A/N: So, I'm a wrestling fan. Wrestling is actually how I found this site, as I came across a story about two of the original Power Rangers and how they were secretly two masked wrestlers. That then inspired me to write a seven-story series about the Power Rangers Wrestling Association that I created with all the Power Ranger characters wrestling in it. I've seen a couple of Gravity Falls stories that deal with wrestling, they were very good and the authors were very creative it coming up with their own companies and wrestlers, not using actual ones that exist in real life. I'm not that creative though (which is funny to say after admitting to making a Power Rangers wrestling company for a seven-story series), and when I write my sports-related fan fiction stories I write about actual events that happened, and include characters from the fandom I'm in either going to or reacting to the event. That is what I have for you today, as I recount Dipper and Wendy attending a big wrestling event in Portland back in February, WWE's NXT TakeOver Portland. Once I get through some background stuff the focus is more on Dipper and Wendy and their thoughts and reactions to the show than the actual wrestling taking place in the ring. Thank you everyone for reading my story

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING. Disney and Alex Hirsch own Gravity Falls. WWE and their wrestlers own everything wrestling related (event name, wrestler names, move names, etc.)

February 16, 2020

"Welcome everyone to NXT TakeOver Portland"

Chants of NXT, NXT, NXT rang throughout the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon as the hyped-up crowd was ready for one of the signature professional wrestling events from WWE's third brand/developmental brand (depending on who you ask), NXT. Another reason the crowd was so fired up was because of how rare the event was for the city. While Portland had hosted plenty of wrestling house shows and television tapings, this was only the third time ever that a pay per view/super card had emanated from the Rose City, with the last one being 12 years ago in 2008.

"Dude these seats are amazing," Wendy Corduroy said with excitement before leaning in to give her boyfriend Dipper Pines a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you again so much."

"It's your first birthday since we began dating, I had to go all out," Dipper responded. While Wendy's 23rd birthday wasn't for a few more weeks, the timing of this big wrestling event in Portland made the perfect early birthday present for his girlfriend. Wendy was correct when she said they had some great seats. Their seats were in the lower bowl, about six rows up from the floor level seats, right at the center of the ring, eye level with the ring canvas. They were also on the side that cameras shot the majority of the time, so they would be on TV plenty during the event.

"You're the best dork," said Wendy as she wrapped her arm around her boyfriend's shoulders. After being denied by Wendy his first summer in Gravity Falls Dipper tried to get over his crush for the red-headed daughter of a lumberjack. He tried to move on and dated a few girls in Piedmont, but he would always compare them to Wendy, and in his eyes, no girl compared to her. Finally, seven years later, on the day of his 20th birthday in 2019, Dipper was ready to confess his feelings to Wendy again. While having an age difference of exactly 2 and a half years (Wendy's birthday was March 2nd, which was also Dipper's half birthday) Dipper thought the age difference wouldn't matter as much now as it did seven years ago when he was 12, close to turning 13, and Wendy as 15. Luckily for Dipper, Wendy felt the same way and the two started dating.

After graduating from high school Wendy took a year off from school to travel the country with her friends. Herself, along with Nate, Lee, Thompson, Robbie, and Tambry had been planning this big trip for a few years and it was one of the greatest adventures of Wendy's life. After it Wendy fulfilled another dream, living in Portland, as she enrolled at Portland State University. While he could have gone to any college he wanted, Dipper had been in love with Oregon (not just a redhead from there) since he was 12 and decided to attend Portland State with his best friend/future girlfriend. Because of her year off, the couple was only one year apart grade-wise, Wendy was a senior, and Dipper a junior. While they had been super close as friends since Dipper first came to Gravity Falls, things seemed to start becoming more romantic between the two once they were both in college together as Wendy finally started falling for Dipper the way he had fallen for her back in 2012.

"I still can't believe you weren't even a wrestling fan when we first met, and now you are taking me to shows for my birthday," Wendy said.

"Well, you did a good job getting me hooked quickly. It seemed appropriate too for Portland to finally get another big wrestling show again once we started dating," Dipper responded. Wrestling had always been a favorite in the Corduroy household, even Wendy's mom was a fan along with her dad and three younger brothers. While she would watch it every now and again with her family, Wendy was finally hooked in 2004 when the seven-year-old witnessed history made when two of the best women's wrestlers ever, Trish Stratus and Lita, became the first women wrestlers to main event a national primetime wrestling show, WWE's Monday Night Raw. Lita had always been a favorite of Wendy's, her punk rock look and high flying aerial move set different than any other woman wrestling at the time. She won the women's championship from Trish that night, and Wendy was glued to the TV for every second of the match as the two women made history.

Wendy didn't actually reveal to Dipper that she was a wrestling fan until the summer of 2013, Dipper's second summer in Gravity Falls with his twin sister Mabel. Wendy was catching up on a wrestling show she had recorded before bad movie night when Dipper came over to her house early. It wasn't something Dipper had really watched before, but he would watch it on occasion during the summer with Wendy. She wasn't trying to get Dipper hooked on wrestling, and he would actually get hooked on his own that August. WWE's second-biggest show of the year, SummerSlam, was in the middle of August, just a couple weeks before Dipper and Mabel turned 14 and returned to California. The Corduroy's were hosting a BBQ for the event, and Wendy along with Soos, who was also a big wrestling fan, convinced Dipper to come. It was this show that got Dipper hooked on wrestling. It was a solid show all around, one of WWE's best of the year. The two main event matches, Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk in a no disqualification match, and the WWE Championship main event match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan, were the two specific matches that got him hooked, thanks to their action, drama, and storytelling. As the years went on the two expanded their fandom of the product, enjoying local promotions in Oregon whose shows they went to, big independent companies both in the US and internationally, Japan's top promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling, and the newest big American promotion, All Elite Wrestling. They also followed some YouTube channels that gave their thoughts and reactions to the goings-on in the world of wrestling. The couple never picked sides in the so-called "wrestling wars" people would talk about on the internet, they just enjoyed whatever they could take in.

The couple shared a kiss before hearing the bell ring to signal it was time for the first match, each giving out a scream of excitement as the first wrestler's music began playing.

"Your opening contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the NXT North American Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, from Worcester, Massachusetts, weighing in at 270 pounds, DOMINIK DIJAKOVIC. And his opponent, from Wichita Falls, Texas, weighing in at 340 pounds, he is the NXT North American Champion, KEITH LEE."

The young couple was excited for this first matchup as Lee and Dijakovic had amazing in-ring chemistry from their previous matchups together. The two were rivals as Lee was a face (good guy) and Dijakovic had been a heel (bad guy) when they had their first match together. Dijakovic turned face recently and it became more of a friendly rivalry between the two. Lee had become more and more popular with the crowd as 2019 came to a close as he produced many exciting moments in the ring thanks to the amazing agility he had for a man of his size, and the star-making performances he was having. Plus he was also becoming known as someone who could make meme and gif worthy moments. It was a back and forth contest between the two big men, but the difference in the match would be the damaged back of the challenger. Dijakovic would try for his finisher, the Feast Your Eyes, but his back gave out on him while attempting to execute the move. This allowed Lee to counter and hit one of his finishing moves, the Big Bang Catastrophe, and get retained his title.

"The winner of this contest, and still NXT North American Champion, KEITH LEE"

"Oh bask in his glory, oh bask in his glory." Dipper and Wendy laughed as they sang the beginning verse to Keith Lee's entrance song and did his signature pose. He was quickly becoming a favorite of both Dipper and Wendy's. Meanwhile in the ring to too friendly rivals shared a handshake as the crowd applauded them.

"Wouldn't say it was their best match together, but it was definitely worthy of a TakeOver match," Dipper said as Wendy nodded in agreement. Soon it was time for the next match of the evening.

"Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a street fight. Introducing first, from Auckland, New Zealand, DAKOTA KAI. And her opponent, from the Welsh Valleys, TEGAN NOX." The crowd was firmly behind the face Nox against the heel Kai, who was her former best friend. Nox's WWE tenure had been a tough one so far as she suffered a major knee injury just after signing with the company in 2017. She would return from that injury a year later, only to suffer another major knee injury, this time in her other knee, just three televised matches into her 2018 return. Out another year with injury Nox would return to the ring in the summer of 2019, teaming more with her friend Kai. The friendship ended at the last TakeOver event. Kai and Nox were on the same team for a four on four, two ring steel cage match known as War Games. When it was Kai's turn to enter the match she instead brutally attacked Nox, preventing Nox from entering the match as Kai was removed from it.

The ladies held nothing back during their match, bringing out an assortment of weapons. They ranged from your typical wrestling weapons of steel chairs, trash cans, and tables, to more unique ones like laptops and cricket bats, which was fitting considering the countries to two women were from. It would appear Nox would get her vengeance on Kai as she was firmly in control towards the end of the match, including hit her step-up knee strike to the head finisher commonly know as the Shining Wizard that she called the Shiniest Wizard. Tegan was a huge Harry Potter fan, and the name of the moved played off of that and her wrestling nickname, the Girl with the Shiniest Wizard. She could have won the match there but she wanted to inflict more punishment on her former friend. Nox propped Kai up against a table that was set up in a corner. She then wrapped a chair around Kai's neck. Tegan was preparing to hit her finisher on Dakota again, this time driving the chair into Kai's face and sending her through the table. However, her thirst for revenge would be her downfall.

"Wait, who is that," Wendy asked as she saw a huge Latina women charge the ring and sneak attack Nox before she could hit her finishing move again. The woman later revealed as Raquel Gonzalez would appear to be Kai's heavy as after she attacked Nox she removed the chair from Kai's neck and moved her away from the table. She then took the table out of the corner and set it up in the middle of the ring. Gonzalez then lifted up Nox and delivered a massive one-armed powerbomb, sending Nox through the table. Gonzalez then placed Kai on top of Nox.

"The winner of this contest, DAKOTA KAI" The boos rang out through the Moda Center as the heel picked up the victory, preventing Nox from getting her revenge on the friend who turned on her. Amongst those participating in the loud booing was Dipper, as Nox was one of his favorite wrestlers in part because she embraced her gamer/comic/fantasy side much like he did. Along with the nickname and finishing move name based on Harry Potter, her wrestling attire was based on the superheroine Captain Marvel's uniform.

"I'm sorry that your new crush lost dude," Wendy teased her boyfriend as Dipper couldn't help blushing a bit.

"Don't forget, you'll always be my first crush and top crush," responded Dipper before kissing his girlfriend.

"I better be dork," Wendy laughed and then returned the kiss just as the bell was ringing for the next match.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, weighing in at 190 pounds, FINN BALOR. And introducing his opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 199 pounds, JOHNNY GARGANO."

This next match was one of the most intriguing of the night. One reason for that was the fact that they were two of the best wrestlers on any of the WWE brands. While not the main event, no one would be shocked it these two stole the show and had the best match of the night. It was also intriguing because of the crowd reactions both wrestlers got, it was a mix of cheers and boos. Balor was the heel, but he was seen as a cool heel, and a section of the fan base liked that based on his work in other companies when he was a heel. While Gargano was a face, people seemed to be turned off by him playing the underdog face because they thought it was the only characteristic his character had. People also didn't like that he seemed to always kick out of a lot of finishing moves during matches, more than realistically possible. As expected this was a back and forth match with reach wrestler getting long stretches of time on the offensive. The finish would come when Balor was finally able to hit his two finishing moves, the Coup de Grace jumping top rope double foot stomp, and the 1916 elevated DDT.

"The winner of this contest, FINN BALOR"

"Is it just me, or is Finn getting more cheers than boos now?" Dipper asked out loud.

"Yeah I definitely hear it too Dip," Wendy responded. "I don't know if the people still just like him that much or if it's more turning against Gargano."

"Well if its the former they are going to have a hard time keeping him as a heel," said Dipper. That crowd reaction would play a part in the evening's main event, more to come on that. The ringing of the bell rang out as it was time to get ready for the next match of the evening, the one that Wendy had been looking forward to the most all night.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the NXT Women's Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, from Knoxville, Tennessee, BIANCA BELAIR. And her opponent, from Adelaide, South Australia, she is the NXT Women's Champion, RHEA RIPLEY."

YEAH RHEA!" Wendy yelled with much enthusiasm after the champion was announced. Wendy had been looking forward to this match the most all night because Rhea was currently her favorite wrestler in any company. She was currently wearing the Rhea Ripley shirt that Dipper got her for Christmas. Much like Lita during her childhood, Rhea had the punk rock look, but even more so then Lita did, and she was more of a powerhouse wrestler compared to Lita's high flying style. Ripley debuted on WWE TV as a heel and became the first women's champion of WWE's NXT UK brand. After dropping that belt she turned face towards the end of her UK run, and then debuted on regular NXT, poised to be the next challenger to then NXT Women's Champion Shayna Bazler. Ripley's popularity continued to grow and grow, hitting a fever pitch on the final NXT TV show of 2019, where she defeated Bazler to win the women's title in the main event of the show, ending Bazler's year-plus long title reign. Following this was a mosh pit like celebration as wrestlers and select chosen fans charged the ring to celebrate Rhea and lift her up like she was riding a wave in a mosh pit, fitting for her look and character.

Belair was Ripley's first challenge as champion. Even with a recent heel turn she still got mostly cheers from the crowd as she spent most of 2019 as a face, only being turned heel to fill a spot on the previously mentioned War Games match from the last TakeOver. The match was one of contrasting styles as Belair was uber-athletic compared to Ripley and her powerhouse style of wrestling. While athletic, Belair was strong in her own right, so the match saw a lot of each wrestler trying to wear down the other in an attempt to hit their finisher and win the match. The finish of the match would come when Bianca had Rhea up over her in an attempt at her finisher, only for Rhea to counter it. Ripley then hit a well-timed kick to the midsection, followed by her finisher the Riptide for the win.

"The winner of this contest, and still NXT Women's Champion, RHEA RIPLEY."

The celebration would be short-lived as Charlotte Flair, who wrestled on WWE's Raw brand, attacked Ripley from behind to a chorus of boos. Charlotte had recently won the women's Royal Rumble match, meaning she got to pick the champion she wanted to face at WrestleMania. It was expected that she would pick either the Raw or Smackdown Women's Champion until Rhea showed up on Raw one week and challenged Charlotte to a match a Mania. Charlotte did not make her decision known to anyone, though it was announced she would be in Portland for TakeOver, as she watched Rhea and Bianca's match from the front row. After finishing her attack on Ripley she attacked Belair too for good measure before officially accepting Ripley's challenge to an NXT Women's Championship match at WrestleMania.

"Oh man, I hope Rhea gives Charlotte the beating of her life at Mania," Wendy said angrily after watching her favorite get jumped after winning her match.

"With the fan support she has had since becoming a face and moving to regular NXT and how she has been booked, it's clear they see Rhea as a future star in women's wrestling. Having her beat Charlotte at Mania will only add to that build," said Dipper reassuringly as she wrapped his arm around her shoulders and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Its Charlotte though man, that's why I'm scared. She's like the golden girl of the company, so until I see that happen I can't help but be nervous," Wendy responded before giving Dipper a kiss, her boyfriend understanding the logic. The bell then rang out again as the next match was preparing to happen.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Introducing first, the challenges, at a total combined weight of 396 pounds, they are the team of Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne, THE BROSERWEIGHTS. And their opponents, representing the Undisputed Era, at a total combined weight of 397 pounds, they are the NXT Tag Team Champions, BOBBY FISH AND KYLE O'REILLY."

It was a contrast of two very different teams in this match. Fish and O'Reilly were an established tag team a part of the Undisputed Era faction. Prior to NXT Fish and O'Reilly were also together as a tag team known as reDRagon. The duo had won tag teams in multiple different promotions, including two reigns as NXT Tag Team Champions. O'Reilly was actually a three-time NXT tag champion as one of his reigns was with fellow Undisputed Era member Roddy Strong while Fish was out with a knee injury. On the other hand, Riddle and Dunne were a thrown together team of two predominantly singles wrestlers. They formed for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, winning the tournament that afforded them this title spot. This was a classic odd couple team, Dunne the serious no-nonsense guy opposed to the funny good-natured comedy guy in Riddle. Even with those differences, they formed a cohesive unit when in the ring together. A high flying match ensued between the four nimble and athletically gifted stars and many high-risk spots occurred during the match. The challengers appeared to be in trouble when Riddle accidentally speared Dunne, allowing the Era to hit one of their double team finishers on Dunne, who somehow kicked out. The champs attempted their other double team finisher, only for Dunne to fight out of it and tag Riddle in. Riddle then delivered a big knee to the face of Fish, followed by one to O'Reilly. Each then delivered a kick to O'Reilly before Riddle lifted O'Reilly onto his shoulders and tossed him to Dunne, who connected with a massive enzuigiri kick. Riddle then covered O'Reilly for the win.

"The winners of this contest, and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, MATT RIDDLE AND PETE DUNNE."

"No surprise there that those four put in a classic tag team match," Dipper said, still marveling at the action the four men put on.

"Even in defeat the UE always puts on a great tag team match at TakeOver," Wendy said in response, as the couple remembered some of the other matches the former champions had at TakeOver shows that were just as good as this one.

"I can't wait to see what they do with Riddle and Dunne as champions now. The videos they had been doing, especially the ones about them getting here, had been hilarious," added Dipper as the couple laughed about the videos that had aired about the new champions trying odd ways Riddle came up with to get from Orlando where NXT taped their weekly programming to Portland for the event tonight.

There was now a buzz in the air as everyone knew it was time for the main event match for the NXT Championship. Unlike the other matches this evening, where the wrestlers would be announced as they came to the ring, they would be announced after each is in the ring.

The first man out was the challenger, Tommaso Ciampa. Before an injury sidelined him last April, he was the dominant heel champion of NXT, turning away challengers left and right. He was set for a massive fourth match with tag partner turned rival Johnny Gargano at the TakeOver during last year's WrestleMania weekend, but a neck injury forced him out of the match and to vacate the title. After coming back earlier than expected from his injury, Ciampa was now a face as the fans appreciated the work he had put in prior to the injury, and how much he fought to get back in the ring. He considered himself the uncrowned champion, having not been beaten for the title, only losing it through injury. He was ready to have his most prized possession back, the NXT Championship, which he called Goldy.

Next out was the cocky heel champion, Adam Cole, the leader of the Undisputed Era. After Ciampa had to vacate the title Cole won a fatal five-way match to earn the right to face Gargano for the vacated title. Gargano won that match, but Cole would win the rematch at the next TakeOver event and had been champion ever since. Though a heel, he was a cool one just like Balor. No matter where NXT went and what heelish things Cole did the crowd always went along with his taunts. As Cole jumped on the ring apron he held one of his fists up, waiting for the word boom in his entrance theme. As the word came across the song he mouthed the word while sticking his thumb out and pointing at his shoulder. The crowd mimicked the action and yelled BOOM. Cole then paraded around the ring, arms in the air. He then crouched now in the center of the ring. As he was crouched down the crowd was going ooooooooooooooh, waiting for the next taunt. Cole then raised his arms in the air and yelled ADAM COLE BAY BAY, with the crowd yelling it as well. All the while Ciampa stood right behind Cole, only separated by the referee, staring daggers through the champion.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your NXT TakeOver Portland main event scheduled for one fall, and it is for the NXT Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing in at 201 pounds, TOMMASO CIAMPA. And his opponent, representing the Undisputed Era, from Panama City, Florida, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is the NXT Champion, ADAM COLE." The crowd then added another BAY BAY after Cole's last name was said as the referee held the title up to signal that it was on the line.

"Who do you think is taking this?" Dipper asked his girlfriend. "I think Ciampa gets Goldy back."

"I don't know man, I feel like champions who lose the belt to injury never get it back," Wendy responded. "I would like to see him get the belt back and go heel again, but I think Cole is going to keep it. If Cole does retain I think they are going to have Keith drop the NA Title to go after Cole's title or its a big free agent signing who is going to take the belt from Cole eventually."

In a surprise to no one, it was a hard-hitting match between the champion and challenger. The two quickly made their way outside the ring and Cole suplexed Ciampa into one of the announce tables. They would head back into the ring with Cole in control but were right back outside once Ciampa took control back. The challenger then delivered two powerbombs to the champion onto another one of the announce tables. The match eventually got to a point that was dividing opinion amongst the fans when it came to NXT main events, too many kick-outs from finishing moves, especially multiple delivered at once before a pin. Ciampa would hit both his finishing moves, the Willow's Bell, and the Fairytale Ending, but Cole was able to kick out just before three. The rest of the Undisputed Era then tried to interfere but Ciampa fought the three off, but this allowed Cole to go on his own finisher spare. Cole delivered three straight superkicks and then hit the Last Shot, which was essentially Tegan Nox's finisher, but the knee shot was to the back of the head instead of the front. This was the second Last Shot Cole hit on Ciampa, though after the first one Ciampa was close enough to the ring apron to roll out of the ring before he could be covered for a pin. Cole then covered Ciampa, who somehow kicked out before three count.

"Really, this again," Dipper complained, not being a fan of all these kick-outs after multiple finishers hit.

"Come on man, it just adds to the drama," his girlfriend responded, as this was one of the only wrestling topics that Dipper and Wendy disagreed on.

After the near fall, Cole got Ciampa up and pushed him into the referee, allowing himself to hit Ciampa with a low blow. However, Ciampa then returned the favor and gave Cole his own low blow, followed by the Fairytale Ending. Ciampa covered Cole but there was no referee to make the count. As Ciampa was about to try and awaken the referee and new twist was thrown into things.

"Is that Johnny Gargano?" Dipper asked.

Indeed it was. After Ciampa's injury and Gargano winning the title Ciampa embraced his former tag team partner as he celebrated with the belt, another move that turned Ciampa face. After Ciampa returned from injury the two reformed their tag team, #DIY, on occasion, and even had new merchandise for the reunion, as Gargano was currently wearing one of the shirts. Gargano grabbed the NXT Title and slid the belt into Ciampa, telling him to take it and hit Cole with it to win the match. After deliberating for a bit Ciampa went to grab the title but Gargano pulled it back and held it again. The arena then went into a shocked silence as Gargano then smacked Ciampa in the face with the title back. Ciampa landed right next to Cole, who moved so that his back was on Ciampa's chest. The referee finally came around and counted the pinfall.

"The winner of this contest and still NXT Champion, ADAM COLE."

The arena remained in stunned silence as the referee raised Cole's arm in victory while he was still laying on Ciampa's chest. The rest the Undisputed Era was back up now and they made their way into the ring, helping their leader up as the referee handed Cole his title and he raised it up in triumph.

"So I guess the rivalry resumes, just with the face and heel roles reserved," Wendy said to Dipper as the two began leaving their seats to exit the arena.

"I like heel Gargano, he did really good in the role in late 2018 and early 2019, I'm just not sure how I feel about it being heel Gargano vs face Ciampa, it just doesn't seem right," responded Dipper. Wendy could understand his point, it did seem weird to her as well. Both were intrigued though to see how it played out.

As the two exited the arena and were walking towards their parking garage they were on the backside of the arena, where all of WWE's massive trailer trucks were parked.

"Hold on a second Dip, I want to get some pictures of those," Wendy said to her boyfriend while pointing at the trailers. After getting some pictures of them, Wendy had Dipper take a picture of her in front of one, followed by Wendy taking a picture of Dipper in front of one. They then had a fellow fan take a picture of the couple in front of the trailer. As they were getting ready to continue the journey to Dipper's truck Dipper spotted someone he was not expecting to see.

"Wendy, is that who I think it is?" Dipper asked the redhead, pointing in the direction of the person.

"Dude, if you're asking me if that's North American Champion Keith Lee over there signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, the answer is yes, definitely, absolutely," said Wendy with a laugh as the two quickly made their way over to have a chance to meet one of their favorite wrestlers

"Great match tonight Mr. Lee," Dipper nervously said to the wrestler once they were at the front of the line that had formed.

"Please, call me Keith. And there is no reason to be nervous, everything I do if for my fans, and I'm always happy to give back any way I can.

"Can we get a picture with you then please?" Wendy asked with the biggest smile on her face.

"Of course you can, I'll even let your friend here hold the title for it." Dipper and Wendy wherein complete shock as Keith Lee placed the title on Dipper's shoulder. Dipper then placed a hand on the title the way wrestlers did when held it against their shoulders. The three then did Keith's bask in his glory pose as the person behind them in line took pictures on Dipper and Wendy's phone.

"Thank you again so much," Wendy and Dipper both said as Dipper handed the title back to Keith.

"Thank you guys for coming out to the show," Keith responded as he continued on with the next set of fans.

"Can this night get any better?" Dipper asked his girlfriend. He got no response. "Wendy is everything okay?" Still no response.

Dipper then turned around, only to see his girlfriend pointing at someone else, speechless and just as shocked as Dipper was a few minutes ago.

"Yes definitely, absolutely, Wendy. That is NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley," Dipper responded with a laugh in the same tone of voice Wendy used to answer Dipper's question about Keith Lee.

"Come on dork, we have to go over there," said Wendy as the two made their way over to the women's champion.

It was now Wendy's turn to be nervous as she met her favorite wrestler.

"Ms. Ripley, you were amazing tonight. You are my favorite current wrestler, I'm a huge punk rock music fan too so I just loved your character and look," Wendy said nervously but confidently, not trying to talk too fast where she couldn't be understood.

"That's great to hear, love meeting wrestling fans who like the same music as me. They usually say the same about the look and character as well. Wasn't sure I could make it work as a good guy the way I did as a bad guy but you guys are proof that I'm doing it right" Rhea responded as Dipper, Wendy and some more fans behind them nodded in agreement

"Could we get a picture with you," Wendy then asked with a smile even bigger than the one she had when she asked the same question to Keith Lee. Rhea happily agreed.

"Is there any way my girlfriend could hold the women's title for the picture?" Dipper asked. "Keith Lee let me hold the North American picture for our picture with him so I figured I would ask."

"Well now that you say that we can't have your girlfriend upstaged can we, or Keith upstaging me," Rhea said with a smile as she placed the women's title on Wendy's shoulder just as Keith had placed his title on Dipper's shoulder. Wendy used her arm to hold the title on her shoulder as she and Dipper joined Rhea in doing her signature hand gesture from her entrance for the picture on their phones.

"Thank you thank you so much," Wendy said happily as she handed the belt back to Rhea.

"Anything for my fans. Thank you guys for coming out to the show," Rhea added, echoing Keith's sentiments from earlier.

The couple was on cloud 9 as they walked back to Dipper's truck hand in hand.

"I can't wait to show these to Soos, he will be so jealous," Dipper said with a laugh as the two entered his truck. "So did you have fun tonight?"

"Best night ever, best birthday ever, best boyfriend ever," Wendy responded before giving Dipper a kiss that he happily returned.

The end