My Little Pony: Firehouse

Chapter 4: Inferno (The Great Canterlot Fire Part 2)

(As Told By: Glenda)

I was on the hose team with Captain Whitewing when the last fire department offering assistance came from Ponyville. Chief Aerial Cat arrived with her company's new Pierce Dash CF 105. The Red Cross and the National Guard were also arriving on the scene as Princess Celestia has declared a 'state of emergency' for the entire West Side of Canterlot

I maybe a probie, but I heard a word over the radio-com that sent a chill down my spine, 'conflagration'. Through the eyeshield of my SCBA mask, I can see the glow of the fire. It was so dangerous, and looks so beautiful. The winds are dying down, and this was our chance to fight back, "C'mon, Glenda, I'm here! We got this!" yelled Captain Whitewing.

"Now's our chance!" yelled Gabby

We got the order, 'open hoses', "Let's do this!" I said, being given the motivation by my fellow fire-birds, and my commander. Every hose and aerial unit from every department on the scene opened up. Slowly and steady, we began to move into the city. We were spraying down what was left of the standing structures, and putting out the many spot fires

White steam had slowly replaced the black smoke as we began to gain ground after containing the blaze. Buildings and houses fell in burning heaps around us as the hose and aerial units began a counterattack. Every firefighter from professionals to the volunteers pulled their weight to stop the fire from spreading using both the water and foam hoses.

Corner by corner, and street by street, we did not give the fight. It took three days to finally extinguish the blaze, and end 'The Great Canterlot Fire'. Even when the fire was at least 90% extinguished, residents were slowly returning back to what was left of their homes. Twenty blocks of the West Side of Canterlot had burned. It looked like a war zone.

"Hey, we won" said Galena

"It doesn't feel like it" I replied

"You did the best you can, that's what counts" said Engineer Gilda, I got up from the truck and went to go survey the damage. In all my gear except my SCBA since it was safe now, Gabby went with me. This is the result of the delayed fire alarm, and now this part of Canterlot is a total loss. The Red Cross and National Guard provided food and shelter.

By some miracle, I got word that no pony died as a result of the fire. A burnt out house creaked, and startled me as it surrendered and fell in a pile of blackened orange rubble, and Gabby caught me from behind, "Thanks" I said to her, and got a smile and a pat on the helmet from her. I went up with probie Gabby with a hose to perform 'hot spot' duty.

"What do we do?" asked Gabby

"The only thing we can do" I replied

The Garment District and West Side of Canterlot will rise again from the ruins. I got word on the radio to come back to the rig for lunch. To prevent another fire from starting up, the National Guard provided us and the survivors with MREs. I got the 'Beef Taco'. As I followed the directions and placed my MRE on a brick to heat up, we got a bit of company.

"Hey, umm...we just wanted to say that we're sorry for badmouthing you all" said a fire-pony from Ladder Company 5 and Engine Company 10 from Baltimare, "you fire-ponies and fire-griffons really proved you got the grit out there" that fire-pony is Chief Leather Lungs. It took the biggest fire in the history of Canterlot for him to come out of his shell.

Covered in sot and ash, we were very tired and so were they putting out the blaze. We got up to share talon-to-hoofshakes and hugs for a job well done. There was celebrating and congratulations from all the fire, police, and paramedic departments that took part in the effort. We also went to console the survivors. This blaze took everything from them

"We won't leave" said a mare

It goes to show how tight knit this suburban community is. Those areas not effected by the fire allowed those that are homeless to seek shelter in a local hotels and motels until the community can get back on it's feet again. Over 300 buildings were destroyed. 1,100 ponies are homeless, and 600 ponies are jobless. The cause of the fire was never found

Damage costs was in the billions of bits. One would think that fires like this would happen over one hundred years ago. Not in a modern era with state-of-the-art equipment, but that is not true. Months after the fire, new homes sprang up on the West Side of Canterlot. The pony officials are now charged with negligence and ignoring building safety codes

"I'm proud of all of you" said Chief

Every fire company that took part to combat the fire was awarded the 'Cross of Bravery'. That plaque is now near the front door to our station. Things are back to normal at our station. The trucks are getting pulled out to be washed and polished. Floors are being swept, and moped. Sheets and clothes are being washed. All while waiting for the next call.

Two months after the fire, we got a call that a boarding house fire in the Historical District of Baltimare. We also got reports of a dog trapped in the building. Gabby and I got up on the roof with a ladder on the side of the truck. Using an axe to break the window and a blanket around the yellow lab, we rescued him. As a firefighter, this party never stops.