides, a faunus.

Making sure to scan both faunus and humans in the group, he pulled his life sign scanner back up, finding multiple life signs that just kept increasing.

"Well at least I'm not alone on this planet," he said with a sigh of relief, taking a careful step to get away from the hunters without hurting them only to lose his balance, his optics opening wide as he fell forwards towards the now panicking group.

"Oh crap!" He screamed, quickly moving his arms forward to catch himself, managing to do it just in time, though in his panic he'd accidentally started to charge the laser at the end of his gun-arm, starting a fire as the hunters began to run away.

Quickly pushing himself up, he moved to step on the fire, only for it to be more of a kick due to the size of his foot, sending pieces of burning wood into the forest, the fire slowly turning from a small one to ablaze.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" He screamed in a panic, trying to put out the fire only to make it worse till the sky was black covered in smoke and he was unable to see without using one of his many different vision modes.

Realizing that he was only making it worse, he stopped moving to watch as the fire burned.

"Hey, Sig? Do we have some kind of… suppression system?" He asked, getting a negative in return. "I kind of figured," he said, falling to his backside with a loud thump shaking the forest and causing some of the burnt husks of trees to fall.

He paused, as he heard what sounded like a squeak, looking through the smoke he found one of the hunters on the ground, scanning their form he found that it was a she and that she had a minor least that what he got when he tried to translate Cybertronian terms to human terms.

Standing once again her slowly reached out, using one of the finger-like things at the end of his hand to lift her and the dirt under her up, he quickly started to walk away, making sure to keep her out of the smoke and having Sig make sure he wasn't going to step on a loose piece of ground.

After about an hour of walking, he found himself outside of the forest in a small clearing. Using his free arm to make a small trench around the area in case the fire got that far. He slowly put down the now awake and terrified faunus. She immediately backed away from him speaking quickly in a language he couldn't understand.

"Sorry can't understand what you're saying," he said, wincing as the faunus backed up more. Not wanting to bother her more than he had he pointed in the direction they'd come from.

"Okay, so you guys attacked me over there so I guess that's where your….tribe? that racist? What do you call a group of faunus and humans?" He paused as the faunus continued to stare at him, letting out the sound of a cough. "Okay well, I'm just gonna go…..sorry about the fire." He said awkwardly before heading in the opposite direction of where he pointed.


"Okay this is getting old very fast," the human turned Cybertronian said as he tried to step around a group of hunters on the backs of horses, while creatures of grimm took turns taking swipes at the hunters.

Moving down he flicked one of the grim with his finger, turning it to mist before doing another, while the humans switched back and forth from attacking them to attacking him.

"Come on!" He shouted, slamming a fist into a pack of beowolves, the ground shaking startling the horses the humans were on sending them running away from his giant form. Now that he was no longer surrounded by humans, he swept his foot across the ground, unending trees and destroying grimm whose focus had remained on the now retreating humans.

Letting out a sigh once the humans and grimm were gone, he relaxed looking at the crater he'd made early that had drawn the attention of the humans and them, the grimm.

"Note to self, test evasive flight systems somewhere there aren't people nearby….though they've been slowly spreading...does that mean Ozma...Opzin? Has been, reincarnated yet?" He asked himself, not wanting to deal with the cursed wizard or immortal witch he let out another sigh.

It had been around seven hundred years since his arrival to Remnant, something that still blew his mind. At first, he'd worried about energy as transformers ran off energon, but, due to some last-minute tinkering from Primus, natural deposits of dust created some kind of radiation in the air that let him run without worry...though Sig had also told him even if his body were to cease to function he would still be able to live as a spark, with the current technology level of the planet, he felt it was unlikely he'd be able to find a mechanical body again, so he tried not to test the limits of how much damage he could take.

He had also worried about rust and such, but apparently what Primus had used to make him had a self-repair function, keeping him in top shape even after all that time. He did worry though about the limits of his ability to retain memories having already have forgotten his name or human appearance, something that had lead to a small metal breakdown and about thirty years of just sitting on the edge of a canyon trying to etch his memories as a human into his databanks...or spark...he still found himself confused on what to call whatever the hell he was.

Pausing his thoughts as he found another pack of beowolves, he quickly took them out with some focused shots from his gun-arm, destroying most of them before they had a chance to run. He'd started running into the grimm around the four hundred mark, killing them after tripping and falling onto them due to the shock of actually seeing them in person.

Overall the grimm seemed just fine with leaving him alone, occasionally they would attack him, though those times were far and in-between he still found their behavior odd when it concerned him.

"Hey, Sig you got the thing ready?" He asked, getting the mental equivalent of a nod from him. He gave a small glance to the direction the group of humans had retreated in, a small smile forming on his face.

Making his way to a valley where the mountains reached above his head, he nodded his head.

"Looks as good of a spot as any," he said sitting down. "Okay Sig, I want systems diagnostics and checks on anything that could go wrong, " he ordered, looking over his plan.

Upon realizing that spending however many years it would take to get to the beginning of where the RWBY series had started would probably leave him either insane or known by the general population on the planet, he decided to do what the Autobots and Decepticons had done in the original show, put himself in a sort of hibernation till it was time to wake up, though Sig would be watching over his body, maintaining it while he slept. He had scooped out the areas where his giant body could go unnoticed, making sure to be as far away from any natural dust deposits as possible as to not be dug up or cause a massive explosion.

He looked at the sky with a sigh knowing that it would be best to go into stasis before the witch and wizard decided to play gods, not wanting to deal with either of them. Nodding to himself and raising both arms, he smirked, knowing that he was trusting Sig with his life, something that with the years with the intelligence made an easy choice.

"See you later Sig," he said, firing at the base of the mountains, rocks, and debris falling from them as he continued to fire, melting through solid rock, the mountains finally giving way, with tons of rocks and earth completely covering his form. Sig notified him, he could easily breach through the earth and rock without worry.

Having Sig trigger the stasis sequence he'd set up, he felt his systems slowly shut down, his vision growing deem.

"You….better…," he said, voice going in and out till all major systems went into sleep mode, a brief glow from his eyes being the only sign of life as Sig continued to function on low power.


"I don't think the relic is in here Jaune," said a voice, pulling Vector Sigma from his monitoring of his host's many systems. He had come to designate his host as Alpha Supreme, five hundred years into his solitude. The intelligence had evolved over the past thousands of years of stasis or hibernation as his host had called it.

"Don't be such a worrywart Pyrrha, where else would they hide it?" He heard a second voice, Jaune, answer the first.

Scanning his surroundings, he found that the two humans were just some of many, with what had appeared to be a settlement a few miles away. Accessing the memories of his host, showed him that it was more than likely the city of Vale and that they were currently located in the Forever Falls, where Beacon was conducting its initiation. He let loose a small drone stored in the chest of It quickly burrowed through the ground and into the cave above, allowing him to see what was happening.

Monitoring his drone as the one named Jaune grabbed the stinger of one of the creatures of grimm, a death stalker if his host memories were correct. He was greeted by a scream that made his systems pause, before both hunters left the cave, one clinging desperately to a grim and the other running away.

After checking his host systems and the upgrades he'd managed to implement during the millennia of his host stasis, he quickly scanned and connected to the information network established by the people of Remnant, the CCT. His Cybertronian systems easily hacked into them without notice.

Downloading the available information, Sig quickly compared it to his host's memories, concluding that it was the opportune time to awaken Alpha Supreme. After a moment of processing, he focused his connection on the CCT tower using it to hack into all connected computer systems, specifically those in Atlas, quickly hacking into its systems and pulling up all information on Project PENNY. Schematics and data we scanned, documented and improved upon at extreme speeds as he analyzed the advanced robotic organism before coming to a conclusion. The drone still hovering silently in the cave shifted, bending the light around it to become invisible as it took off, using surveillance systems throughout the city to track down Remnant's first man-made machine with a soul.


"How is your training coming along Penny?" Asked Pietro Polendina, the creator and father of Penny.

"I am combat ready!" She said excitedly, a wide smile on her face.

"And how have you been adjusting to Vale?" Her father asked, a hint of worry in his tone, " It's quite different from Mantle and Atlas."

"I have been told that I blend in quite well," Penny said.

"Has the General taken my advice about you being allowed to explore the city?" He said, a slight edge in his tone that went unnoticed by her.

"Yes!" She said eyes shining, "He has informed me that I will be allowed to explore it very soon," she said before she started asking her father about his time without her.

Unknown to either of them, the cloaked drone made its way into the room, quickly scanning Penny before leaving to take scans of the city, a brief breeze being the only evidence of its presence.


The first thing he heard was the sound of Sig telling him that it was time to wake up, opening his eyes, he found himself greeted by darkness before his eyes adapted, and he realized he was surrounded by dirt.

"Wha….?" he said, confused at the situation he found himself in before remembering what had happened.

"Sig status report?" he asked, going to move his arm before pausing, realizing that it would probably be a bad idea to move without knowing where he was.

"You are currently located below Forever Falls. Currently, four miles from the city of Vale, the day that teams JNPR and RWBY are established," Sig reported.

"So it's finally time," he muttered to himself before pausing, "Wait how do you know about team RWBY? How do you know they're being formed today?" he asked, confused in his tone.

"I have made some modifications to your systems during your stasis period….one such has allowed me to access your memory storage," Sig said nonchalantly.

"How?!" he asked, weirded out.

"Through the nanomachines that manage the upkeep of your body of course," Sig said as if the answer was obvious. "I sense an increase in your mental activity that is commonly associated with panic….did I do something wrong?"

"You mean other than play around with my mind?" he asked sarcastically.

"Ah, you have misunderstood me," the intelligence stated, "While I can access your memories, I cannot influence them, at most I can view and analyze Alpha Supreme," he said, getting a sigh and curious look from his host.

"Alpha Supreme?" the former human asked.

"I have chosen a designation for you based on Omega Supreme," Sig said, "As I am the Alpha and the Omega," he said, making the newly named Alpha Supreme pause before deciding to question it later.

"So any idea on how to get out of here without notifying people?" he asked, getting a positive from Sig.

"I have found a suitable form for you to transform into," Sig said pausing for a bit before continuing, "However, the form has significantly less mass than you currently possess so it requires the use of mass-displacement sequence,"

"Meaning?" he asked.

"Transformation back and forth will release a large amount of energy….it is highly recommended to only use it when there aren't any humans or deposits of dust in the immediate vicinity," Sig informed him.

"Are there any humans or dust nearby?" he asked, getting a negative from Sig.

Closing both eyes to relax and prepare himself, he muttered, "Just like riding a bike."

"Transform!" he shouted, his vision momentarily filled with a flash of light and he could see the dirt around his form blow a bit away by the small explosion of energy before rushing back towards his shrinking form, the world becoming dark again.


The small cave located in Forever Falls had seen better days, the small explosion of energy had finally managed to do what nature couldn't, collapsing the entrance as the ground shook, before suddenly stopping, leaving a depression in the dirt.

Then without warning, an arm broke through the dirt, it's hand quickly digging into the ground with little resistance as it pulled its owner up through the dirt, till finally, a human shape covered in dirt was laying on the ground, on its hands and knees.

Moving slowly to stand on its bare feet, the dirt clinging to the body slowly fell revealing a distinctively female form, pale white skin on display as the figure moved its arms across its body, a gasp coming from its lips.

"I can feel," a female voice said, pure disbelief in her tone, head moving back and forth causing more dirt to fall. A beam of light hit the figure as the dirt fell revealing orange hair and a face identical to that of Remnant's first machine with aura.

"Using the knowledge gained from your memories I concluded it would be best to blend in with the human population using the unique make-up of Penny Polendina," Sig said.

After taking a few minutes to marvel at the sense of touch that had been lost to him for centuries, he examined his new body, an eyebrow raised as he saw the body was….anatomically correct.

"Well they spared no expense," he said in disbelief before a growl broke him from his thoughts. Looking in the direction of the growl he found himself facing what he assumed to be an alpha beowolf by the many spikes it had and its size.

Pushing down a brief flare of panic, something he blamed on now being smaller than the grimm he moved to strike the grimm only to stop and stare as a sword severed the head of the grim, then came to a stop in front of him. Looking at the sword he saw that it was hanging on a wire, that led straight into his back,

"How?" he asked in disbelief.

"As I have said I have made many improvements to both your body and systems," Sig answered, "One such was streamlining your weapons systems for lack of abilities do to your inability to think of yourself as anything but, human,"

"...did you just insult me?" he asked in disbelief before he found himself surrounded by more grimm, the sword became a blur as it tore through grimm as they charged, leaving just dust and a naked human-robotic life form staring in disbelief.

"I have merely stated fact," Sig said, "Your inability to beyond that of a human has made you incapable of comprehending the massive processing power that your new form allows,"

"So you're saying that I'm limiting myself?" he asked, getting a positive response.

"I believe the only way for you to access your full capabilities as a Cybertronian would either be a severe mental shock or erasing all memories you possess of being human," Sig said, the swords folding before returning into his host back.

"...I think I'm fine with how I am now," he said, looking for more grimm and finding none.

"You are taking this quite well," the A.I said.

"Well, I spent hundreds of years as a giant robot, not including my little 'nap' that lasted what I'm guessing to be thousands of years," the former human said, moving his bangs out of his eye. "Can you do something about clothes?"

"Are they required?" Sig asked, getting a sigh and nod from his host.

Slowly a black mass poured from Covering his form completely, seeming to settle its form shifted till he was outfitted in a Beacon uniform.

"Why a Beacon uniform? And what the hell was that?" he asked, flicking the skirt.

"To blend in. Wouldn't it be prudent to wear the same thing as those who were the main focus of the show?" Sig said, his host shaking their head.

"If I was a Beacon student maybe, but since I'm not all it'll do is make me stand out more," he said, the clothes shifting once again to a copy of Pryhha's making the orange-haired robot sigh, having Sig to change it multiple times till he found himself in just plain black pants and shirt.

"Though now that I think about it...I should probably come up with a color name to blend in...Alpha isn't really a name," he said, before looking down at her body, "...How about Silver?" She asked, ignoring Sig as he defined it and described its chemical makeup. "Okay Silver it is….now about the color?" She gestured to her orange hair, "I mean I don't mind the color but, looking identical to Atlas's secret project would draw way too much attention I'm not ready for,"

"Done," Sig said, Silver's hair changing from orange to silver like her name and her eye color changing to a light blue, bringing a sword out to look at her reflection, he nodded.

"That'll work," he said before looking around, "Um I know it's a bit late to ask this but we're not on camera are we?"

"There are no cameras within the immediate vicinity," Sig said, Silver nodded as he moved his body, checking his range of movement, letting out a hum of satisfaction as he released two blades, then returned them.

"So, which way is Vale?" he asked, leaning a hand on a tree and smiling at the sensation of touch that he hadn't realized she missed, wincing slightly as he cracked the bark a bit.

"About four miles in that direction, " Sig said, pulling him from his thoughts and bringing up a kind of hud, a path appearing in front of him. "I have already mapped out the quickest route to the city,"

He removed his hand from the tree, clenching and unclenching his hand, marveling at the feeling, before pulling himself away from it as he looked in the direction of the city.

"How long would walking take?" he asked, stepping forwards pausing as he realized he wasn't wearing shoes, "Can you?" he asked Sig, getting a negative in response.

"I have used most of the nanites responsible for maintaining your body to form the 'clothes' you're wearing, leaving only the bare necessity for your maintenance… anymore and I risk poor maintenance," Sig informed him, "And at human speeds… would take around ten hours to reach the city,"

Silver paused, at the number before a look of realization crossed his face," How about non-human speeds?" he asked, gesturing to his back, "Doesn't this body have a jet pack?"

"Your weapons can be used as thrusters, with your superior output, they should function as well as a flight unit," Sig said, making Silver smirk as his swords were deployed grouping together, forming thrusters and slowly letting out energy till the silver-haired robot, was shakily hovering above the ground.

"How long can I stay in the air?" Silver asked, making himself sway, trying to get used to the limits of the thrusters, his arms sometimes waving manically before he righted himself.

"Current energon consumption is within acceptable limits," Sig said, as Silver slowly started to ascend, "I recommend flying low to avoid being picked up on any sensors, or being seen by any passing airships," he advised as Silver lowered to about three feet above the ground.

"So low altitude it," Silver said with a smirk, a hint of excitement in his tone, "And on the way, you can tell me what you've been up to," he said before he took off, increasing his speed, slowly getting more used to his thrusters as he talked with Sig, the ground becoming a blur underneath him. A half baked plan on how to get money and shelter already forming in the cybernetic organism as the sky slowly darkened.