(Coop was walking home from school)

Coop: Glad school is over.

(A figure hit Coop in the head and Coop lost conscious)

(Coop woke up and he was tied into a chair)

Coop: Where am I?


Coop: Who are you?

Who are you talking to?

Coop: To you!

Will see about that?

(Showed Millie and Burt watching TV)

Millie: Daddy, Coop haven't came back today.

Burt: Oh. He must be hanging out with Dennis or Fiona or Lorne and Harley or he's just lost.

(They saw the news)

News Reporter: Breaking news, A 11 year old boy gone missing. Some residents knew who kidnapped him. So, people are looking for this boy. Here's what he look likes.

(Showed a Picture of Coop)

Burt: Coop!?

News Reporter: If you see this boy. Please call the police and send him to his family.

(After watching the News, Burt and Millie were shocked, They went outside to see Coop's friend, Dennis, Walking around, Calling for his name)

Millie: Dennis?

Dennis: Millie? Did you hear the news?

Millie: Yes. My brother went missing.

Dennis: Exactly, I was worried for him. When I found out about Coop gone missing. I was sad and wonder if he is lucky for not.

Burt: Don't worry. Coop will be okay.

(Showed Coop, still tied into a chair)

Coop: Let me go!


Coop: Please! I need to see my family again! And my friends!

Never! You will stay right here!

Coop: Show Your self!

(The figure turn out to be Old Lady Munson)

Old Lady Munson: Well, Well, It is isn't the BurtonBurger boy!

Coop: Old Lady... I mean Mrs. Munson!

Old Lady Munson: That's right! I was the one who kidnapped you! You always makes destruction in my yard, around Bootsville! You always hang out with Fiona! You never leave my garden gnomes alone! You always blame Millie Cat! You always cause trouble, everywhere around Bootsville! And You never takes responsible for your actions!

Coop: But...

Old Lady Munson: No Buts! You're such a juvenile delinquent! I wish your were never born! And no one is her to save you! Not even your father or anyone else!

(They heard a door kicking down, it was the residents of Bootsville including Fiona Parents and Fiona herself)

Old Lady Munson: How did you juvenile delinquents get here!

(Dennis pulls out a tracking device)

Dennis: My tracking device! So! You been the one who kidnapped my friend!

Millie: Mrs. Munson! Why!

Old Lady Munson: I can explain...!

Millie: No! I never liked you anyways!

Rachel: So, you kidnapped Coop! Didn't you!

Old Lady Munson: I can explain about this!

Alan: No! None of your excuses will help!

Old Lady Munson: Fight me you Juvenile Delinquents!

Burt: Oh, We will!

(They began to fight Old Lady Munson)

Miss Brannigan: Give it up!

Old Lady Munson: Make me!

(They keep on fight, Old Lady Munson ended getting away)

Lorne: She's getting away!

Harley: Follow her!

(They follow her and led to a room)

Old Lady Munson: Leave me alone idiots!

Fiona: No! Let him go or else!

Old Lady Munson: Or what! Call the police on me! That wouldn't happen!

(They heard the policies coming and arrest Old Lady Munson for kidnapping)


(Old Lady Munson was sent to jail, Coop was sent free by his father's who he was so happy to see his son, who was safe)

Burt: Glad you're safe.

Coop: Thanks dad!

Estelle: Guys, I guess this cause for a celebration!

Everyone: YEAH!

(Everyone had a celebration and enjoyed being together)

The End