My Little Pony: Firehouse

Chapter 1: First Responders

Fire. It is one of civilizations biggest problems. To combat fire, you need an army but very special kind of fighting force. We have the rigs, we have hoses, we have the tools, and we have the strength. There are thousands of our kind all over Equestria, but there is no company quite like ours. My name is Lieutenant Gina Whitewing, and I am a firefighter.

How our two companies, Tower Company 5 and Tower Company 10, were called upon to make history. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna felt it was time to bring one fire-pony company from Manehattan, and a fire-griffon company from Griffonstone. No one in either of our kingdoms thought it would be a good idea. One should never reject a princess.

"I'm glad you all came today," said Princess Celestia,

"All of you were chosen because you are the best at what you do, not only fighting fire, but showing courage in the face of danger, and being good stewards to your respected communities," said Princess Celestia, I smiled warmly and nodded to her and at the fire-ponies, and fire-griffons, "that is why you chosen few will be a part of something special"

"You will be the first ever mixed-species firehouse," said Princess Luna, "as you may know, there are some who resist this change, but these changes must come to Equestria, we can no longer be divided because of species, and you have all shown that it doesn't matter who is in danger, you all go in there, and you do your job," Luna praised to us all,

"You will be assigned to your station tomorrow at first light," said Princess Luna

I'm a griffon, but I have pony-friends in the fire service. One is Lieutenant Valiant Charge. I'm a big bird with big smooth flanks to go with my wings. Valiant Charge is a mare my size. I never thought I'd meet one. She has fur the color of my mom's famous semolina cake, and a milk chocolate brown mane and tail to match those friendly brown eyes.

I'm a gyrfalcon-snow leopard griffon with the same color eyes. Unlike some ponies in the fire service, she and I really felt this could work out. Tht next morning around 7 o'clock, I arrived at the station. Valiant Charge was there, and gave me a light bump in the side of the flanks. Between us, it's how we say hello, "Good to see you, Big Bird," she greeted

I hugged my unicorn best friend, and nuzzled her cheek and patted her back. Unicorns make up a majority of the fire-ponies. The fire-griffons from my company were arriving on time. Engineer Gilda, Firefighter Greta, Firefighter Gabby, Firefighter Glenda, and Firefighter Galena. Valiant Charge and I wondered who was in command of this new station?

Under Valiant Charge's command is Engineer High Rise, Firefighter Maltese Cross, Firefighter Hopeful Dawn, Firefighter Steam Pumper, and Firefighter Tiller Rig, "All companies on me!" said a voice of authority. I swear I can imagine a military snare drum when he walked in. It was a white stallion with a wheat blond mane and tail with light brown eyes.

"Good to see you made it on time, a good start," he said to us,

We all stood at attention as he inspected us, "Good to see you all looking pressed and presentable, especially from you cat-birds, now then...I am Chief Five Alarm, you all will be under my command, what I say goes, you get me? It's my way or the highway," he explained showing his authority in the same way Captain Gordon did when I first arrived.

Five Alarm slowly paced back and forth, "You fire-ponies and you fire-griffons are a part of a new company, we'll be the first hooves and talons on site, we'll be ones called on to rescue anyone trapped inside, we're the ones that put first water on a major fire, in short we're a Rescue Unit, this means our stations a bit different as you all can no doubt see"

'That explains why we have two tower units' I thought,

"These ladies will be chariots that bring us to the action, we have two 2020 E-One CR-137s, that's right, we got the 'Big Sticks', these are quint units which fit into the doctrine of this station," said Five Alarm, "when everypony is running away, we're running in, when somepony is calling for help, we will answer the call, we do this by working together,"

"Now that you stallions and mares, and you fire-griffons know your duties to the city and the community, I warmly welcome you all to Rescue Companies 1 and 2," he concluded, showing that there is a nice stallion behind him. We introduced ourselves one by one with a talon-hoofshake, "you must be Valiant Charge, and Gina, it's good to have you here,"

"It's a pleasure to be a part of history, sir," replied Valiant Charge,

"Now some say it can't work between ponies and griffons, I say they can eat hay," said Five Alarm sitting at his desk, "I picked you two specifically from your respected stations because you show that it can work, and that you two can prove your doubters go help your firefighters get squared away and settle down, this'll be our new home,"

I got down to it with a nod to the chief, and Valiant Charge and I exited his office. We helped out around the station helping fire-ponies, and fire-griffons make their beds, wash and polish the rigs, checking our equipment, cook breakfast, and make sure the station is looking it's best. When somepony, or somebirdy calls '911', we have to ready in a flash