This scene takes place after Season 4 – Episode 22 – "My Good Name"

Rated M for strong adult content aka graphic description of sex aka SMUT and some language

Of course I own neither of these characters.

Written for a good friend who could use a smile.


They both promised it wouldn't happen again.

They knew it was wrong.

They knew that there was a lot at stake.

They were playing with fire, courting disaster, flirting with danger and any number of other apt idioms.

They knew that they should stop. They just couldn't.

They had both agreed it was a one-time thing, an inadvisable moment of understandable weakness. They had been drunk. No one could blame them for that, they had just finished investigating the death of three children for God's sake. Cases like that, they crawled under your skin and stayed there until you excised them. In her experience, there was nothing like a good drink followed by a good fuck to rid her body and mind of their demons and make her feel alive again. Hell, if anyone had cared to consider it objectively, they damn well should have congratulated her for making a smart decision. She could have gotten what she needed in the backseat of her car with some random that she picked up at a bar. Lots of risk associated with that, sure, but she could have. They both could have. The fact that they had chosen each other was actually evidence of GOOD judgment. Much safer in many ways.

Alex probably could have convinced herself of that if it had stopped after that first time. It didn't. It happened over and over and over again. The first few times, alcohol and a difficult case had been contributing factors. After that, it was just a difficult case. And then it was . . . well, just because.

Just because was very, very dangerous.

That particular night, they had gone out for drinks with Deakins. The Captain had been morose after the arrest of Frank Adair, reeling from the fall of an icon and the loss of a friend. He had never invited them out before, ever respectful of maintaining the carefully cultivated line between superior and subordinate, so when he asked, they had both immediately agreed. They decided on a cop bar, two blocks down from 1 PP. She had promised to meet them there, stepping into the crib first to splash some water on her face, brush her hair and freshen up her makeup. She wasn't sure why. It was hardly necessary for a few drinks with friends. She did it anyway, just because.

Just because was very, very dangerous.

McTavish's Bar was busy as usual and it took Alex a minute to locate her party, seated at a small table at the back of the room. Both men stood as she approached and Bobby's gaze was warm on her face as he pulled out her chair. Her shoulder brushed against him as she sat and the contact ignited unbidden but not unwelcome flashbacks of other, more intimate nights. His hands, his mouth, his impressive erection. On her, inside her. During investigations, she was able to compartmentalize and focus on the tasks at hand. She prided herself on that. Socially, it was a different story. Socially, his proximity was electric.

It made her bold.

When Deakins excused himself to use the restroom, Alex slipped a foot out of her heels and extended it until she made contact with his leg under the table. Her manicured toes played along his shin, teased his calf. Bobby visibly startled at her brazen advance, glancing nervously around the room to see if anyone else was watching. She took advantage of his distraction to stretch out further until her foot was directly between his legs, pressing against him. That elicited an actual physical reaction and Bobby knocked the table with an arm, sending their drinks sloshing and earning a few curious looks from neighbouring parties. Grabbing her foot under the table, Bobby held it away from himself slightly as he stared at her with a mixture of incredulity and hunger. She raised an eyebrow at him in challenge, the corner of her mouth curving up into a smirk. His face darkened in response, his features filling with an intensity that oozed sex.

Once the gawkers had turned away again, Bobby pressed her foot back against him firmly, grinning arrogantly, and she felt him harden against the soft skin of her sole. Her mouth went dry in response as areas down south got much wetter. She had dropped her foot by the time Deakins returned but even with one good eye the Captain would have been able to tell that both their faces were far more flushed than when he had left.

They didn't have a plan to meet up afterward. There was never a plan. Somehow they just found their way back together. Bobby had held the door of her taxi open and wished her goodnight before hailing his own. She was halfway home when her phone trilled with a text message.

Did you want to come over?

Alex smiled and asked the taxi driver to make a detour.

She was barely in the front door and he was on her.

She had crossed the threshold and was just starting to close the door behind her when she sensed Bobby approach and turned to greet him. Without a word, he slammed the door shut and threw the lock before pinning her against the wall and lowering his mouth to hers. His hands tangled in her hair and Alex tossed her bag carelessly off to the side, its contents spilling all over the floor. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him hard, pressing her slight body against his, molding herself to him. He grabbed the hem of her sweater and interrupted the kiss only long enough to drag it up and over her head. His big hands roved wildly over her shoulders, her sides, her hips, her stomach and then up over her breasts, caressing them through the fabric of her black lace bra. She moaned into his mouth and arched herself against him in encouragement.

Spinning them around, Bobby started to back her out of the foyer while she yanked at his tie. Alex expected him to keep them moving in a straight line, herding her toward the back of his apartment where she knew his bedroom was, but he had different plans. He guided her instead to the left and into the kitchen, stopping only when her hip bumped against the counter. His tie was sufficiently loose by that point and he ripped it over his head as she went to work on the buttons of his dress shirt.

"You're such a damn tease," Bobby muttered, eyes murky with lust. He tugged at her belt roughly until he could slide it out of its loops and send it flying onto the floor beside his tie.

His nimble fingers made quick work of the button and zipper on her jeans. Pulling her back slightly from the counter, he ran his hands under the waistband and over her backside, pushing her pants down until they pooled by her feet and she could kick them away. Her panties followed in short order, in much the same fashion.

Effortlessly, Bobby lifted her up and deposited her onto the cool countertop. Their flailing limbs knocked a pot off the dish rack and it fell to the floor with a loud clatter. Breathing heavily, Alex reached for his belt buckle but he got there first, fumbling to unbuckle it before letting his dress slacks and boxers drop to the floor. As he stepped between her legs, nudging them apart with his hips, she leaned her head back against the cabinets. Before she could push his dress shirt off his shoulders, Bobby grabbed both her wrists, pinning them over her head against the cabinets. He held them there with one hand while the other reached down and guided himself into her. No foreplay, exactly the way she wanted it. It wasn't needed after their flirting at the bar. She moaned quietly at the pleasant pressure of being filled, closing her eyes, biting her bottom lip and arching her back until he was buried deep inside her.

His movements were slow and languid at first but quickly escalated into sharp, hard thrusts that stole the air from her lungs. Her fingernails dug into her palms as Alex wrapped her legs around him and they found their rhythm. They weren't quiet; anyone passing by in the hallway outside his apartment who cared to listen would be able to hear what they were doing and that aroused her even more. Her husband had always been paranoid about that but Bobby showed no signs of caring. Her moans transformed into breathy cries each time he thrust inside her. His own breathing was uneven and choppy as he braced himself against a cabinet with his free hand. Absently, she wondered if the wood could withstand the pressure.

"God, Bobby, harder," Alex murmured as he buried his face in her shoulder. He bit her neck once and she squirmed in protest, breaking their rhythm. He soothed the sting with his tongue in apology before his focus shifted entirely to driving himself in and out of her harder as requested. She tried to pull her hands down from over her head, desperate to touch him, to guide his hips, but he forced her wrists back against the cabinet firmly.

"No," Bobby asserted gruffly and that one word alone nearly drove her to orgasm. In their professional relationship, he deferred to her more often than anyone suspected, respecting her as senior partner and recognizing her skill with diplomacy, a skill he lacked but was sorely needed in their line of work. She had learned quickly that he did not defer to her in the bedroom, however; in the bedroom, he took control and she was only too happy to relinquish it, at least for a while. With his free hand, he hiked her leg up higher on his hip, offering a new angle that had her on the brink and completely at his mercy.

It was Bobby who finished first, thrusting hard a final time with a loud, low groan. His entire body stiffened and she felt him throb as he emptied himself inside her. When he didn't move after a minute, Alex worried fleetingly she might have to beg him to help her climax, body still trembling with need. That worry proved to be unfounded as a second later he gently lowered her leg back down to his hip and let his hand slide to her core. After a few strategic strokes of his thumb, she came with a cry, her body bucking against him, fireworks exploding behind her eyelids.

They were silent for a moment afterward, catching their breath, faces shiny with sweat. Bobby released her wrists and dropped both of his hands to the countertop on either side of her legs, holding himself up on shaky arms, his head still resting on her shoulder. The perspiration had glued clumps of hair to Alex's forehead and when he finally straightened again, Bobby peeled them off and tucked them behind her ears. She kissed him, softer and sweeter now, all urgency dissipated. It was always easier to kiss than talk after, so she kept her lips pressed against his for as long as she could. When he finally drew back to breathe, he looked at her with such affection in his eyes that it made her throat constrict. It was a sharp reminder once again of just how thin the ice they were skating on was.

Sex with her partner was one thing. Falling in love was another. This had to be the last time. It had to be.

She broke that rule again almost as fast as she made it when Bobby whispered in her ear that he wanted to take her to his bed and make love to her again, slower this time. She should have protested the use of the phrase "make love" but instead she nodded mutely and let him pick her up off the counter and carry her to his room. She felt more than a little ridiculous, like a character in some trite romance novel, but she enjoyed the leverage it gave her to kiss him without having to crane her neck.

In his bedroom, Bobby lowered her onto the bed before shrugging out of his dress shirt. Alex scooted over to the far side of the mattress and watched him, her head propped up on a hand, as he drew his undershirt over his head. A memory from earlier in the day suddenly brought a smile to her lips.

"You are such a liar. You know that, right?"

Adding his undershirt to a pile of clothes on a nearby armchair, Bobby frowned and crawled into bed. When he reached for her, she pushed him onto his back and slid on top of him, straddling his legs and resting her hands on his stomach.

"Uh, I am?"

"You are. Earlier today, when you were baiting Adair. You insinuated that after a full day of work, there was no way you could . . . perform . . ."

Alex ran her fingers through the wiry hair on his stomach, working her way up his chest until he shivered.

". . . even if you wanted to."

Bobby sat up suddenly, the muscles in his abdomen tensing beneath her hands. She thought he was going to kiss her but instead he ran his hands along the curves of her sides and behind her back to the clasp of her bra. He unhooked it without fanfare and, meeting her eyes, slowly drew the straps down her arms to expose her breasts. His gaze dropped to take in her now completely naked form and she discovered that the familiar twinge between her legs had returned in record time. His voice was low and deep when he spoke next.

"Well, I find you very . . . inspiring."

It was her turn to shiver. Closing her eyes, Alex nuzzled the area under his ear that she knew made him crazy. His hands tightened on her hips as anticipated and she smiled into his neck before sitting back up and gently shoving his shoulders until he flopped back onto the bed beneath her. Leaning over, she lazily kissed his collarbone and his chest, her hair ghosting along his skin. When she made her way down to his stomach, Bobby sucked in a shaky breath and she looked up at him with a playful glint in her eyes.

"Good. Because I'm about to make a liar out of you again."

When she took him in her mouth a second later, Alex promised herself for the second time that night, and the millionth time since this started, that this would be the last time.

It was a promise that once again she didn't keep.