Hey, everyone I decided to do some Harry Potter fanfics and this one is a multi-crossover one. Now this isn't a chapter, but some info so please don't give me one of those you're not following the site rules review please. I am explaining what is in it and what I'm still deciding if I should use it or not before I start writing it, but I will add the chapters on this later on. Originally this was going to be a Mercenary Harry like in "Deprived" by "The Crimson Lord" and "LORD" by "Luciferpeq1" but I'm been thinking I might not do a Mercenary Harry and have Harry go to Hogwarts. Anyways I read a couple fanfics where one Harry has EMIYA form type moon in his head (FateProphecy by Wrathkal) and one where Harry has Ulquiorra in his head (I don't remember the name of the story or author), so I am using them as inspiration for this. I am doing what "Ybarra87" did in a few of his HP fanfics and use "Death", "Magic" and others if needed to arrange the things I am doing with Harry. Oh, on my "The Fated Gamer Archer" I am not going to write anymore chapters till I improve the 4th chapter. So far, the village my OC is at is going to be a Quest. I am not sure if James and Lily (one or both) will live in my fic. If they do should I put them (one or both) in a coma or not? If not, should I bash one or both or don't bash? Harry will be trained by EMIYA and Ulquiorra in a hyperbolic time chamber like place to recover from any health issues he had from the Dursleys, but he ages normally. Like if he spends a year in there and it's one day out of there he will only age a day. Harry uses a customize version of Archer's uniform that I will use in my other Fate ideas. I am now thinking of doing this like Deprived. All members are magical.

Harry Potter/Fate/Stay Night/Bleach/Devil May Cry/Assassin's creed/High School DXD/Fairy Tail/ Soul Calibur Naruto:

Opening will be Crossing Field by LiSA; Covered by Amalee (I will need help with the opening with making a TV size version of the song and working out what the scenes on it would be.):

(First up is the HP part of the story. Well, most of it since Harry's appearance is going to be changed. Harry's new look will be at the end of this plus pairings and a couple other things. But before I continue I have an OC that will be the Healer of the Group and she is a witch. Here is her name, age, appearance, and personality.)

Name: Kiyomi Belladonna:

Age: 15 years old and 7 months:

Appearance: Asia Argento's (from High School DXD) face and body with Orihime Inoue's (from Bleach) measurements and hair color; Her mission suit is a white color version of Xenovia's Church Battle suit with the legs fully covered and has a skirt that reaches the knees and a white cloak with a hood:

Personality: She is extremely shy, innocent, and fairly inexperienced in things like socializing but later on becomes perceptive when it comes to her friends' mental and emotional state and able to tell what kind of driving force is pushing someone. Kiyomi is a very pure individual as people are drawn to her and that she is easily liked by others. Her charm and purity is such as that she is able to tame any kind of animal even the most ferocious and dangerous of animals.

Wrong Child Who Lived:

Girl OC Potter:

3 years older Harry:

Mercenary Harry:

Dursleys Death:

Anti-Hero Harry:

Harry kills some of the Death eaters as the Quidditch World Cup and at the Graveyard:

The Horcrux in Harry's gets destroyed early:

Harry is head of the Founders' houses by right of blood and magic:

No godlike Harry:

Harry destroys the Hallows:

Certain Characters Bashing:

Kiyomi will have Hedwig as her familiar and Hedwig's name is changed to Athena who mothers her like she (Kiyomi) is her chick:

(Fate/Stay Night part is next):

Magecraft and skills that Harry learns from EMIYA – Cooking, Projection and Tracing, Reinforcement, Rho Aias, Alteration, Triple-Linked Crane Wings, cleaning, weapons training, "Unlimited Blade Works" and there might other skills and Magecraft he has. (Harry's version of UBW will be explain at the end of the page.):

Harry gets Magic Resistance from EMIYA:

Harry will have all the weapon EMIYA has in his (EMIYA's) UBW:

Harry won't have magic circuits but something else that is similar which will be explain a bit later:

Kiyomi will have my Mystic Eyes of Truth:

Kiyomi will have a Guardian Beast that takes the form of an Alicorn (winged unicorn). It can turn solid to let her and/or others ride it and do physical attacks:

Ivy will have jewelcraft thanks to Harry telling her about Rin:

(Here's Bleach. The techniques Harry's learns from Ulquiorra are changed to use magic in place of spirit energy.):

Ulquiorra teaches Harry – Cero and most of the variants (plus a Cero I came up with called "Gigante Cero" which is a giant Cero), Sonido, Bala, Pesquisa, Luz de la Luna, and Solita Vista:

Harry gains Hierro, and regeneration while not as good as Ulquiorra but still fairly good:

(Devil May Cry)

(The only things Harry gets from this series is V's familiars and Ivy has a copy of the William Blake Poetry Book Vergil has.):

Harry gets Griffon, Nightmare, and Shadow as Familiars:

Ivy has a William Blake Poetry Book with a I replacing the V:

Xenovia will have my OC Devil Arm Chidori the Red Lightning Cutter. Details on Chidori are on my Divine Hate Mother Version:

(Assassin's Creed)

Hidden Blade for the right arm (Just Basic but with the poison dart Ezio has. Can also use Berserk and sleep darts. It and the other blades being use are equipped to the Archer's outfit.):

Hidden Hook Blade for the left arm (Have the Darts the right has):

Hidden Foot Blades for both Feet:

(All members have them)

(High School DXD)

Xenovia Quarta have her sword as well as a few more from the series but they may or may not be under new names. I'm not sure how many and what swords will be used besides 2:



Kiyomi will have Twilight Healing:

(Fairy Tail)

I might have Xenovia have at least some of Ezra's weapons and armors:

Xenovia will use all Sword magic from Fairy Tail:

Xenovia will have Gray's Necklace since it's a cross and it's unique:

Xenovia will have Mugetsu-Ryu and Demon Blade Benizakura:

Kyoka and Seilah will be Harry's Familiars as well:

Kyoka will have Air Devil Slayer Magic, Aera Magic (with black angel wings), Air Magic, and Bullet Magic:

Seilah will have Darkfire (Darkness and fire combined) Devil Slayer Magic, Darkness Magic, Fire Magic, and Shadow Magic:

Both Kyoka and Seilah will have the Concealment Magic, Illusion Magic, Requip Magic, and Telepathy Magic with those 4 same Magics being taught to the Group:

(Soul Calibur)

Isabella "Ivy" Valentine in her SC4 outfit:

Ivy uses the Valentine Blade:

Ivy will be 22 years old:

Ivy will be a former Human turned vampire that hunts for the one that turned her:

She can turn into a bat and she has Regeneration:

Ivy (and by extension all vampires in HP) will have the blood memory thing from the Underworld series:

Taki in her SB/SE and she is a former human turned werewolf who mastered her inner wolf:

Taki has Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Meru and various ninja tool (like Kunais, Shurikens, etc):


Since Taki is a Ninja she will have some Jutsus (She uses Magic instead of Chakra):

Taki has Water and Lightning Natures:

Shadow Clone Jutsu, Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu, Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu, Lightning Release Chakra Mode, Lightning Water Dragon Bullet, Lightning Style: Black Panther, Double Black Panthers, Lightning Style: Shadow Clone Jutsu, Lightning Style: Thunderclap Arrow, Lightning Beast Running Technique, Lightning Style: Electric Shock Needles, Water Style: Explosive Bite of the Water Dragon, Water Style: Water Shuriken, Water Style: Water Beast Jutsu, Water Style: Rapid Thunder Whip Jutsu, Substitution Jutsu, Teleportation Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu, Transparency Jutsu, Chakra Scalpel, Poison Extraction Jutsu, Healing Jutsu:

Taki has Wolf Summons:

Taki can use Senjustu:

Taki will have Black Lighting and the Tattoo is located on her right shoulder:

(Here's Harry's stuff):

Harry's Group is called the Neo 7 Deadly Sins:

Harry's Sin is Sword's Sin of Despair: Due to EMIYA and Ulquiorra. His tattoo is on the right side of his chest:

Kyoka's Sin is Bird's Sin of Pain: Due to her aviary characteristics and her sadistic personality. Her Sin Tattoo is on her left waist where her Guild Mark was:

Seilah's Sin is Book's Sin of Control: Due to love for books and her Marco Curse. Her Sin Tattoo is on her stomach where her Guild Mark was:

Xenovia's Sin is Knight's Sin of Betrayal: Knight due to canon Xenovia and Betrayal due to a fanfic by Panda GX which inspired me to do something similar to they did to this version of Xenovia to give her Betrayal as her Sin and have her join Harry. Her Sin tattoo is on right her shoulder:

Taki's sin is Wolf's Sin of Solitude her Sin tattoo is on her right bicep:

Ivy's sin is Bat's Sin of Vengeance due to her being a vampire and she wants revenge on the one who turned her. Her Sin tattoo is on her left hand:

Kiyomi's Sin is Healer's Sin of Weakness. Her tattoo is on her left bicep:

Harry's new name – Hadrian Emiya Cifer:

Harry's nickname(s): Wizard Killer; Faker;

Kiyomi's nickname(s): Mercy:

40 Wizard Circuits (In some fanfic I read they say wizard and witches have a magic core, so I thought what if I make circuits that are like a magic core. They grow with Harry as he ages and trains his magic and body.):

Harry's new appearance – White hair and tan skin (like EMIYA). Green eyes (like Ulquiorra) and the green lines Ulquiorra has under his eyes:

"Unlimited Blade Works" - Hueco Mundo with Las Noches in the back, various swords stab in the ground and the gears EMIYA has. Chant will be the first one I created, and I will create more chants for some of my other Fate fanfics. Which reminds me I have 2 more Fate ideas and I will tell you all on the next page of my "My version of the Unlimited Blade Works Mantra":

Harry's personality is a serious one due to EMIYA and Ulquiorra and he has a habit of calling some people trash. He maintains an emotionless face like Ulquiorra.:

Harry's version of EMIYA's combat uniform with the cape thing EMIYA has is gone, the red is replaced with white, a hood, the shroud covers more of the torse (the area of the lower abs), a silver color version of the Duel-Armor from Yu-Gi-Oh with silver gauntlets (like what Saber Alter (Artoria Alter) has) and greaves with Hidden Blades installed (This version of EMIYA's combat uniform is what I am using for all my gamer and my other fate idea with the color being changed for them:

Harem: Xenovia Quarta; Kyoka; Seilah; Taki; Ivy; Kiyomi; Fleur Delacour; Luna Lovegood: (Due to all the crap canon Harry had to go through during his life he deserves a harem):